The Educational Seminar

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The Educational SeminarChapter One -The First TimeWe are an average couple, been married ‘forever’; have 4 k**s; steady employment; good neighbours and all-round nice people to know (I’m guessing!). No one would have guessed that we might have a wild side and that once the bedroom door is closed my staid, prim and proper wife becomes quite a different person from the ‘Soccer Mom’ and perfect homemaker that the world outside sees.The point being that we both love sex (hence 4 k**s) and it is our delight when the day is done to go to our bedroom, shut the door knowing that our obedient off-spring will not dare to disturb us and then to indulge ourselves in our fantasies. We have a large flat-screen TV connected to the Internet to provide us with inspiration should our own imaginations require a little stimulus and over the years Pam, my lovely wife, has accumulated a wardrobe of the most delightful and provocative lingerie which comes into play. Together with a variety of toys she has stowed in her bedside nightstand, well, who knows what scenario we might play out before she encourages me with crude language to cum deep inside her while she has yet another orgasm. She is my dream and I love her so.Pam is a school teacher and has been teaching 3rd grade for more years than she cares to remember. She loves her job as do I love mine; I’m a Firefighter and, God willing, I will be taking an honourable retirement in a few years time. We are both fit and healthy and lead a sober existence which may be one of the reasons why we seem to be able to fuck forever once that bedroom door is closed! Indeed, if my perfect Pam has any failing it is that alcohol has an adverse effect on her and a sip of two is liable to cause her to lose her self-control and inhibitions. Not a bad thing when we are at home but quite something else whenever we are out socialising and drinks may be on the menu. So she doesn’t drink! Pam loves to dress up for me wearing lingerie and old style stockings with a garter belt. She has a whole drawer full of full fashioned, lace top seamed stockings, suspender belts and open-crotched panties and such. She has small breasts which are perfectly set off by half cup bras and she compliments all this provocative wear with high-heeled ‘Fuck Me’ shoes. We have always pledged to be totally honest with each other and to my knowledge she has never cheated on me.Our favourite fantasies have developed over the years to now always involve an interracial element. We often pull up an appropriate video on the TV and it becomes very easy to for us to live out the scene of some black man fucking my sexy MILF cougar wife while I am supposedly looking on. I have even helped the illusion by wearing black condoms which causes Pam to squeal even louder.It was a few months back that events took us in a different direction. Pam’s school signed up to send a delegate to a Conference where a series of seminars would be exploring new trends in education. Pam as one of the most experienced and senior staff members was elected to represent her school and although she was sceptical as to her value at this academic gathering she asked if I minded her attending the 3 day conference which was to be held in Pittsburgh. Her words, “It’ll be fun and give me a chance to see how the other half lives,” was the way she put it.Indeed, why should I mind, after all we had been married long enough for me to know that she was not likely to get up to any mischief and, anyway, maybe the rest and recuperation from having my dick being serviced almost every night might do me some good!She was so excited at the prospect and come the day the taxi collected her and took her to the airport it was almost a case of her acting like she was going off on a vacation. It was only after she had left that I began to have any doubts as to whether this might be the case and that maybe she hadn’t been entirely honest with me about her reasons for going.I was tidying up the bedroom after her departure when I noticed her lingerie drawer (‘our’ lingerie drawer!) was slightly open. I checked inside and had an uneasy feeling when I noted that some of the provocative items had obviously been included in her packing. I took a look in the laundry basket to see if they had been placed there for washing after our recent games night but, nope, nothing there, she had definitely taken them with her. Whatever had she got in mind?It was later that evening when I got home from working the day watch at the station that I saw a text on my phone that told me Pam had arrived safe and to give her a call when convenient, maybe after the k**s had gone to bed. I did as she suggested and when the house had calmed down hit her number on speed dial. She picked up straight away and my suspicions