The Matriarchy – Michael White

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The Matriarchy – Michael WhitePMB – Year 3The Matriarchy is written by Dawn, a journalist and author. This extract is a first hand account from her best selling book, “Dawn of the Matriarchy” . Dawn asked members of this new society to write about their sexual experiences after the boundaries of the Matriarchy were introduced around the globe. If you read the series, please message dawnofthematriarchy your favourite extract and why. She may be persuaded to write an entire book based on this persons experiences.My experiences of the new world are all fairly positive. I kept my job and continue to make a decent wage. My c***d goes to a nice school and we can generally enjoy the good things in life. The only times it has not been plain sailing is when the Patriarchal society gets violent. A lot of heads of business and male politicians formed a rival faction when the Matriarchy was on the rise. I was tempted to join them with the uncertainty of male rights but I’m glad I didnt. The world I used to live in was cruel and unfair. Today, it’s more of a meritocracy, in fact I and a lot of my friends have not only kept their job but been promoted because there is a lack of glass ceiling that the old patriarchy used to create in jobs.Myself and the Robinsons met during pre-natal classes. My ex and I would laugh about the awkwardness of the whole thing before the rise of the Matriarchy (BMB). We actually got on so well we remained friends afterwards and to this day. We even went on holiday with them bringing along our young babies.We learned then that they are very different to us, we are less material and more salt of the earth. They certainly enjoy grooming, spending an inordinate amount of money on how they look and they do look good for it. Despite both being overweight he always looks cool and she always looks in perfect condition for any occasion, like a movie star.I am physically fit and naturally fair. They dye their hair. My ex broke up with me for another man shortly after that holiday and I’ve been well looked after by the robinsons.I was seeing someone new a sweet ginger girl who was one of the leading social media campaigners for #straponselfie. After the news reporter was fired for wearing her government issued strapon (GIS) to work the media and the people supported her by declaring anyone can wear their GIS wherever and whenever they want, be that work, school or at the park. People posted themselves wearing their GIS everywhere with the caption #straponselfie. Mia, was a local celebrity and I felt lucky to be with her.I drove to the Robinsons for a day of golf with George but when I got to their well manicured front garden I noticed his car wasnt in the drive. I rang the doorbell and Hannah appeared. She looked beautiful as always. She had her hair tied up and a striped summer jumpsuit on. It hugged at her hips and you truly saw her houe glass figure. I realised she was working from home. We greeted each other, our eyes lingered. “Wheres George?” I asked quizzacaly. “He’s out of town visiting his mother why?”, “I thought we were supposed to be playing golf today, my mistake!”, “I thought you might have wanted to come visit me?” She laughed, she looked back into her house and back at me again, her hoop earrings swinging. “Come on in and have a cup of tea”. She took me by the hand, her gold bracelets clinking. Her acrylic manicured nails red. I walk in behind her. She gets to the kettle and as she clicks to turn it, the unmistakable noise of a gunshot in the distance. More firing as we listen staring worryingly at each other. We both receive a message.Citizens low and high of the Matriarchy. Please lock your doors if you are in the following neighbourhood’s:There has been a coordinated terror attack. Please stay indoors while the authorities deal with it.I quickly run to the door and lock it. The two of us wait to hear back from the government but hours go by. Gunfire rains down for the rest of the day. Some. Close some far away.It gets to around 11pm and we still havent heard anything. We have dinner discussing what it could be and what our next move should be.A very loud explosion interrupts us. She covers her ears and I stand up. I go round to her side of the table and hold her.She admits to me that we should go to a clandestine basement that she has. “In our second year, all high class citizens (woman) were instructed by the government to create hidden bunkers in their houses as the patriarchy weren’t lying down.” She went to her cutlery drawer and pulled out a key. She asked me to move the table in her living room and roll up the carpet. Underneath was a trap door. She unlocked it and stairs led underground. She told me to put the table somewhere and roll the carpet over the door as I came down. When I got down. Locking the door behind me it was a treasure trove of canned food and resources. Lit by one single lamp in a corner of the room. I see a double mattress lay in the middle and she lay in it. She curled into a ball and cried. I cuddled into her. She