The Meetup Part 1

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The Meetup Part 1As Dave drove down the highway, he couldn’t decide if he was nervous or excited. The feeling in his stomach was a little like the feeling he got in either situation. He felt down between his legs at the hard-on in his pants and thought that it must be a little of both, but more excitement than nervousness. He drove on and thought about what the next few days might bring. He felt the wet spot in his underwear where his hard cock leaked and again rubbed his crotch. In the seat behind him lay a suitcase with his clothes, and another bag that was full of toys. He smiled, turned up the radio a little and settled in for the long drive.Dave had been communicating with Brian for quite some time. They liked to chat and masturbate sakarya escort online together. Sometimes they would engage in video assplay together where they would finger and fuck their asses with dildos and plugs. He knew that Brian had a much bigger ass than he did, but it was hard to really tell just how big online. Regardless, it was a big turn-on to watch Brian masturbate and work his ass into a loose and dripping mess and an even bigger one to know that Brian was watching him do the same. One day Dave asked Brian just how big he could stretch his hole,”Man, you have the hottest hole, just how big can you stretch it out, I sure would love to find out.””Why don’t you come find out,” replied Brian.”Really?” Dave hadn’t expected escort sakarya this. He had never met up with anyone, let alone another man before, and the thought simultaneously excited and frightened him. He’d fantasized about it to be sure, but now Brian was inviting him to play in person. “Where are you exactly,” asked Dave.”I’m in ________,” replied Brian. “It’s about a six hour drive for you. You should stay awhile so that we can do some really good play over an extended time. I have a nice big house with a big and well appointed play room. You’d love it.””How long is awhile,” asked Dave.”Oh, maybe a couple of weeks or so. Depends on how things go.””I’m certainly tempted,” replied Dave. His guts were churning now and his cock sakarya escort bayan was rock hard. He didn’t know what to do. “When?” he hedged.”How about this weekend? Can you do that?”The truth was, Dave could do that. He had just been laid off with a good severance package and he had the time. Now he just had to decide if he should. Finally he answered in a shaky voice, “sure, I can do that.””Great, my address is ___________. Bring whatever toys you want. I have lots and plan on getting some more just for you. It’s gonna be great. Look, my cock is hard just thinking about it. Now, let’s neither of us masturbate for the rest of the week so that we have plenty of cum to share. I’ll see you on Saturday.”And so Dave drove, getting ever nearer to he knew not exactly what. He knew that he would not turn back now and that this could well be a life changing experience. His cock throbbed again as he exited the freeway and navigated the few remaining miles to Brian’s house.To be continued…