about her motives for going away were strengthened when I struggled to hear her speak above what sounded like a party going on in the background.”Hi Honey, how you doing? What’s going on, sounds like a lot of fun there.”The tone and the slight slur in her response left me in no doubt that she had been drinking; oh dear.”Hi Sweety, yeah, we’re downtown in a bar having a ‘getting-to-know-you’ session,” she said with a giggle.”Who’s ‘we’,” I asked.”Uh, the other delegates and some of the staff and presenters at the conference. We had a great dinner in the hotel and someone suggested we came down here to keep the party going.”I laughed, “Party? I thought you were there to work!”She joined in my laughter and I could imagine the pouty smile on her face as she responded, “John, I thought you knew me better than that. Do you really think that work was the main reason I was so keen to come here to Pittsburgh. I didn’t say anything beforehand but I saw straightaway when the offer was made that this might be a great opportunity for us to follow-up on our fantasies and make some of them real.”Oh Boy, my prim and proper wife who I now had to add the accolade of being a drunk and devious wife!”Umm, and how do you intend to, what did you say, umm, ‘follow-up’?””Well, I figured that as no one here knows me and I’m not likely to ever see them again that I would take advantage and be the person you would like me to be in our bedroom games. I didn’t realise it at the time when I signed up but this area of town where the Seminar is being held is a predominately black area and, oh boy, you should see some of these guys, they all look like the stars in the movies that we watch.”I felt my cock begin to swell as the thought of what she was suggesting began to take root. Now I understood why her lingerie drawer was deficient of a few items. Was my sexy, prim and proper wife, mom, school teacher going to turn into my dream of her becoming a monster black cock loving slut? I couldn’t refute her logic. It was something that we had fantasized about for so long and here she was with the perfect opportunity to make the dream come true. I didn’t know what to say. Clearly, whatever it was that she had been drinking had caused her to lose all her inhibitions and it maybe that when she sobered up that her desires may be bottled up once more. My silence was interrupted when she said, “What do you think?”If she could have seen my erection then I wouldn’t have had to answer but she couldn’t, so I did.”Oh wow. urfa escort You really had this all figured out, hadn’t you? Yeah, go for it but, and this is a big but, there needs to be some rules laid down here. You might be going to live the fantasy but I need to be part of the action as well. Here’s what you are going to do.”Anytime you are likely to be making out with whoever takes an interest in you, you’ve got to call my number and leave your phone connected so that I can hear what’s going on.”Secondly, you’ve got to tell me what you are wearing so that I can get the picture; you’ve got to describe what the guy looks like and tell me where you are at. I need to know that you are safe. Do you understand?”Again, the giggle with the background noise of folks having a good time. “OK, I get it and, honey, this is going to be good for us. Thank you for your understanding but there’s going to have to be another rule.”Huh? This wasn’t supposed to be part of my plan; I was supposed to be the one laying down the conditions, “Oh yeah, what’s that then?””I want to know that you are having a good time listening and I want to think of you sitting there stroking off but you must be wearing one of those black condoms. I reckon I will then be thinking it is you that’s fucking me.”Oh my God, how does her mind work?”Deal!” was my response.We had a couple of minutes more chatting about more mundane matters, how was the hotel; had she met anyone she knew; what was she wearing, etc. and although she couldn’t know it I was stroking my hard cock through the fabric of my sweatpants as I absorbed the possibilities of what might be ahead. I was picturing the scene as she spoke when I heard another voice, “Hey, watcha doing sitting here alone? You wanna join the rest of us .. the band is about to start … you look like a girl who oughta be dancing ..”Oh my God, someone was obviously making a hit on her.”Uh, oh, I was just talking to my husband, checking out things at home,” I heard her stutter in her innocent slightly inebriated voice.”Get outta here. Husband? You don’t look the marrying kind. You look more like a party girl to me. “That him on the phone? Tell him you is in good hands and Shane’s gonna take good care of you and make sure certain you have a good time tonight,” the voice said with a hint of a snigger. “What’s that you drinking, looks like a Gin. Hey, bartender, drink here for my lady friend.”Her