The Courtesan Empress – Chapter 12 The Finale

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The Courtesan Empress – Chapter 12 The FinaleThea was nibbling Sisa’s pussy as part of a daisy chain. Sisa for her part was munching on Anna who was eating out Marta. Along the chain were Azeena, Elisa and lastly Vella who was giving Thea some attention. They were disturbed by a cough, Thea’s chief spy Tymos, dressed as normal in grey had silently entered.“Sorry to disturb your entertainment but we have a slight problem.”Finally, General Callos and his fellow hostile lords had plucked up the courage to rebel against Thea. They had got together an army and were heading for Byzantos. Some towns and cities were closing their gates against him in others the lords joined in. Whenever he could he was pressing men to his service.“With the unwilling conscripts he is going to have sufficient men to besiege the capital. Fortunately, the most important parts of repairing and improving the defences are done. Also he may have difficulty cutting the river traffic as that would take some big cannon and if he has them then they have a long way to come.“The girls had given up their games at this news but being the randy tarts, they were still fondling themselves. Marta massaged Thea’s shoulders.“My lady would it be possible to bring my wife and c***d within the walls.” asked Tymos“Of course, in fact we will strip the countryside around of people and food. Go find Alexandros and tell him. As of this moment you are a general of the empire with my personal writ to command what is required.”Valeria on becoming comptroller of the imperial household had not given up her brothel. Currently she was entertaining one of her favourite clients a young merchant whose wife much preferred women and was next door with one of the prettier girls. Valeria was on her knees being taken up the bum and thoroughly enjoying it. Having barely finished cummin she received a message to go to the palace.Arcos, the apothecary spent most of his time at the palace nowadays but had returned home for the night with his fiancé Mira. They were not indulging in the exotic sex like so many of their friends but even so were quite enthusiastic in their love making. Mira was bouncing up and down on his cock with an energy worthy of a teenager. They too were disturbed and summoned to the palace.The Lord Justiciar and the Chancellor along with their respective wives were having a nice little foursome. Again age did not stop enthusiasm the two women were lying on their sides snogging whilst being taken from behind. They were rudely disturbed before they got going. All four were summoned.Under Thea’s reign open and imaginative sex had become the rule not just in the palace but the city as well. The most vocal critics had been silenced and in the case of the priesthood reassigned elsewhere. It was this liberal attitude plus a fair degree of dislike that a woman should dare to rule that was the cause of the revolt. The city was prepared for siege as was the vital port city of Laki down river. Whilst the walls held and supplies could be brought along the river then they would survive. Preparations had been made to ensure that it would be a long time before food ran out even if supplies were cut.All this made Thea even more randy, danger was an aphrodisiac for her. Getting near term she had to be a little careful but her midwife encouraged her to still have sex as she believed it was good for the baby. On this occasion that meant that her husband, Marcos was tickling her clit with his tongue himself whilst getting a blow-job from Anna. It was two weeks after the news that the rebels were on the march. Alexandros head of the elite palace guard and now commander in chief of the defenders walked in.“They rebels have been spotted. They tried using cavalry to get into Methess before it had a chance to close it gates. bad move our good friend Lord Agranos had scouts out and sent his own cavalry to interfere with things. Callos cavalry were mashed between the town walls and the Agranan cavalry and now has a lot fewer than he did as well as not having a strategic town. If he has any sense he will wait until he can arrive in force in maybe three days’ time. If he doesn’t then we will cull some more cavalry the day after tomorrow.”All the time he was giving this speech he was fingering and then fisting Anna. It was a big hand and Anna was a slight young thing but she loved it. “Now is when I really reap the benefit of getting Agranos to seduce his own wife. At best he was neutral but now a real friend. Your Dad, Sisa has quite possibly saved us. Methess is valuable, the cavalry Callos lost more so. I can’t kiss him so you will have to be the proxy.” Sisa enthusiastically complied and they snogged away as Alexandros finished his report.Things are not going their way in the north or the east either. One of his side-kicks tried recruiting to near the Jumah. Azeena’s Dad wiped out the recruiters and sent those troops they had obtained to bolster our garrison. What he is going to do next I haven’t got intelligence of other than the Jumah have taken our promise of protection as a mutual defence agreement and are wading in on our side.”“My father, took our people being forced into the desert myself including myself very personally. Callos has made a bad enemy in papa. I imagine that he is planning on ensuring that anyone one close to the deserts, chooses the right side. Do I get a kiss too?”I was aware where you got your fierce streak from.”