The Neighbor Upstairs

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The Neighbor UpstairsMr. Jones lived in an apartment up stairs from us in Chicago. He was about 50, tall, skinny, and balding, not any ones idea of a sex symbol. I don’t know how I got started in all this, well, actually I do, I am a bad, greedy girl. My Daddy died in an accident a few years ago, and my Mommy and I have been living frugally on the insurance. It just ran out, and sometimes I go to bed at night crying and hungry. Mommy cries too, and is out on the street all day looking for work, and begging. She wants me to beg also, but I just can’t. I would rather go hungry. One evening, Mr. Jones knocked on our door, and talked to Mommy about the fact that he couldn’t get around very good any more, and was feeling weak, due to his emphysema, and asked if I could help him out by cleaning and cooking around his apartment during the day, and he would feed me, and give us 20 dollars a day. She lit up like a Christmas tree, and in fact,it was Christmas for us. He said he would advance us 2 days work, and since it was summer break, I could start the next morning.I went to bed excited, and with a full stomach for the first time in a while, as Mommy had made spaghetti. I was coming up on twel-e years old in a few days, and didn’t expect much, but, that’s life. I was about 4ft. 10 inches, and weighed 80 lbs, with pretty legs, narrow, kind of boyish hips still, and pretty nice sized boobs, like an orange, with pink nipples. I had short blond hair, including the fuzz around my pussy, and blue eyes, not bad looking if I do say so myself. I had never been kissed, but I figured I still had a long time ahead of me.I showed up the next morning at 9 am, and Mr. Jones opened the door wearing an old house coat and slippers. He shuffled over to his big easy chair, and reclined it, and said to start in the kitchen, then clean in the living room. He seemed kind of more feeble now than before, I guess it was because he couldn’t breathe good, I felt sorry for him. When I finished in the kitchen, he asked me if I would run a tub of hot water for him, and I did. When it was ready, he then asked me if I would help him in to the bath tub. I felt kind of funny about it, but he said not to worry, he was a feeble old man, and to think of him as an uncle. When we got to the tub, he took off his robe, and I was embarrassed, because, he had his back to me, and was about 6ft. 4 inches tall, and I could see his skinny butt and ribs sticking out, and I thought, Wow, he really is sick. When he turned around, I know my jaw just dropped, becauseI had never seen anything like this He had a tremendously long cock hanging down almost to his knee. I remember seeing my Dad one time in the bathroom, but it wasn’t anything like this. This was as long as my forearm, and bigger around. He saw me looking at it and said, don’t be afraid, it doesn’t work very good anymore, and smiled. I was wearing white shorts and a pink tube top, and he said I sure looked cute in that outfit. He told me to step closer so he could put his arm around me, and I did, he slowly lifted one leg and stepped into the tub, and with my help, slowly sat down in the foot deep water. He told me he was lonely, because he couldn’t get out of the house much and had no one to talk to. He just slowly eased back, and said how good it felt, and that he was warming up. I sat on the toilet seat, and started getting over my embarrassment, and he asked me about myself, did I like school, did I have a boyfriend, what kind of music did I like, and things like that, and I relaxed even more. I couldn’t help but keep sneaking looks at his big thing floating beneath the surface like an alligator, and he noticed me looking and smiled and said it is a trouser trout, and I giggled. He then asked me if I would soap up his back, as he wasn’t very flexible, and couldn’t reach most of it. I said sure, and took a wash cloth, and soaped it up, and proceeded to tentatively make small circles on his shoulders, he said don’t be shy, that I have already seen him naked, and he didn’t have any secrets from me, and didn’t want to have any. I relaxed a little and started making larger circles, and he said it felt so good to have the touch of another human, as he couldn’t remember the last time he touched someone, or someone touched him.He then asked me if I could keep a secret. I said of course I could, and he told me that he darıca escort had been admiring me for a long time, and watched me growing up, and dreamed about me. Can you imagine, a grown man dreaming about me. I was really flattered, and blushed, and thanked him. He said when he dreamed about me, sometimes his co-k got of hard, and shot stuff out of the end. He said look what you do to me, and I looked down, and his c—ck had started to lift up its’ head. It would break the surface, and go back under, and I giggled. He said he was doing that, and I asked him how. He said he tightens his muscles down there, and it moves. He said I could do the same thing in my little pussy, and I was embarrassed to hear him say that word, but he said not to be, it was just natural, and we were all Gods’ c***dren and the same. We might be the same, but I doubt if all men were like him. I screwed up enough courage to ask him if all men were equipped like he, and he laughed, and said, no, that when he was in the service, he never saw a white or black man with a cock as big as his, but he never found many women who could take it. I asked what do you mean take it? He said in their pussies or mouth. I was flabbergasted, I couldn’t imagine that thing inside of either of my holes, and it wasn’t even hard yet. He asked if I would turn on a little hot water, and as I reached for it, he kind of goosed me, I jumped, and he said, just checking your oil, and laughed I said he shouldn’t do that. He