attention turned back to me, “Honey, Oh my God, he’s just like you wanted. Big, Black. What shall I do?”I hardly had enough time to say, “Go for it, be careful and keep your phone switched on …” before the dark voice butted in and said, “You ready? Come on, let’s dance.”From that moment on my head was in a swirl. I heard the unmistakeable sound from the phone as she obviously dropped it into the pocket of the dress she had described she was wearing to be followed by the background sound of a band that had just struck up and was beginning to play some MoTown, perfect for dancing and, what a coincidence, her favourite style music. I knew that in her present tipsy condition there was nothing that big boy Shane wasn’t going to be doing that she would be able to resist.For what then seemed like ages I was then treated to listening to her singing along to the band, she knew all the words, and I could imagine her doing all the moves as she gave Shane her impersonation of ‘Baby Love’ followed by another couple of her old favourites. Then the tempo slowed right down as the band gave a rendition of ‘Sexual Healing’ and clearly Shane had taken her into his embrace as they danced. Whist I couldn’t hear the band too clearly I had no trouble hearing his dark voice as he pulled her toward him and her responses to whatever it was he was doing as he held her.”Stop that, you naughty boy. I told you I was a married lady …””Yeah, right. A married lady who goes out without her old man. Uh, a married lady who likes to wear sexy clothes and, I’m guessing, has covered those legs in nylon stockings … ah, yes, I thought so.””I told you to stop that. What if someone should see us?”I had to imagine that he had followed up his suspicions by running his big black hand up under the hem of her dress as they danced and that she had clearly not done as a ‘respectable’ married lady would have done and left him on the dance floor. Instead I heard her give a slight moan that conveyed to both of us that she liked whatever he was doing with his roving hand.”Doncha worry about anyone seeing us or even caring. You are in my hood now, it’s expected …”She didn’t make any response other than continue with the soft moaning along with the background of the slow sexy music. I was beside myself as I tried to picture the scene. A dark room, a dark man holding my petite white wife as they gyrated and held each other in a close embrace.”Oh my God, what the hell have you got in your pocket?” was the next audible thing I heard her say in a giggling voice that conveyed that she knew very well what the answer might be.I didn’t hear his response but just then the music stopped and I had to imagine that he had led her back to their booth and that he continued with his advances there. I listened to the chink of ice in glasses as he called out for more refreshment; I heard her giggles as he clearly must have been running his hand up the inside of her open legs; I heard her gasp as he touched her breasts in the dark confines of the booth, “Love your Tits, honey ….”; I heard him kissing her and then I heard him ask, “Jeez, you always get so wet?”Her reaction in her slurry, slutty voice was to say, “That depends upon who I’m with …”The band struck up again and I disappointed when I heard her say that she didn’t fancy dancing anymore and that she really ought be getting back to her hotel. Shane was clearly having none of that and I silently urged him on to make the next move.”Uh, OK but why don’t we just swing by my place for a quiet nightcap and I’ll take you back later?”We all knew that they were just playing out a script and I had to imagine her putting on her act of reluctance but it was just that, an act, and I was almost relieved when I heard her say, “OK, just one and then I must get back … mustn’t forget why I came to Pittsburgh, must I?”I listened to the sounds that indicated they were exiting the booth and the sound of her high heels clicking on the hard floor as they weaved their way out of the bar. I was suddenly taken aback when I heard her voice, “Hi Honey, you still there? Have you been catching all this? I’m going back to his place.”I didn’t have a chance to answer before the phone clicked off and I was left in silence .. and a very hard cock. “Oh no, what the hell?!!” I looked at the nightstand and the foil packet that contained the black condom. My heart was racing, what the hell was going on; what had we gotten ourselves into; what was my sweet Pam doing; had we got ourselves into something we couldn’t control and would regret? These thoughts and many more were tumbling through my brain as I imagined just what might be going on at that moment and that I was in no position to do anything about. I felt completely impotent although my impotency was belied by the fact that my erection had not subsided in the slightest.The escort