The Mailroom Part 2

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The Mailroom Part 2On the following Friday I got a call from Karla asking to meet me after work at the donuts shop. I said “I’ll be there”. Karla greeted me with a warm hug. I almost fainted under her warm embrace. She changed her clothes. Now she had on a blue halter mini dress. She looked like she was ready for a night on the town. While eating a donut she told me that she had not been getting a lot of sleep lately. I asked her why, she confessed to me that she could not stop fantasying about me. At that confession I almost swallowed my tongue.Karla continued “There has been several times she would pick up the phone to call me. Before it rang she would loose my nerve and hang up.” Karla did not want to seem like she was forward but she also wanted me that bad. Then she asked “would you spend the tonight with me”? Then we she got a hotel key out of her purse. “The room is ready are you” she asked. I took the key from Karla and held her by the hand out of the shop.After arriving at the hotel room we both got comfortable. While I took of my shoes and shirt Karla went to the bathroom. When she came out she was wearing a black lace trim konya escort lingerie which looked awesome. She walked like a cheetah stalking her prey, with a slow, bewitching roll to her hips. Each breasts bounced with each stride. I was put in a mesmerotic trance by what Karla was doing to be. Trying and being successful openly flirting with me. Finally I gave in, to her flirtalicious, she caught this black man in her net. I extended my arms towards her as she walked slowly between them. We stood there in a hard embrace. Karla smell so amazing sexy. Then she whispers “I’ll be waiting for this moment for a long time. To be with someone who I really care for. Now finally we can have alone time. I am all your’s !!” As I gently kissed her neck. As I felt her nipple through her sheer lingerie against my nude chest was an experience I’ll always remember. For the next few minutes we stayed holding caressing and kissing each other. As we broke the ice on a new relationship. We stopped being co-workers and on a road neither have been on. But we have tonight just Karla, me and sex.After a while we sipping a soft drink while we chatted and escort konya laughed. Karla put her drink down and came over closer and said “I always wondered how does a black cum taste”. I responded “You will not be disappointed” as Karla pulled out a deck of cards. We then played poker for a while. Well, Karla won 7 of 10 games, but who’s counting. “Let me see what is under here” she said as she pulled off my underpants and started giving me a blow job. Her tender mouth open wide to accept my 7 inch dick into her mouth. I had no idea that much younger woman could make this older man feel young again. As I lean back with my legs spread wide open, my hands was stroking her red hair. After I shot my load into Karla mouth. She was satisfied for now. We watching TV, not really caring what was on but enjoying this feeling we both had. A feeling of contentment being close to each other.Then I carried her, her over 250 lbs frame it felt light (as a feather) as I licking her massive tits. Watching them react got my dick to react as it’s head felt the crack of her ass. She felt what was happening to her ass and laid her head against my konya escort bayan shoulder while she enjoyed the feeling. As we arrived at the bed I gentle laid her sweet body down. The Karla asked “are you going to respect me in the morning”. I said “tomorrow and each morning after you have my respect”. There we laid in the “69″ position. Then I started to work on her pink pussy. I asked myself “is this real, am I fucking this sweet young tang?” As my tongue went on a exploration of the inside of her pussy and experience her pussy juices become part of me. I probe inside her sweet pussy as she sighed expecting something wonderful to be forth coming. After a few minutes her body went into a spama as she reached her peak. Then she cum with a holler that could be heard 1/4 mile away. The sexual release was that great. Then we cuddled each other for the rest of the night.From then we arrange to spend time together. Lunch, dinner, talking and our special time of sex at that same hotel. About 15 months into our relationship Karla had a phone call from her sister. Her mother was sick and asking for her. Quickly she went to where they were. But she never came back to work or contacted me again. She left this man with some sweet memories and many wild dreams. Wherever she is I can only hope she feels the same way. No regrets concerning our relationship and sexual encounters.