said to watch his cock, that he was going to make it come out of the water. I asked him how, and he said by thinking about me. I asked what was he going to think, and he said he was going to think that I was his special girlfriend and that he was my sugar daddy. I asked what is a sugar daddy, and he said it was an older man like him, that had a young friend that he could buy things for, like jewelry, clothes, give them money, and anything they wanted. I said, wow, that would be great, but what would my Momma say. He said she didn’t have to know everything, didn’t I say that I could I keep a secret? I said why sure, I guess. He said then watch, and his thing slowly started to rise up out of the water, getting longer, and kind of pulsing, or throbbing, with little up and down jerks. It was sticking almost a foot out of the water, almost straight up in the air, with a whole lot still under the water. Its’ head was dark purple, and the size of my fist. I looked at my fist and then at his co-k. I asked what was he thinking about, and he said he was thinking that I let him see my litle titties, and that he had given me 20 dollars of my own. I said I couldn’t do that, and he said no, he knew, that he was just wishing that. He said he didn’t have a lot more years to live, and that he wanted to have some good memories to last him, and that I was the sweetest thing he had ever seen. He said that if I would pull down my tube top, that he would give me the 20 dollars right now, and let me touch his penis. I said, let me touch your penis, why would you think that I would want to do that? He said that he knew that deep down inside, that I did, that all girls did, that they had never seen something like this, and they never would again. I said, OK, just a quick peek, and snatched my top up then back down real fast, and laughed. He said you little tease, I wasn’t ready, do it again, better yet, just take the top off. I said no way, and he reached over and pulled me into the water and splashed me all over. I fought him and got away, but when I stood up, he laughed, and said, look, you are all wet. You might as well take all your clothes off. I said no, I couldn’t do that. He reached up on the table by him, and opened his wallet, and took out a 50 dollar bill. He said here, take it, it’s yours. I just looked at it, I had never seen so much money in my life. He said, please, take it, that he just wanted to make my life better, and give me all the things that I had never had. I started crying, and said nobody has ever cared about me like that, and he said that my mother loved me, and so did he. I slowly pulled my top over my head, exposing my hard little titties, with their nipples like strawberry gum drops. He said, OMG, what a beauty I was. I looked down, and his thing was jumping like it was alive. I then lowered my shorts, and stood there in my wet cotton panties, and escort darıca he said I looked so cute and innocent, he could just die. He said to take them off, and I did, and took them from me, and smelled the crotch, and put it in his mouth. I said ewww, and he said, no honey, you smell like a beautiful, clean woman, and that there is nothing wrong with this. I kind of felt proud that he said I was a woman. He said help me up, and I bent over, and he put an arm around my neck, and pulled me close, and stood up, hugging me to his body. His he was so tall, and I was so short that his upright thing was standing up between my titties, and almost reached my chin. It felt so hot, and hard and soft at the same time. He asked if I sang Karaoke, and I said I would like to, and he said sing into the microphone, meaning his cock. I laughed, and seemed to get used to him being so close. He stepped out of the tub, and asked me to dry him off with a big fluffy towel. I started with his shoulders and back, and when I reached his butt, he said don’t be shy, and bent over, and I ran the towel through his butt crack, and I felt a warm funny feeling in my stomach, and a wetness in my little pussy. I thought I was peeing on myself. He said dry it good, and I did. I then did his legs, and I looked up and saw his huge balls hanging there, like a couple of apples in a wrinkly old sack. I reached up and poked them, and he jumped, and I laughed. He then turned around, and I had to stand on tippy toe to reach his face and upper body, and my chest was rubbing all over his cock, when all of a sudden it started spurting rivers of creamy white stuff, like in ribbons of lotion or something. Some of it landed on my lips, and without thinking, I licked them, and it tasted kind of salty sweet, not really bad, and he said that he was sorry, I was just so sexy standing there and touching him, he couldn’t help himself. He reached down and scooped his stuff off of my face, and licked his fingers, then put them in my mouth and told me to suck them, and I did. It felt pretty strange, but I really got wet then. I dried his chest, and couldn’t avoid that big thing staring at me with its one eye, like an angry snake. He said go ahead and dry it too, it won’t bite you, it might spit at you, but it won’t bite. I wrapped the towel around it so I couldn’t see it, and it had started to fall down some, but when I touched it, it started to come back up. A strange feeling of power and satisfaction came over me to think that I was attractive to a grownup. I dried it off with both hands, and then lifted up his nut sack, and dried them, I was surprised at how heavy they were. He said that’s where all the babies come from, that white stuff was sperm, and it was good and healthy to drink, and that it made a womans’ breasts grow faster, and it was great as a face cream, because it was pure protein. I said wow, imagine that. He said let’s go into the living room. He leaned on me as we walked to the couch, and then sat down, and pulled me down on his lap. I said