urfa phone rang and I scrabbled to pick up, “Hello?”I was relieved to hear the whisper from my sweet Pam, “Sorry Honey. I just noticed that my phone switched off. You OK? We’re just going back to Shane’s place. I’ll make sure that I don’t touch the phone again .. sorry … love you.”Oh, the relief.The next few minutes were spent with the phone feeding my imagination as I heard the occasional stumbling footfall which in my mind told me she was holding his arm as she made her inebriated way to wherever it was they were going. There seemed to be a lot of giggling going on and once I swore heard her tell him to, “…. Stop that … people might see …”What the heck could be doing in the street that she would say that? As I touched my stiff cock I figured that he must have been pawing at her tits as they walked in the shadows.”… ain’t no one gonna see us around here, Bitch,” was his laughing reply.Then there was the distinct noise of a door being opened and the street sounds fading as I figured them to be inside his building, whatever that may be. My suspicions were confirmed when I heard a fumbling for keys followed by the obvious sound of an Apartment door being opened. I was straining to hear what might happen next when I was jolted by Pam’s voice whispering, “We’re here, Honey … we’re at his place …” Then the sound of the phone being slid back into her pocket and resuming being a discrete sentinel.”Whacha wanna drink, another of your Lady Drinks?” “Uh huh, that’ll be nice,” was her slurred reply, “…. but just the one, I really must get back to my hotel soon.””Doncha worry about a thing … make yourself comfortable .. I’ll get you back safely in one piece soon enough ..” he replied as he left her to go and fix drinks.Again I heard her whispered voice, “Honey, we’re at his place … it’s nice …. he’s getting me a drink … do you think I should let him fuck me … Uh, is that what you want … are you holding your dick …. have you got that condom ready?” Her voice faded as I heard his return, obviously with drinks in hand. ‘Oh my God, how many is that she will have had tonight’ was my random thought.”Here you go ….,” sound of ice rattling in a glass followed by, “…. let’s get comfortable.”The glasses were put to one side and I heard his breathing as he leaned across and began to kiss her. She made no resistance.”Hmm, now let’s have a proper look at these babies. You wanna get this dress off? I can’t see a thing when y’all covered up like that.” It wasn’t a request and I imagined that she must have stood up and I heard the sound of her zipper being pulled down.”That’s better .. now get yourself back here.””Just a minute. Let me put my phone where I can hear it. I wouldn’t like for my husband to wondering where I might be if I missed the call.”Good girl, she might be a little booze-addled but she was still thinking clearly. The sound of the phone being placed nearby was followed by the clear sound of their voices. Now free from the pocket the phone was transmitting their every word with clarity.”Hmm, you is a fine looking piece of ass … and don’t you worry about no husband … you in safe hands here .. . Now, Bitch, give me some of those titties … you wanna lose that bra? … these safe hands needs to feel if they are as good as they look.”She giggled, “You are a very naughty man and I wouldn’t be doing anything that my husband wouldn’t like …”The implication of what she was saying was lost on him as his concentration was on her as she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. I didn’t need to imagine what she looked like at that moment; I had been there many times before and knew that he was looking at her perfect tits tipped by her stiff nipples and begging to be sucked.A pause and then the sound of them kissing and Pam’s moaning … “Oh yes Baby, just like that .. suck those titties .. Oh, just like that … oh, yeah, just like that …”My already hard cock gave a twitch as I pictured very clearly my Pam laying back and him pawing her with his black hands and kissing, sucking, lapping at her tits. She so loves to have me play her breasts and the picture formed in my mind of his black hands squeezing her beautiful white tits, running his hand and flicking and then nibbling her pink nipples that I knew must be just like stiff little candy pops and tasted just as sweet.His hand moved to caress her legs, her legs that I knew to be clad in her favourite thigh-high dark nylons. I could imagine her reaction as his hands roamed up between her thighs, she just so loves for me to tease her like that. I had no difficulty in picturing the next move when once again I heard him comment, “Jeez, you are a wet and dirty girl.”I lay back on my bed and glancing down confirmed that my rigid cock was now beginning to ooze and drip sticky pre-cum. ‘Time for me to get that condom on’, I thought as I listened to Pam’s panting. I