kept wishing for peace and the safety of her husband. yalova escort bayan She turns round and our noses are practically touching her tears stream and so I wipe them away. Telling her to pull herself together and that her husband wasnt in the list of neighbourhood’s. She stands up and adjusts her make up. Like she always does, in a jiffy shes as good as new. She smiles at me then reassures me. “The Matriarchy is strong”.She opens a box and pulls out bedding and pillows. She and I make the bed. She tells me to turn around as she gets into her pyjamas. I pull off my trousers and shirt and put it in a neat pile next to hers. I notice her bra and GIS pants on her pile. No cock attachment to be found, the O empty. She must not be wearing any pants. Rare these days but she must feel safe with me. I am a proud member of the Matriarchy and even before these times I would have respected her marriage. In this world I felt safe that she too wouldn’t take advantage of me.I lie in the fetal position in my pants under the covers, she in a baggy black t shirt and pyjama bottoms. As she turns off the light. She comes to my side, spooning me. Her uncontained breasts rest on my back. I feel my dick stiffen. I close my eyes to sleep.I feel that neither of us can sleep with the events of the day playing in our minds. But I continue to try to sleep. Her hand might move an inch on my hip but it feels hot, like its teasing. She snuggles closer and then I feel it. Her fingernail draws a line to my pant line and then her hand delves into my pants. Her tiny hand can barely grip the girth of the base of my cock. She slowly pulls and tugs me from behind. Her breath deepens next to my ear. She kisses my neck, her lips feel like fire as she eventually gets to mine. We lock lips in the darkness. Our bodies writhe in unison. Her hips rubbing into mine, I turn on to my back and grab her hair. And pull her off me, “what are you doing?”, “please she said, let me forget about outside”. She grabs my cock again. “I cant sleep”. She pulls my pants off. Its suddenly so hot in that basement. I feel nothing in the darkness for a moment. Listening she’s taking off her clothes and tossing them to my left.I feel her leg swing over me. Mounting me she takes my penis and directs it towards her pussy. Her pussy swallows it whole in an instant. I let out a tremendous moan. I feel not a hair on her. She truly looks after her appearance top to bottom. Her pussy is heavenly soft. Reminiscing now, it was so warm and tight because both she and I hadn’t had traditional sex since the beginning of the Matriarchy. She leans over and holds my face. Her breasts and body smother me as she kisses me. she rocks on my cock. I feel her arse, I scratch her back. I run my fingers through her hair as she and I gasp over and over with pleasure. Still bent over her wide hips were like a sped up metronome. I was going to cum as was she. suddenly I felt very guilty. One of the boundaries of the Matriarchy was that traditional sex was band. This was definitely traditional. If we came like this we could conceive, but more importantly we could be in a lot of trouble from the regime. All sex must be with the GIS. Unless for purposes of reproduction in which case the amazon position is mandatory. I could be chastised. She could be stripped of all her titles and citizenship.As soon as these fears popped into my head. She kissed and whispered into my ear, “cum inside me”. Then she flattened her left left leg against mine and then put it on the inside of my right leg. She did the same with her right leg inside my left. She pushed up my legs with her knees and pushed her body off of mine with her arms. She was poised in the amazon position. All would be ok. Bar her husband finding out. But worries of contraception exited as soon as she started pounding me in that dominant position. Her bubble butt was unstoppable in it’s current position. She was slamming into me with my legs up and held there by my hands she could really fuck me. I held a cheek of her arse in each hand as she proceeded to pleasure us. “I’m about to cum” I mutter quite lost in it all. “Na, fuck it I want to see you”. She confesses. She reaches over and suddenly the room is lit with that single lamp. Shadows being cast behind her as the lamp spotlights us in the basement. She looks like an angel. She smiles gleefully she pushes on to my chest and starts again. Her breasts swing like pendulums. I grab one. “Cum for me” she commands. I whimper, “cum for me” she repeats. In ecstasy I grab her arse again squeezing as my body rocks like an earthquake under her. She sits back. So I can see her fully. Her body is so full and womanly. She slowly keeps fucking me in this reverse missionary position. I whimper as my cock is being massaged by her beautiful little pussy.We break free and my cock bounces back on to my stomach. She lies next to me and walks her fingers on me like I’m a play thing.She switches off the lamp and pushes me so she can spoon me again. I like feeling her naked breasts on my back. She pulls escort yalova my hips into hers and she kisses my