The Game

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The GameMy wife Stephanie is hot. She is tall and long limbed with long blonde hair. Her breasts are all natural large globes with nipples that protrude a third of an inch when she’s excited. She keeps herself completely shaved in her bikini area and her pussy lips are a full lipped pink perfection. The first thing I had noticed about her when we met was her ass. It is medium sized, heart shaped and tight. Life with her has been one long state of arousal. Unfortunately she’s also frigid. We often went two months without sex, with the usual excuses of her being too tired or having a headache.Steph’s lack of sex drive has been a constant source of marital strife. Our arguments usually end with me apologizing while she cries. Because of this I have become more familiar with my hand than her body. I spend most of my weekends with the guys. On one of these weekends I had gone over to my friend Bill’s house to watch baseball. Steph was planning on laying out in the yard to work on her tan and was wearing nothing but a skimpy white bikini. I gave her a hug goodbye and took the opportunity to grab her ass. She giggled but pushed me away when I started to pull at the strings on her hips.”Hey, none of that,” she said. “Maybe we can have a little fun when you get home.” I nodded eagerly. I felt that she’d turn cold by the time I got home and offered to forego the game. She said that I should go, so I did.Six beers and three innings later Bill’s cable went on the blink. We tried hooking up antennae to get the game in but after several minutes we decided it wasn’t going to work. I offered that we all go to my house to watch the game. Bill, my other buddy Tony and I loaded into my car and drove to my home. I asked them to wait on the porch while I made sure Steph was cool with us watching the game.She hadn’t spent much time working on her tan. She was fast asleep on the couch. She was lying on a blanket, but wasn’t covered with it, so she was exposing her scantily clad body. I nudged her and she mumbled something incoherent. When she was asleep she was very difficult to wake. I tried pulling the blanket out from under her to cover her but she just whined and stayed asleep.I decided to just let her sleep while we watched the game. I was a little frustrated with her for being so uncooperative and for not giving it up for so long. I went to the porch and held my finger to my lips to let the guys know to keep it down. They came in and saw Stephanie lying there.”Damn, that beats the game anytime,” Bill said. He’d always had the hots for my wife. I gave him a friendly punch in the shoulder and told him to sit down. Tony took the other chair and I went to get snacks and beer from the kitchen. When I came back they were both staring at my wife’s tits.Steph had rolled onto her side and her breasts were squeezed together showing ample cleavage. Her erect nipples were straining at the fabric of the small bikini top. I was a little upset at first but laughed at them ogling her. I sat on the ground beside the couch.”She sure has a nice rack,” I said. “Don’t you think so?” They both nodded. adapazarı escort The game was lackluster. We talked and joked through much of it. Stephanie was out cold and wasn’t disturbed by our banter.During a commercial break I decided to get a little daring and told Bill and Tony I’d give them a show if they promised to keep quiet. They agreed immediately. I slowly pulled the string at the back of Steph’s top and it came loose. The weight of her breasts pulled the top away from her body and her tits hung free.I eased her top away from her body and let it hang down over the couch cushion. Her breasts were completely bared. She stirred a bit, but didn’t wake. Tony’s eyes looked like they would burst from his head.”I want to touch them,” Bill declared. Normally I would have slugged him, but this wasn’t a normal situation. I nodded and waved him over. He nearly leapt across the living room. He cupped her breasts in both of his hands and massaged them gently. Steph moaned a bit. Apparently, she wasn’t frigid in her dreams.Bill leaned in and sucked on one of her long erect nipples. I wanted to backhand him, but couldn’t without waking my wife. He suckled and fondled her tits for nearly a minute before she mumbled and rolled over onto her back. Her breasts spread out wide across her chest. Her hard nipples were still glistening from Bill’s attention.Tony was stroking an obvious erection beneath his sweat pants. Bill had a hand in his shorts and was jacking off as he bent over Steph and continued to m***** her breasts. I just sat beside the couch with a painful erection of my own as my best friend had his way with my u*********s wife.Bill had one hand on his junk and his mouth on one of Steph’s nipple. With his free hand he was tugging at the strings on the side of her bikini bottoms. Once he had one side undone he slid his hand in and softly massaged her pussy. Steph was writhing slightly and exhaled with little moans. Bill raised his head to look at me with a grin like a fox in a hen house. I was stroking my hard-on through my jeans.Bill stopped sucking Stephanie’s tits and moved down to her hips where he untied the other side of her suit. Once it was loose he pulled it down between her legs, exposing her wet pussy. Tony stripped off his pants and took over on working on my wife’s nipples. He was still stroking himself and had an enormous erection.Bill had worked his shorts to his knees and was playing with his own considerable package. I felt a bit shy about losing my pants. I had no idea that my friends were packing so much meat. I decided that if they could m***** my wife in front of me, then I could risk a little embarrassment. I stripped off my clothes and let my slightly less than average hard-on out of my confining jeans. There was no room at the buffet they had made of my wife so I went and sat in a chair while they had their way with her.Stephanie’s shaved pussy was covered by Bill’s head as he went down on her. She was writhing even more now and had her hand on the back of his head. Her head was tilted back as she moaned. She must have been escort adapazarı at least semi-conscious. I feared she would wake