The first girl i ever spanked

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The first girl i ever spankedMany moons ago when i was nineteen i dated a trainee nurse who i shall rename Alice. She was a redheaded girl of eighteen and very broadminded, nothing ever shocked her when it came to sex. I picked her up from the hospital after her shift and because i was delayed in traffic was late by fifteen mins picking her up. She sulked all the way back to her home saying i was uncaring etc and would not listen to my reason for being late.She flounced out of the car and me in hot persute got to her before she went inside. To cut aliağa escort this bit short we had a row on the doorstep and i said something like she was acting like a brat so she should be treated like one, i slapped her bottom hard. She looked totally shocked and rather flushed.”That stung.” she wailed”Good, now stop sulking and get indoors so i can spank you in private”I have no idea why i said that but she looked at me in a different way as alomost as if she knew she deserved it. Getting into her room i wasted no time in yanking her over escort aliağa my lap whilst sitting on the bed and slapping her uniformed bottom. She just lay there not making a noise while i spanked her, not until i pulled the hem of her uniform up passed her bottom showing me white knickers covered by a pair of tights.I pulled both down to her knees and slapped her bottom hard, she started getting vocal then and me getting more turned on by her red bottom. I gave her about ten more hard smacks and left her sobbing and saying she was sorry and aliağa escort bayan wanted to make it up to me. Well being randy as fuck i got her off my lap and pulled open the pop studs on her uniform to expose her B cup bra clad tits.Without being told she took off her uniform and unclipped her bra. Her tits were not huge but just a nice handfull. Taking up my new maledom role i took down my jeans and boxers and demanded a blow job which was done without argument.She swallowed the whole lot.We were only together for about two years but almost twice a week either i would find an excuse to spank her or she would. Not only with my hand but a slipper was introduced and she would always wear her uniform for me but not for long and finding herself over my lap or lying on the bed.