tore at the foil wrapper and carefully positioned the black latex ring over my dripping cock and rolled it down so that my dick was encased in its disguise. I figured that Pam must soon be looking at the real thing and I was not disappointed when my ‘soundtrack’ gasped out, “Oh my God, you are so big … that is huge.” Whatever stage they had now reached it was obvious that he must have pulled off his clothes so that my poor Pam had the reality of what we had fantasized about for so long was now exposed in all its glory. “Mmm, let me have a taste of that you black bastard … “‘Black Bastard’? …. surely not my innocent Pam talking like that but, yes, it was and the next sounds I could hear was her slurping and making sucking noises as she tried her best to take him into her rosebud mouth. This went on for a little while and I was left to imagine what she must look like on her knees, dressed in only her panties and stockings, and licking and lapping at a fat purple knob of a man who she just met only a couple of hours before. I groaned quietly to myself at the picture I had formed in my head but was also careful not to be too loud for I was aware that this phone connection was a two-way thing and I didn’t want to disturb or interrupt their games with an unexpected noise. I shouldn’t have worried for it was clear that he was totally absorbed in whatever it was my sweet Pam was doing to him and I’m sure any sighs emanating from me would have only enhanced the noises they were both making.”Get yo ass up here and let me taste some of that white pussy .. ” was the next coherent words to be heard. “…. No, not like that, turn around and you can carry on sucking my dick at the same time.”Oh my God, she must be straddling his face and leaning down to attend to his fat dick as I heard the distinct sound of her wet and squishy cunt being probed by his tongue and her squeals of delight as she felt herself being eaten out. My mind went into overdrive as I pictured her fondling his cock, playing with his balls as he at the same time had his head buried between her sweet thighs lapping up the juices that I knew must be flowing freely. I was not wrong for the next thing to be heard was the distinct sound she makes when she orgasms, a curious wailing noise she makes that turns me urfa escort bayan on so much when we have our own games. I knew that as she cums, and she does cum so hard, that he must be having his face flooded by her squirting climax. I just hoped that he was enjoying the taste as much as I did when she does that to me.She gasped for breath and came down from her high. I had no idea what position they had assumed but I figured that she must be laying back on the bed for I heard the bed creak and had to guess that he must have rolled over and knelt between her legs, his monster stiff cock resting against her poor white pussy. I was not wrong when I heard my sweet Pam say in a mock little girl voice, “Oh my God, you are so huge, that’ll never go inside poor little ol’ me ….””Doncha worry about a thing,” he replied, playing out his own part, “Big Daddy is gonna be very careful with his little baby girl …”She giggled and then the laughter turned into a slow moan as the fat cock head parted her swollen pussy lips. She was so wet and slick that he had no problem continuing to slide that fat black monster between the willing lips and her moans turned into another squeal as she orgasmed for the second time in as many minutes. How much he had lodged into her, I could only imagine, but he had obviously found her sweet spot and in my mind now there was no way he was going to let go until he had fed all of that black cock into her and for her to know what is was like to be filled by a black cock that was obviously a lot bigger than the ‘black cock’ I was softly stroking as I listened.For the rest, I had to wait until later when she filled me in on the details but I listened to a soundtrack that she confirmed had her having not one but multiple orgasms as he slowly fucked her laying on her back. He then got her to her knees, pulled off her panties and I heard her make a protest, ” … no, not there, that’s dirty ..” Silence then another moan, ” … mmm, that’s nice …”Surely not, Pam never likes me touching her there. For her it had always been a step too far and, as she said, “It’s dirty …” Clearly her Porn star had convinced her otherwise and I was treated to the sounds of him lapping and licking around her upturned ass as she reached down between her legs and played with her clit. Her moans turned into the squeal of her having another climax as he pushed his fingers into her anus. The vision was just too much for me and I felt my own climax wash over me as I began to fill the black condom with my own ejaculation.The background track continued as did the stiffness of my cock now sheathed in slippery wet latex. I