neck. “Thankyou”. She whispers.When I woke up she was nowhere to be seen. Light was beaming through the basement door and I could smell substitute bacon. I got up and put my clothes on. Racing out to discuss what happened last night.She faced the cooker. Frying bacon. She wore a yellow and white oriental dressing gown that looked of silk. Her hair had somehow curled and fell perfectly. As I got closer she smelled lovely as well. It was like I was in a dream and she were my wife.”We got another text last night to stay indoors till further notice. So its going to be a long day.” She switched the hob off and turned round. Her yellow cock blatant between her legs. She must have taken her GIS thong from her pile in the basement got her dildo from her room and waited for me to wake.”Last night wasnt a mistake”. She said walking towards me. The large cock shaped dildo wagging between her legs. “I wanted to fuck you and I did. I’ve always wanted to. I’ve always thought you were hot.” She was in front of me. She tugs at my belt. My jeans fall. “But nothing goes beyond today.” We kiss just as passionately as in the dark. We press our bodies into one another and grope each other. “Now run upstairs to my bedroom”. I run. She walks. Taking her time. I leave a trail of clothes. I lie on the bed. Her bed is as soft as she is. I doubt she will be soft with me. Enters the room. She looks like a queen. Her robe falls like its lighter than air. Her body looks truly hour glass in this light. I would like to fuck her the traditional way. The Amazon position and be pegged by her. I want her every way. But she wants me a particular way.She points at me with those sexy fingers and instructs me to turn over. On my knees I feel her hands push against my arse cheeks opening me. They slide up my hips and then up my back. I rise my upper body to meet them as one goes into my hair scratching and the other goes missing. I hear the squirting of a lube bottle and then the kiss of a dildo on my sphincter. She wipes her hand on the bed and then pulls me on to it. With a slight sting my arse has it about half way. She starts to pull out and back in again at that level. Not getting deeper. Maybe she will be a soft lover after all. The pace starts to increase. I thought perhaps she’d wait minutes to warm me up but only three medium thrusts in she starts to fuck me as deep as the dildo goes. I yell in pain and pleasure. She takes no notice. My body is on fire. My head is filled with that one thought of the overwhelming pleasure. I cant concentrate on anything. She scratches my back and spanks me I yell again, she spanks me again. She holds my love handles and goes a hundred miles an hour. I am powerless. She puts her leg up, somehow the dildo gets even deeper. Her pace goes back to the same hundred miles an hour. I’ve never been torn up like this before. It was the opposite of last nights loving sex. This was like hate fucking. I moan in pleasure. She hears that, catching her breathe. “You like that?” She asks. I try to respond, my arse being used like a whore. Her hips slapping on it. I can only muster, “fucking keep going”, I gasp trying to catch my breath. “I’m going to cum” she yells. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” an explosion from behind forces me to my stomach. She follows me convulsing as pleasure rings through her. She keeps writhing on me for several minutes. Her skin so soft on me, she pulls me over so we are spooning again. Her cock still inside me.I put my arm back it finds the back of her head. I scratch it lovingly as she breathes deeply. I feel her heart racing in her chest against my back. The cock still inside me makes my hips rock slowly. Which she likes as it makes the buttons in her GIS slowly work too.”Thankyou again”, she whispers. “Thankyou” I reply. “No, no” she gathers her breath. “You still need to cum”. I smile and turn my head. We kiss. I see a twinkle in her eye. She is tempted to go again but doesnt. She pulls herself out of me her strap on pings up. She pulls the covers over us and I turn round. We touch each other for a few moments. Stroking each other lovingly. We intertwine hands and I notice her wedding ring. I point to it. She sighs. She begins to tell me her and her husband are having a lot of trouble. He feels emasculated that he is being out earned by his wife. She had been considering calling the police as he has broken boundaries and refused sex a few times. He may end up in chastity. They still love each other but that today is just a blip. That they’ve been together so long she just wanted to try something different and she trusted me. She also loved me as a friend and she found me sexy from day one. She gave me several reasons or excuses.The conversation became fun again and it seemed we entered the dream again. Her eyes twinkle again. I kiss her. I turn round, her hand clamps to my hip. Because the lube had dried slightly it was a lot more painful this time to enter but I didnt want to yalova escort refuse and be put in chastity like her husband might. I hold my arse open and arch my back to help entry. It edges in. She kisses my