“Oh, that was both parents, my mother is terrifying.” Azeena decided to bite Thea’s nipple quite hard but the aroused empress enjoyed it. Having finished his report Alexandros tokat escort decided to join in the fun and gently fondled Thea’s crutch. Marcos and Anna were making out, lying side by side on Thea’s left whilst Sisa and Azeena were doing the same on her right. All four were touching up their Empress whilst doing so.The next day a fast boat came down stream with more reassuring news. They had been correct about the lack of artillery and this was to have been corrected by mercenaries with large artillery pieces that would have been a real threat. However, Gerel of Koshel had intercepted the artillery and the mercenary escort and captured it. Also, in conjunction with Pell, they had ensured that any rebellious barons there way had quickly changed their minds. One city had tried holding out but the baron’s troops along with the town’s folk had rebelled and delivered the baron and his commanders to Prince Simeon who dealt with them uncompromisingly, which discouraged further rebellion.Also, Sisa had a letter from her sister along with the dispatches and read it whilst they bathed. “My sister is turning into as big a tart as me. She openly says that she really likes sex and goes into quite a bit of detail about what he does. Those lessons you arranged for him are paying off. Did you teach him to bugger her?”“I didn’t go that far. Why is he?”“Most certainly and she loves it, the dirty little cow. Goes on about how full it makes her feel. Also being fisted as well. When we have seen off this rabble, I want to take a visit there and see if I can have a threesome.”“As opposed to the foursome you are having now.” One of the bath maids was doing their normal trick of sub-aquatic pussy munching, another was attending to her breast and Jella, the she-male maid was being given a blow job.General Callos was not stupid enough to send his forces in piecemeal and the besieging army arrived together but not without warning or unopposed. There were loyal lords not able to take on the horde directly but were doing what they could. The baggage train was visibly well guarded which slowed things down for the enemy. Hit and run tactics from light cavalry nipping at the flanks were taking their toll. If they were followed then the pursuers ran into heavy cavalry. They only tried that twice. As this was damaging morale and men deserted if given the chance and the second time the entire troop surrendered the moment the heavy lads turned up. Callos had amassed a large force, but they all required feeding. Food was short around Byzantos as Thea had ensured every last bushel was inside the walls with the populous of the local villages. Sorros had the baggage train to bring in what he needed but it had to be heavily guarded. It all took precious resources.Marcos had taken to visibly visiting as much of the city as he could since Thea couldn’t in the late stages of pregnancy. So tonight, Thea was lying in bed with Alexandros combining love making with business. Lovers of old it was very relaxed and his fingers were stroking her all over as they talked.“Callos is finding siege work not to his liking. The horde he has is sufficient to cut us off on all sides but he cannot stop up the river. Tonight I have arranged for a flotilla of boats to come up from Laki on the incoming tide and watch how he deals with it. We will have cavalry ready for a sortie against him. The chances are that they will try to breach the gates as the cavalry return. Then he will find out just how many men we have waiting for them.”“A trap then. That should be good for his troop’s morale. They are virtually all conscripts aren’t they.” Thea sighed as Alexandros idly played with her pussy, even distracted he was very good. Fingers explored the folds and tickled her clit. In her turn she massaged his slick cock.“Between eighty and ninety percent. A few specialist mercenaries and the rest from various lords’ retinues. Only the mighty lords like Agranos keep anything resembling an army. Thank the divine he is on our side as those cavalry of his are a serious menace. “Alexandros cock squirted a stream of cum where Thea had been quietly massaging it.In the morning Alexandros had gone to be replaced by a snoring Marcos and a randy Anna who was seeing to her mistress with her normal skill. By the divine I think nowadays she is as good at pussy eating as me thought Thea as she quivered with pleasure.Lord Sorros who had now taken over the guard following Alexandros promotion came in with his arm around Azeena his partner. Neither were overly dressed and his hand was on her tit.“Any chance of breakfast I only had time for a quickie with Azeena before confirmation came in. Callos has been having a bad night.” Sorros plonked down in a chair and pulled Azeena down onto his lap where he could put some serious effort into playing with her boobs. The lithe girl wriggled on his lap so he was stimulated and when he hardened pushed him inside her and continued wrigglingThea looked on as she too had her breasts played with, the left by Anna and the right by Marcos who had woken up and was listening. Coffee and pastries were brought in by Lea who confirmed that they were wholesome by munching on one. Being a food taster had its advantages.“How did he have a bad night.”“Not only did the boats arrive and depart unm*****ed but the cavalry screen didn’t just mangle a fair number of his units along the banks but one company defected. The young lord in command didn’t approve of his father’s orders to rebel and changed sides promptly. The trap almost didn’t get sprung as the dozy bastards were slow in trying to tokat escort bayan breach the gate but when they did those who got inside were destroyed to the last man as the defectors finished them off as they tried to retreat. Add to this our grey clad friend gave Callos some personal grief.”