that we shouldn’t be doing this, and changing the subject, he asked why not, aren’t I your sugar daddy? I gave you 70 dollars. I bet you have never had so much money at one time in your life have you. I said no sir, I sure haven’t. He even said that I could leave it hidden here, along with all the other nice stuff that he was going to buy me. I just forgot that I was sitting on his lap, and asked what kind of stuff. He said anything that I wanted, if he could afford it, he would get it for me, as long as I kept coming to see him, and was his baby. Meanwhile, I was sitting on one of his thighs sideways, and he lifted me up and sat me in his lap, with his cock sticking up between my legs. I looked down, and said, look, I have a big dick between my legs, he just laughed, and said, yes, you sure do honey. It was so long, it came all the way up past my bellybutton. He said just lean back, close my eyes, and relax, and let him give me a passage. I leaned my head back on his right shoulder, and closed my eyes, and felt dreamy. I kind of started rubbing my little clitty up and down it, and he said, go ahead, it’s alright. He started caressing the sides of my face, then my eyes, and lips, and put a finger in my mouth and told me to suck it. With his other hand, he caressed my neck, and throat, and upper chest. I was thinking, darıca escort bayan when is he going to touch my boobs? He took his wet finger out of my mouth that I had been sucking on, and started tracing circles around the outsides of my bre-sts, making ever smaller circles, until he finally reached my nipples. When he touched them for the first time, I felt this rush come over me, and an incredible feeling in my whole body, and just swooned. I must have been out for just a few seconds, because he was still massaging my breasts and when I came to he put his hands under my little butt cheeks, and started lifting my up and down, sliding his cock through my legs, and rubbing it against my clitty, and it felt incredible, I said don’t stop, he laughed, and said that I was a hot little pussy, and that he wouldn’t stop for the end of the world. He then started stroking my stomach, making circles, and getting lower and lower each circle, I was starting to pant like a dog. He said to put my hands around his cock, and play with it. I was ready for that, because it had been staring me in the face for a long time. He said that it felt so good to have my little hands on his cock and that he was in heaven. He asked me how many hands ne was, and I started from the bottom and put my hands over each other 5 times, and the head was still sticking out. It made me feel good to know that I was making him happy, because I was thinking about all the things I was going to buy with the money he had given me. He said that he didn’t want to scare me and go too fast, because we had a long summer ahead of us. He asked me how did I like the taste of his c-m? I said it wasn’t bad. He asked me if I liked whipped cream, and I said of course I do. He told me to go look in the fridge and bring him the can. I jumped up and bounced perkily to the kitchen feeling his eyes on my butt, and turned around and smiled at him, and stuck my butt and tongue out at him. I felt great. I came back and gave him the can, and he sprayed some on the head of his still stiff cock. It looked so funny, I laughed, and he said to lick it off. I bent over by his side and took my first lick, and it was heavenly, then I licked some more, and felt his cock head, and that was cool too. He said to see if I could get the head in my mouth. I licked all the cream off, and then opened my jaws as wide as I could, and forced it past my teeth, and the head was in. I felt like I was choking. He said to take my time, and I would get used to it. As I was bent over sucking him, he put his hand between my legs and started feeling my pussy. He ran his fingers from the little nub up front, all the way back to my butt hole. He pushed against my hole, and I jumped, and he said he was just testing the waters. He then told me to take both my hands and start moving them up and down his cock, and when he came, if I could keep all the cum in my mouth, he would give me another 30 dollars, for a total of 100 dollars. I just mumbled yes, and nodded my head and kept on sucking, not believing my luck. He took his fingers out of my pussy and put them in his mouth, and then put his middle finger in my pussy, a little bit at a time, in and out, until he had about half of it in, when it wouldn’t go any further, and I kind of grunted from the uncomfortable feeling. He said that was far enough for today, and then started rubbing his thumb around my butt hole, and started putting pressure on it, and it would slip in a little bit, then he would pull it out. He kept repeating this until, it finally passed my sphincter muscle with a pop, and it felt better. He then put his finger back in my pussy, and said that he had me in the bowling ball grip. I thought that was funny, and almost choked, but never stopped sucking, with visions of a hundred dollar bill floating in my head.He told me to jack my hands up and down as fast and as hard as I could, like I was trying to tear his cock off, and I did, as he started pulling me around by my two holes. He cried, here it comes, and I felt his already huge cock swell in my hands, and pulse, then it felt like a fire hose was turned on in my mouth as squirt after squirt of jism filled my mouth and throat, until I was swallowing his spunk as fast as I could. It just kept coming, and coming until finally it was slowing down, and he told me to keep the last mouthful, and pulled me up, and kissed me and sucked his jism into his mouth and swallowed it. He then tsmacked me on the ass and told me to get dressed, and he would see me tomorrow at 9, and remember to not say anything to anyone. That will be Part 2.