The Grand Strategy Ch. 03

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The Grand Strategy Ch. 03I had a lot to think about. Carol and Aunt Ellie had opened my eyes, expanded my horizons, and frankly, rattled my world. What was previously impossible and untouchable was possible and very touchable. Whether my ultimate goal, my burning desire, of making love to my Mother, Tammy, was possible was yet to be determined.I don’t want you to think I was looking at this whole thing as an exercise in ego, or some guy trying yalova escort to see how many notches he could get on his belt. I had kind of fallen into making love with Carol through a brash and impetuous move, and had gotten with Aunt Ellie in a little more subtle way. I still had a lot to learn if I was going to get what I really wanted. I had to move carefully, though. The risks were high, and I knew if I miscalculated, I could lose a yalova escort bayan lot.I did have a relatively fertile ground for further experimentation. I knew the Mothers of our gang all knew what we wanted and what we were doing, in our teen-ager clumsy way, when we would try to feel their butts. I had a close relationship with each of the Mothers. I knew they had talked about us, the boys in the gang, when we tried to come on to escort yalova them.So, who was left? There was Mary, Roger’s Mom, and Bridget, Lars’ Mom. Mary was the most like my Mother, so I thought she should be my last attempt before going for the brass ring. She would be my test ground, after I had learned all I could. I thought Mary was practically impossible so if I could go there, I could go anywhere, if you know what I mean.That left Bridget. Whew. Bridget was, as I said before, movie star beautiful. She was a natural blond, had a face that could launch an armada, and a body to die for. Trim waist. Beautiful breasts. Bubble butt. You get the picture, I’m sure. There was more,