The Party

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The PartyKelli told me that se would be at the party with a friend and that I should bring my boyfriend. I called Brian, told him what we were doing tonight and he was game. I bought a new skirt, some crotchless panties and borrowed moms peek-a-boo bra. I wore my barely there black sweater, that if you got my nipples hard, they would peek thru the bra and my sweater.Brian picked me up on his motorcycle and we left. We pulled up in Suzie’s driveway and walked in the house. There were thegirls from the sex shop, a bunch of girls from college and a ton of guys everywhere. Some of the girls were dressed for success, others just dressed however. Kelli was shocked to see my outfit and said something about how HOT my top was. She told me to wear that to work next week. Kelli then leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, that she can’t wait to see what my nipples really looked like. With her leaning over me, I could see her large 40dd’s. Very perkiy nipples that pointed to the stars.Brian came over to me with a couple of drinks, I introduced him to Kelli and they said hi. We were dancing and looking at the other people as they were making out. Brian pulled me closer and began to suck on my tits. I felt his dick growing hard.As we went looking for another spot, to make out/fore play, we ran into Joann and her guyfriend. Joann works at the store, usually in the evening. The guy she’s with is from the store..a customer. He told her he was divorced and needed a hot girl to take care of his needs. She was kinda loose, but careful. Only she didn’t know, that he still lives with his wife and k**s.The four of us went in a gümüşhane escort bedroom and shared a kingsize bed. I’m undoing Brian’s pants and is sucking on his dick and balls. He’s really liking the idea that he can reach over and feel Joann’s tits. Steve ahs reached over to me and slapped my ass a few times. Joann gets up, takes her dress off and takes Steve’s clothes off him. I do the same.I google at her tits and reach over to suck on them. Joann feels my clit and ass. She slaps my ass a ew times, then lays under my pussy to dine at my Y. I ride her face then go down on her pussy. The gusy are sitting on the bed jerking their hard ons.Once we have both cme , we went to each other’s guy and crawled on top their dicks and began to fuck them. Brian didn’t really like Joann that much, but I love Steve’s dick. Joann could feel the tension from Brian and got up to sit in a chair and finger her pussy. Brian sat there and watched me ride Steve’s dick.I looked over and told Brian to lick my ass and fuck me there. Joann, is in total aww. She never had been fucked by two at the same time. I think she was freaked out that I was enjoying it. Having two hige cocks in me at the same time was very exciting.Joann, came over and put her pussy on Steve’s face and let him eat her while we were fucking. She bent down to kiss me and to play with my tits. Brian fucked my ass hard and was ready to shoot his load. He pulled out and put his dick in Joann’s mouth. He stroked as she sucked, but when he came, she gagged and started to get sick. I grabbed Brian and sucked what he didn’t shoot in her mouth.I got up from Steve, escort gümüşhane he went tover to Joann and fucked her from behind, while she was bent over the trashcan. When he was ready to cum, I ran over to suck him off. The taste of her nasty pussy and his sperm in my mouth. His sprem slid nicely down my throat and just a bit dribbled down my chin. Joann was gagging again. I opened my mouth and shown her his cum on my tongue, then swallowed every drop.Joann and Steve got dressed and left the room. Brian and I laughed and fooled around some more. It was fun fucking on all the furniture in this room. Two chairs, a dresser, a dressing table and the floor. I’m sure thaere are plenty of out cum stains on all.At one time when we were resting, another couple came in and used just a corner of the bed to fuck. We didn’t interup them, just let them fuck and go. It was fun to watch him put his dick in her pussy and to cum quickly. It was like having our own quick porn movie.We fucked one more time, before going back to the party. ‘we got back downstairs and people were everywhere fucking. Some fucking the people they came with, some with other partners. Some gay, some bi, some people just watching. We watched for a bit, then I was wet from all the dick and pussy I could see.I walked over to Kelli and her boyfriend, Joe. He was on top of her fucking her pussy. I reached over and grabbed his balls. He jumped and turned to see me licking his balls. Kelli smiled and told him to continue fucking her. I’m bent over with my pussy flashing from my skirt, some random guy came up and slipped a finger in my pussy. gümüşhane escort bayan Brian watched for a bit, then went ooking for some fun of his own.I stopped licking Joe’s balls and let this guy suck on my pussy. He fingered my ass and licked and sucked on both holes. Joe can=me over to me and squatted down to my face and fucked my mouth. He was in the push up position, his dick in my mouth and him eating Kelli’s pussy. He was eating his own cum. I could taste him and Kelli’s cum on his dick. Very tasty. The guy eating my pussy ha pulled my legs up high and has inserted his dick inside my ass.He slid in with no problem. His dick was skinny, but oh did it feel good. Joe was hard again, and he got up to fcuk Kelli’s ass. When he went to fuck her, she was being fucked by Brian. Brian, told Joe to give him his dick and he will suck on him if he wanted something different. Joe did let Brian suck his dick. Joe asked Brian if he liked having his ass filled with cock. Brian said he had one time, but would do it again.Joe put a condom on, licked Brian’s ass a bit and stuck his dick deep in his tight hole. Brian moaned loudly and was getting into the movement. Brian got off in Kelli’s pussy, and Joe fucked him harder and faster. I had the guy fucking me pull out and I let kelli lick my very swollen pussy. He r fingers deep in my ass and her tongue on my clit made me cum again.I licked Kelli’s pussy also, what a way to get aquainted with the boss. I hope she likes the way I swirl my tongue on her nub and in her ass.Joe is ready to cum, he pulls out, takes off the condom and squirts his hot cum on me and Kelli’s face. We lick each other clean then french kiss each other. I think we will get along just fine. Brian and I get cleaned up to leave. Kelli and Joe do the same.I get home and go to bed. As I’m laying there I am wondering what tomorrow at work is going to be like.