neck and bites me. Her hand reaches round again. “I wanted to fuck you like this last night.” Her hips clamp into mine. She pulls her body into mine and jerks me off. Her body felt so soft. Her breasts were natural wonders. I put my hands on her arse. She pulled out and back in and within a moment. She worked her hips like a motor. She fucked me so hard. She couldn’t jerk me off at the same time. Her hands wrap round my body so the only thing moving in that bed was her hips pushing that strapon into me. I looked down and her arse was like in a blur it was moving so fast. My cock starts to soften because the pleasure was so great I just couldn’t concentrate on cumming. She could though. She explodes even louder and more energetically than before. She slams harder and harder. Deeper and deeper. She pushes her hips into mine so hard she pushes me into the bed and mounts me from behind. She stretches and squeezes me. Then pulls out of me and collapses next to me. I turn round expecting to see her twinkling eyes. But breathing heavily naked as nymph in an ancient painting. She fell asleep. I watched her for a moment. I decided to go to the shower. Still no word from the government on my phone. I pick up my clothes and go to the bathroom. I turn the shower on and hop inside. I wash my hair and lather myself up with soap. I massage my arsehole cause it is in need of some tlc. The door opens. She opens the shower door and enters. GIS is of course waterproof so that leads her way. I hold it and we kiss. I lather her up too with soap we kiss some more. I make sure to lather up her cock because I know what her next move will be. She turns me round and stands on her tip toes. Her strapon slides in. It felt glorious. She kicks my legs wider and then builds up momentum. The water splashes off of my back and her breasts as she pushes into me. It creates a pool of water where my arse joins her crotch. The pool sloshes and splashes as she pounds. I feel my cock stiffen. It’s been teased twice now. My hands on the wall of the shower her hands scratch my back and then one moves up my arm and directs it towards my cock. I wank myself off and her hand returns to my hip. “Cum for me again. I’m going to cum”. I was desperate to cum. I wanted to cum for her, for me but also, I wanted to cum before she did. Otherwise she would stop. We’d shower and I’d have to wait till she wanted me again to try again. She pushes my head against the wall fucking me intensely. My hand keeps going. Pulling at myself. She spanks me. “Cum for me please. I’m going to cum soon.” Ropes of cum shoot out of me. It hits the shower wall like splashes of paint. It streams like a second shower. My cock withers with exhaustion. My arse however cannot stop. Its still being used. She spanks me again. My cock flops between my legs now a useless appendage. Her small perfect hand reaches round and holds my balls. She cums holding them. Twisting and gripping them. She doesnt cum as hard as before but she just started laughing. “I love fucking you.” She slams into me a few times. “I thought I was going to collapse there. My legs got so” she kisses my back. “Weak”, she sighs. She slams into me a few more times her orgasm still lingering. “I love you.” My bottom flatulates as she exits. “Oh maybe too much fucking for today”. I turn round and apologise. “Dont worry, that cant stop me”. She exits the shower. I watch her dry off and leave.The rest of the day we continued to fuck every hour or so. The patriarchy rebellion was put down and I could go home the next morning. It was quite sad for the two of us. She said she loved me and that we may continue this when we can. But we havent. Shes now pregnant with what I suspect is my c***d. I’m not with Mia anymore. I’m living on my own and it’s hard. It’s a womans world. But that was my most incredible sexual experience since the Matriarchy began.AcronymsBOUNDARIES – new laws that exist for the safety of society.GIS – It was clear to the Matriarchy that a lot of societal problems come directly or indirectly from, the patriarchy. This also meant to the Matriarchy it was clear that everything had to be turned upside down in order for society to be fairer and progress in peace and happiness. Therefore the government provided the female population over 18 with sophisticated strapon pants that would allow the user to be in control of sexual activities and would allow the user to reach climax when traditional means of intercourse, pre matriarchal boundaries, did not satisfy them. Government issued strapon (GIS) pants have devices (buttons) inside the pants that fulfill any needs.PMB – After what’s been named the, ‘gender wars’ of 2044 – 2046 the years started again. 2046 was the last Anno Domini year. Year 0 Post Matriarchal Boundaries (PMB) is the first year of the new regime.SOCIAL STATUS SEX – sexuality is fluid so one may be heterosexual but still enjoy sex acts on members of the same sex. Since PMB more woman saddled with a GIS are finding that they have to settle social status disputes or ‘pecking orders’ by having social status sex with their female friends or peers.