The Extremely Hirsute Spaniard

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The Extremely Hirsute SpaniardIt all began innocently. I was at the supermarket buying some groceries for home. Across the aisle I saw a few items toppling to the floor. A girl in her mid twenties in a short skirt bent down to pick up the fallen cans when my eyes turned and I saw her naked ass. Lots of crinkly black hair was visible growing up her hairy asshole. I was turned on by her big buns with all that hair growing up her crack as I moved over to pick up the Aerosol Cans” or may be I should call it “The Hairy Arse hole”. She looked up and smiled and mouthed a thanks, and I thought she was a beauty as she was tall and statuesque.She left soon after and I then noticed that in the confusion and the dropped cans she had left behind her mobile phone. I picked it up knowing that she would call and soon enough she did so I told her I was the same guy who had helped her in the supermarket and I would drop it by, she said her name was Juanita and she was Spanish and she told me where her apartment was and I was there in a flash.She gave me her winning smile and she invited me in for a cup of coffee, she seemed to live alone and I pressed on. I told her she was beautiful and she turned me on and I wanted to put my cock into her hairy asshole – simple as that. I asked her straight, she looked amused and I moved over next to her on the couch. “I saw your hairy asshole at the supermarket” Not a great opening line but the best I could muster up. “Come here, baby”, she said as she led me over to the bed. She put her hands on my shoulders and urged me to sit down on the edge of the bed. “I am hairy all over do you like that” Juanita said. “Yes Yes” I answered quickly taking in her hairy armpits as she removed her tank top over her head. She then removed her skirt and as I knew already she had no panties on. I had seen her ass and illegal bahis now I saw her bushy pussy. “Sooooo much hair on your body and I love the hairy look but I don’t understand why you don’t shave your bushy underarms. I can understand your having such a hairy pubic triangle but so much hair in the armpits makes you a little different.” was my response.She gave me a quizzical look and I didn’t know whether I had pleased her or that I had annoyed her but all I wanted was to fuck her hirsute asshole. I was willing to beg her not that I needed to, as she was ready for some action. She swiftly grabbed me and started touching the tufts of hair on my chest, which were not hidden by the open collar of my shirt. Maybe that’s what had aroused her as I have a very hairy chest, which runs down to my groin, and she played with the hair in my chest.She started to remove my shirt and unzipped my trousers and leaning over me she started kissing me, drawing my tongue into her mouth and sucking on it. Juanita kissed me all the way down my body and then she reached for my cock. She took it in one hand and my balls in her other hand. Starting at the base of my raging cock she licked up it until she got to the head then she slowly sucked the head of my cock into her mouth getting it good and wet. She ran her tongue all around the head of my shaft several times then made her tongue very hard and rubbed the underside of my sensitive cock head. I was keen on fucking her anally but she was sucking my bulging prick and I was not complaining as I put my hands into the long bushy hair in her dense armpit forest. I marveled at the luxuriant lush armpits and its texture was very sexy. It felt a little coarse but I guess the Spaniard was very hirsute as even her eyebrows were very bushy. Juanita started moving her head up and down taking youwin güvenilir mi a little more of my big cock in her mouth each time until she had the whole 10 inches was buried in her throat. I knew I wouldn’t last long and when she started humming and moaning causing her throat to vibrate around my shaftI grabbed her head in both hands and started thrusting up into her mouth like it was her wet, hot hairy pussy. She was loving my cock as I face fucked her. Her lips were wrapped around my shaft as she blew me like it was the easiest thing to do to a stranger she had met an hour ago at a super market. I was having the time of my life, as I pulled at the long hair in her coarse underarms. I never knew a girl could have so much hair in their underarms and not bother to shave it off. I guess that’s the difference between a hot Spaniard and an American. She took in more of my penis as she kneaded my balls and then I shot my load straight down her throat. She swallowed every drop and as I flopped back down on the bed she continued to suck my still semi-hard cock and massage my balls. Within a few minutes she had my massive tool as hard as ever so I asked her to get on her hands and knees, as I looked at the jet-black crinkly hair in her puckered asshole. It was a gorgeous sight as I stroked my hardening organ so I reached over and pulled at the shag of hair in her dense armpits and I slowly pushed my dick into her anal cavity.She bent over it, and stuck her ass out in the air. “Do it!” she said, and she pushed her ass back, forcing my cock into her. I went as slow as possible, sliding it in only a tiny bit at a time. The head finally popped in, and it seemed to go in smoother after that. “That feels so good.” she said, moaning quietly. I glanced down and watched as half went in, now only perabet a quarter still visible. I continued to push softly until my entire cock was embedded in her tight anus, and I could feel my balls touching her bushy pussy. I slowly pulled back, until just the head remained inside her sphincter. Then I began to push back in, slightly faster. I repeated this, several times, and gaining more speed with each thrust, my hands were still in her sweaty armpits and her armpit hair became even wetter with her exertions. A musky smell pervaded the area as I was ramming my cock into her anus as hard and fast as I could. “Aaaaahhhhhhh god.. yes your big cock feels.. so.. fucking.. good up my ass ooohh!!!” she said, speaking between thrusts as I slammed my raging hard on into her tight little hairy anal entry. It felt incredible she told me, “Keep your cock right there don’t you dare cum as yet. Don’t stop!, Keep fucking me harder Harder!, Fuck my tight little hairy ass as hard as you can!” she purred. “Aaaahhhhhhh Oooooooh God.. I’m cumming!!! I’m cuuummmiinnnggg!!!!!” she yelled out, clearly audible through her hand as I continued to vigorously shaft her anally. “I’m going to cum you hairy horny baby..” I warned her as I felt my cum rushing and my head spinning. Do it you bastard I want your cock to fill up my ass and I want to feel your cum deep in my ass..” she said, removing her hand from her mouth as she continued to buck her hips back against me. I couldn’t hold back any longer so I took out my hands from her bushy underarms and wrapped my hands around her hips, and pushed my cock into her ass all the way one last time. As I filled her hairy asshole, it set her off again. “Oh my god.. I can feel your cum in my ass.. It’s incredible. I’m cumming again!! Yeesss!!” After I filled her up, I slowly pulled out and stepped away and she stood up and got dressed, and eventually, I picked up my clothes and got dressed. I said my goodbyes to her and kissed her on the cheek and gave a quick kiss to the long bushy hair in her underarms touched her hairy ass filled with my cum juice and left.