at any moment and begin divorce proceedings.Tony stood and rested his big cock across my wife’s lips. She turned her head at first, but he persisted until she started giving it little kisses. Before long she had the head of it in her mouth and was pumping the shaft with her hands. I was hit with a sudden shock when I realized that her eyes were wide open.Bill came up for air. When he realized that Steph was now awake and a willing participant, he turned her slightly on her side and spread her legs as he stood and positioned the head of his cock at her pussy lips. As he pushed his tool into her, she gasped and stopped blowing Tony.”Oh, Bill,” she whispered excitedly. “You’re so big. Fuck me, Bill.” He obliged. As he fucked her, she sucked Tony’s long cock. Bill’s own member was so wide that it stretched her pussy lips.I was tired of just watching from the sidelines so I knelt beside the couch and kissed, licked and sucked on her gorgeous nipples while my buddy fucked her.”Tony, I never knew you had such a big dick,” she said, gasping. “I would have fucked you long ago if I knew what a nice cock you have. Ungh. Oh, Yes! That’s it Bill.” Bill was thrusting his wide cock into her mercilessly. “Oh. I love it when you fuck me with that big thing, Bill.”Her exclamations were muffled by Tony’s cock filling her mouth. She was furiously jacking him off while she sucked his cock. Tony let out a loud grunt and came. Stephanie held him in her mouth as he jerked with each blast. She swallowed every drop and milked him dry before he pulled out. A string of spittle and semen stretched out from her mouth to his cock as he backed away.Bill flipped her over so she was bent over the couch cushions and continued fucking her doggy style. I knelt on the cushion beside her and put my dick in front of her face. She sucked on it a little but the position was awkward for her with Bill giving it to her so hard.”You like my cock, don’t you Steph?” He asked. “You like it when I fill up your pussy, don’t you?””Oh, Bill. I love your big cock! It’s so thick,” she shouted. “Please fuck me, Bill. I need you to keep fucking me. I love it when you fuck me. You make me feel so good.” She was squealing by this point, lost in an orgasm.I was frustrated at being so aroused and having no outlet. Bill and Stephanie’s words made it sound as though they had fucked before. I wrote off my suspicions as paranoia.”Oh God, I’m going to cum,” Bill shouted. He pulled his cock out of my wife’s sopping pussy with a plop and spun her around. She immediately wrapped her lips around his thick cock and he filled her mouth with cum. She backed away too soon and he delivered a blast to her face. She quickly got it back in her mouth and looked up at him adoringly while she milked it.”That’s it, baby,” he said. “Get every last drop. You know you love my cum.” She seemed to agree and kept pumping his softening cock.”Mmm,” she moaned. “I love sucking you, Bill.” Bill had backed away and Tony adapazarı escort bayan quickly came up to replace him. His slimmer, but slight longer tool was ready for action again. Stephanie grabbed it by the shaft and fondled his balls. She flicked her tongue around the head of it.”Hey there, big boy,” she said to his erection. Then she plunged it into her mouth. I got behind her as she gave my friend head. I lifted her hips and she dropped to all fours so I could fuck her. She arched her back and I ease into her.”Tony, you’re so long,” she said as I was fucking her. I was pounding her so hard that my hips slapped against her tight ass. She backed up every time I thrust forward.”Tony, I want you to fuck me with your big cock.” She declared. She licked his shaft from his balls to the head. “Please fuck me, Tony. I want to feel you inside of me.” Tony walked around to her backside and looked at me expectantly. I kept plugging away. I’d be damned if I was going to get evicted from my own wife’s pussy.”Honey,” Stephanie said to me. “Come up here and let me suck your dick.” I kept fucking her. “Please, honey. I need to feel Tony’s cock inside of me.” I begrudgingly obeyed and Tony took over my position before I could get my dick in her mouth.”Oh, yes! That’s it! Fuck me, Tony,” she shouted. “You feel so good!” I pushed the head of my dick to her lips and she gobbled my entire cock up. She moved back and forth as Tony rode her, but kept my erection buried to the balls inside of her mouth. She made little muffled moans as he fucked her.Bill had managed to recharge and stood beside me. My wife reached up and balanced herself by holding onto his thick hard-on. “There’s my favorite cock,” she confessed as she let my dick out of her mouth. She grabbed my erection by the shaft and held Bill and I while Tony hammered her. Bill moved forward and she started blowing him again. She had a death grip on my dick as she was man handled by my two well-endowed friends.”There’s my little cocksucker,” Bill said. “Take it all in, baby. You know what I like.” The sight of her getting gangbanged by my friends was too much. I came. My seed shot into her hair. If she noticed, she didn’t react. Soon my dick became soft and wasn’t providing her much support. She let go of me and devoted all of her attention to the large cocks in her pussy and mouth. I sat on the chair and watched.Bill had most of his tool down her throat and Tony had her impaled at the other end. It looked like their cocks were holding her aloft. Tony began pounding her with more enthusiasm and came inside of her. He kept his pole inside of her while she sucked Bill.”Do you want to cum inside of me, Bill? I want you to,” She asked, after sliding his erection from her mouth. He didn’t respond. Instead he went and tapped Tony on the shoulder. He pulled out of my wife and she whimpered. Bill replaced his cock and rode her until he came. She came at the same time and they collapsed on the floor with him still inside of her. They kissed and held each other for a while before they both stood.”I’m going to get cleaned up,” she announced. “You’re both welcome to stay for dinner and…” She shrugged. She gave each of us a quick kiss and went to the shower.We all sat naked in the living room in uncomfortable silence for a bit. Bill finally broke the silence, by cracking open a beer.