“How did he go in and cut his throat.”“Not quite that good but you know that new bastion he built the big circular one with an area of open ground inside.”“Vaguely. Tymos seemed very pleased with it. Chuckling away a lot I have never seen him so animated.”It was a little while before Sorros could continue the conversation as Azeena bouncing on his cock made him cum. When he had calmed down, he explained.“Tymos had good cause to be pleased as he built a huge trebuchet. What is more he built it very carefully and with great science. Having measured the distance to a lot of landmarks and having graded his ordnance very carefully the thing is very accurate. The third shot put a hundred pound rock in Sorros tent. Unfortunately, we have seen the bastard since so he is alive but it definitely spoilt his night. They are having to pull everything back quite a way and under fire.”“Ah such things are sent to try us, ah fuck that’s nice.” The last was the success of the combined efforts of her two lovers.One of the effects of the trebuchet was that what cannon Sorros had could not be used against the more vulnerable north wall. They had to be shipped across the river out of sight of the defenders and used against the south wall. From here even if they made a breach they would only get into a quarter of the city without taking the bridges across the river.Somehow it became an idea that gained great popularity that it was the patriotic duty of any girl to entertain the defending troops. Taverns were filled with soldiers and formerly respectable girls fucking like rabbits. Not just the girls but theirs mothers too. Without the risk of pregnancy, the city was turning into a huge brothel.Lea related how at a tavern near her father’s shop she had seen girls from barely adult to women who might be their grandmothers allowing strangers to unlace their dresses. This progressed to having their tits fondled and fannies groped and lastly full-scale intercourse.“I saw this old dear seventy if she was a day being spit roast. A huge cock in her hole and an equally big penis in her mouth. I know she is a widow and has been for years. I reckon that is the best time she has had for ages. Both her daughters were there being screwed by men not their husbands. Instead the husbands were screwing their neighbours. Needless to say, Critos was getting more than his fair share, three girls were pleasuring him but one of those had somebody else screwing her.”“Did you join in?” This got an old-fashioned look.“I let the blacksmith bugger me. For a huge bloke he wasn’t too large but enough to make me feel nice and full. Ooh just thinking about it. Could one of you give me a good buggering now.”They did better they introduced her to being double done Alexandros up her arse Sorros at the front.Thea felt slightly guilty as Lea had been a perfectly nice, good girl before being introduce to the debauched court. Thea hadn’t done anything to encourage her to be a slut, the girl just took a couple of looks at the fun everyone else was having had got around parental disapproval and joined in with both hands.Thea having heard what was happening, didn’t quite believe it so she went to a tavern near the palace gate to see for herself. As she walked through the girl, she saw a topless tavern wench serving beer and a totally naked girl lying on a table with her legs in the air being fucked by a soldier. One of the soldiers got a cop of Thea’s boob before he realised whose boob he was fondling he backed off quick but Thea just laughed and gave him a quick kiss on the mouth. The place quietened down when they saw who had come in. Thea grabbed a mug of what appeared to be mead from the booby serving girl took a sup and greeted the crowd.“Thank you all for believing in me and for you girls looking after my lads. It’s a good job I am now empress I think I might be unemployed in my old job by now.““From the back of the crowd was a raucous cry that he would fuck her anytime.” Thea did not respond but just bowed and left.When they were back in the palace, she headed straight for her apartment taking Sorros and Azeena with her. Once inside she wrapped herself around them and kissed first Sorros and then Azeena with great hinger. There clothes were practically ripped off and Thea forgot about her pregnancy (well for a few seconds until the bump got in the way.) and fucked them with urgency.“Turned you on did it?”“If that bloke who offered to fuck me had tried, I might have let him. No that not true if I wasn’t so near my time I would have and the others. Now do that harder.”Whilst re-arranging his batteries as a distraction Callos tried a full-frontal assault on the walls surrounding the west gate whilst bringing up a battering ram. Against plentiful defenders a lot of whom had crossbows and even the townsman with long pikes it was doomed to failure. The unpalatable fact was for the attacker was he could not indulge in a long siege. The city had a lot of supplies and extra were getting in. It was young Critos the young thief turned imperial intelligencer who organised the city folk not just the underclass but everyone beneath the rank of noble. Most wanted to help and it was Critos who found ways for them to do so. Such as ensuring that defenders on the walls had supplies of bolts to shoot and escort tokat enough to drink. These were taken by the more attractive young girls or in certain instances boys and if it was quiet took there time coming back. There would be a distinct increase in population in nine months’ time. Though fortunately Arcos ensured the contraceptive herbs were widely available not all took them.Of course, Critos himself benefitted from the bevy of willing lasses and he had quite a harem of his own. Elissa reported back to Thea that when she visited her old companion, he was lying on a broad couch with three young women d****d around him. All were naked and one was feeding him g****s whilst another held his goblet.