pictured that he must have fingered her ass good before making an attempt to replace his fingers with his cock but poor Pam was having none of it.”Oh God, no … please no … you’re too big .. please don’t do that .. ” then silence for a moment before he abandoned his attempts at fucking her ass and he pointed his still rigid black cock at her gaping dripping cunt. Once again I heard her moans of delight as he began to fuck her doggy style, her favourite position. It took but a few moments before she orgasmed yet again and the wetter she became the easier it was for him to fuck her. I heard the rhythmic slap as he bottomed out with each stroke, I could imagine that his balls were swinging and brushing against her thighs as he plunged in and out. I did not have to imagine that I was not part of the scene for my own cock was just as stiff and I delighted in the feel as I slipped and slid the black rubber in my fingers to the same pace as I was hearing from the phone.An incoherent a****listic grunting was heard added to the squishing rhythm as his cock plunged back and forth into her then with perfect clarity I heard him grunting, “…. I’m cumming. …”. There was a flurry of noise which I interpreted as him pulling out and repositioning himself for her to receive his gift. I was not wrong when I heard him say, “Suck it, Bitch.”Moans from my poor abused Pam and the obvious sound of her slurping as she tried to do as he commanded.”Yeah, just like dat … suck it …. don’t forget to kiss my balls … yeah, you got it … just like dat … yeah keep going Bitch … Uh …. here it comes …” and his litany came to an end at the same time as Pam squealed when his ejaculation hit her full on the face.She almost gurgled as he directed his spurting spunk into her open rose-bud mouth and she gasped for breath as her cum-filled mouth dribbled his gift so that globs dribbled from her chin onto her heaving tits, tits that I knew from experience she would be holding in her cupped hands so that his cum would drip and pool onto those perfect globes.For a moment there was silence but that didn’t bother or concern me for I was overwhelmed by a ringing in my ears as my own orgasm flooded into my already filled condom. u*********sly, as I had been listening to all that was happening at the other end of the phone, I must have been furiously wanking for as I gasped out my own climax I looked down to see my hand wrapped around my cock …. a cock that had never been as stiff or as big as it now appeared to be. I groaned out my own satisfaction.”What the fuck! Bitch, has this phone been open all the time? What the … has your old man been listening to us?”I froze, clearly he had just noticed that her phone had been sitting alongside them all the while.Pam whimpered, “No it’s not like that … I guess I forgot to turn it off … I’m sorry … I’m so sorry … pleased don’t be mad””Yeah right. Next you’ll be telling me you only left it on so that he knew you would be safe.” He said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.Pam didn’t answer as she remained kneeling on the bed his cum smearing her body, her head held low.”So your old man likes to listen does he? Well, you tell him that I like to make noise so if he wants something to listen to we’ll just have to arrange another performance for him, won’t we?”Another incoherent noise as Pam responded.”Get your stuff, Bitch. I’ll take you home to your hotel. That way I’ll know where to come tomorrow night.”The phone was picked up and I was taken aback to hear him say, “Ya’all hear dat white boy? I’m gonna be fucking your white Bitch wife tomorrow and, you know what, I might just bring a couple of my Homies along to help out fucking her perfect ass. I figure that should give you plenty to listen to.”I was horrified but had no time to respond before the phone went dead, presumably switched off by the Black man who had just satisfied Pam and my greatest fantasy.What could he mean?Had we got ourselves into something deeper and darker than we had expected?I peeled the cum-filled condom from my still stiff cock and as I tied it off I marvelled at how much I had produced; I had never cum so much in such a short space of time.I cleaned myself up and went back and lay on the bed, wide awake, a little concerned that my Pam might be in some kind of peril but, at the same time, I knew she was a resourceful strong person and that she would, even in her present inebriated state be able to handle herself well.It was small but comforting thought as I lay knowing that just as soon as she had the chance she would be giving me a call.I closed my eyes and replaying the scenes in my mind I stroked my cock that was once again beginning to dribble that lovely clear sticky liquid that makes everything so much nicer to the touch.My thoughts were soon interrupted by the ringing of my phone.********************