“What did you do”“I took off my dress and joined in, he has a very nice cock and I gave him some help as how to use it, so it is more pleasurably for the women.”“Oh dear, so bad for one so young. I must be a terrible influence.” They giggled and kissed but it was true somehow Thea had depraved her entire capital without even trying. It must be leading by example. Elissa just stuck her little hand inside Thea which disturbed any more musing.Callos’ woes got worse, his supply train was constantly attacked and less was getting through than he needed. It was the attackers who were going hungry not the defenders. Also, what supplies they had were getting spoiled, for somehow someone or something was getting at them. Little did they know was that their main supply depot was easily accessible from a hidden smugglers tunnel leading from the cityThe levies were defecting at every opportunity. Callos had tried to hang some deserters but they were rescued by their mates and the officer in charge of the execution party was the one who ended hanging. Callos was haemorrhaging troops every night. Only keeping well back from the walls stopped his men being sniped at. That meant he had a larger perimeter which made his desertions problems more acute. The final straw was the well-co-ordinated counter attack. The Jumah army had combined with those from Pell and Koshell who had come down the river from the east. At the same time the Agranan cavalry led a mounted assault from the west. Once the enemy were clearly heavily engaged the city garrison emerged and attacked them from the inside. Many of the men turned their coats, as did some of the officers. Thea had taken care to have it loudly proclaimed from the walls that those who did would be automatically pardoned. It was a rout of cataclysmic proportions. The body of Callos was found amongst the dead he had been trampled by a heavy cavalry steed and was barely recognisable. None of his senior officers survived those that didn’t die and couldn’t run committed suicide rather than surrender.The next few days would be chaos as the defeated army would have to be sent back home. Thea was not going to take action against the ordinary fighting men. The mercenaries she let go but not before stripping them of everything they owned.It was all over in under six hours and that night they were going to celebrate. Thea ordered that the entire city was to have a party at her expense using some of the stocks stored for the siege. Music and could be heard in a cacophony of styles all over the city. Former enemy soldiers found out the advantages of being on Thea’s side. Very few of the city girls were went unbedded that night.In the palace it was party time as well. The biggest and most overt orgy yet all Thea’s adopted family other than baby Marcos, the chancellor and justiciar with their respective wives. The bath maids were invited to join in and a great time was being had by all. Even Tymos and his wife joined in and their eldest daughter lost her virginity to a lordling. Still that wasn’t a one night stand and they ended up married.It was not the normal way to do it but a stark bollock naked Theo Sorros proposed to Azeena and got her father’s permission. Lord Azen was admittedly distracted as Marta and Vella were making sure he had a very good time. This despite her father being there having brought his troops to support Thurin Agranos. Then again, he was screwing Cassia, the Justiciar’s wife. Carmana had not met Jella, the she-male girl before and was very taken with her unusual body. More attracted to women than men Jella was just up her street.Sisa was writhing on the cock of Phanus the young guardsman whose life Thea had saved but was looking across the room where her sister Cara was on top of her husband being taken up the arse and with a bath maid fisting her vagina. There was no doubt that her sister was now happily a very adventurous girl. In the middle of this Sheba the cheetah with her now full-grown blue-eyed kittens were trawling for fuss and when they didn’t get it eating some of the food. Sheba was seen wandering off with an entire poussin in her mouth.Thea felt a cramp of stomach ache which confused her as she had not over eaten. After a while it went off but then later came back again. When this happened a third time. Mira who was being screwed by Arcos next to her looked at her pointedly. “If that happens again, I don’t think it is stomach ache but you’re going into labour. It did happen again and Mira took charge. Thanks to Arcos wonderful herbs the labour pains were reduced and just before dawn Thea gave birth to a healthy and loud voiced little girl.The bells of the temples had rung out the previous night for the deliverance from siege. Finding bell ringers sober and dressed in the morning was a challenge. Equally finding trumpeters was trying however it was done. The trumpets sounded a rather ragged and hung-over fanfare. The bells rang from at least some of the steeples. The rumour mill worked just fine and a crowd gathered and cheered as Marcos showed his new baby daughter to the multitude. They had named Elpida, which means hope.