The Confessions of Amy Pierce

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The Confessions of Amy Pierce(Girl, girl love–No real names)Now that I was past my 14th birthday, my world seemed infinitely more complicated than it had been just a few short months ago. Starting my freshman year at a new school was just a little scarry. Added to the normal apprehensions of starting a new school year was the fear of becoming a social outcast. Since this was a small school in a small town, I knew there would be only one chance. If I got it wrong, I would be a social outcast forever–well, at least till the end of high school, which was as far into the future as I could see. I decided to be cautious about making friends, being cordial to everyone but being overly friendly to no one for fear of befriending someone too low on the social ladder. I had no delusions of being chosen beauty queen but I was happy with my shape and thought I was not bad looking with the aid of just a little makeup. I observed the social standings for a few days until I decided it was time for me to do something. If I stayed on the sidelines too long, I would become a social outcast by default.I would not try for the group of three girls at, what seemed to me like the top rung of the social ladder. They were all rich and pretty and I rather liked two of them, but Beth, who appeared to be the leader of the group, was a little snobbish to suite me and besides, I saw her taunting an overweight girl who was on the lower end of social status. I had enough compassion in me to know I could not be friends with anyone who would hurt another persons feelings just for sport.I decided to try for two girls who hung out together but were liked by others in the class. I thought they were somewhere in the middle of social status which was where I would be comfortable. Luckily, I noticed a seat open next to the two girls in the cafeteria. After filling my lunch tray, I quickly made my way there and took the empty seat. Kathy introduced herself and her friend Grace to me. Within a short time, our conversation was flowing effortlessly, leaving little time for our primary purpose for being there, to eat our lunch. When the two friends got up to leave, Grace enthusiastically invited me to sit with them the following day and Kathy quickly agreed, “that was a good idea”. I said “Sure” rather non-chalauntly, trying hard not to explode with my joy of being accepted by them.From that moment on, my world became less scary. In fact, it was nothing short of amazing, how profoundly that short exchange of small talk had changed my perspective on life. Nothing could spoil my mood for the rest of that day, not even Mr. Martin’s announcement that there would be a history test on Friday.The next few months were pretty much uneventful. I was grateful for my good fortune of having Kathy and Grace to share my life with. Of course, I appreciated my family too. Mom and Dad were strict parents but fair and entirely tolerable. My brother, Ken was two years older and living in his own world apart from mine. We got along well for siblings although I’m sure he was happy that I was old enough now so he was not burdened with watching over his little sister as when I was younger.Coming back to school after Christmas vacation, I noticed a new face in class. It was a very interesting face. I thought she was very pretty except that her nose was just a little too big. She was about average height with a nice figure, not thin like a model but more like athletic. She had medium length reddish brown hair that went well with her big green eyes. A few freckles dotted her forehead, cheeks and nose. Her clothes were neat and clean but not what I would call stylish. She was introduced to the class as a new student who’s name was Sharon Hall. For some strange reason, I found myself compelled to sneak peeks at that interesting new face. I hoped that she or anyone else had not noticed my strange behavior. I would not have been able to explain myself because I truly did not understand this compulsion. I managed, with some effort, to control myself during the next couple days. On the third day, in the hall, I overheard Beth taunting our new student about the plain gingham top she was wearing. It was not so long ago that I was a new student and I remembered how scared and alone I had felt. I was ashamed of myself for standing on the sidelines when I had heard Beth taunting the overweight girl months before. I decided to not stand on the sidelines this time. I felt secure enough about my friends so I knew Beth’s wrath could be bearable. With all the courage I could muster, and without saying manisa escort anything to Beth, I walked in and stood between Beth and Sharon with my back to Beth as if she didn’t exist. I introduced myself to Sharon and explained to her, loud enough that I knew others in the hall could hear me, that she should ignore Beth’s comments and that Beth was just being rude because she enjoyed that sort of thing. I could see the relief in Sharon’s pretty green eyes as she discovered she was not as alone as she had thought. I invited Sharon to walk with me to the library as I took hold of her wrist and turned her in that direction. We quickly walked off, leaving Beth standing in the hall, bewildered at what had just happened. After walking through the hall for a ways, Sharon stopped me and thanked me, with obvious appreciation, for rescuing her from that awkward situation, but informed me that she needed to go to another class instead of the library. I couldn’t let this be the end of it so I explained to her that I wanted to have her meet my friends. I would save her a seat with us in the cafeteria tomarrow. She agreed with a big smile and we went our seperate ways. As I walked on by myself to the library, I imagined how Sharon was feeling at that moment and I was very pleased with myself. To my surprise, there was no wrath from Beth. She just avoided making eye contact with me from that point on and we were both content to just ignore each other. The introduction of Sharon to Kathy and Grace went as smoothly as I had hoped it would and we soon became a group of four good friends. As always, time spent with my friends was the highlight of my life and this was especially true of my time with Sharon. I learned that Sharon lived with her mother in a very small garage apartment along an alley. That explained her lack of stylish clothes. I looked for reasons to spend time with Sharon and she seemed eager to accomodate my plans. I invited her to dinner and study for a Friday evening and she was happy to accept. That evening was to become the most memorable evening of my life. Sharon’s mother dropped her off right on schedule. Dinner was enjoyable and I was pleasantly surprised that Ken was paying attention to Sharon and me. This was uncharacteristic of him and I took it to mean that he liked Sharon. This pleased me a great deal. After dinner, Sharon and I went to my room to study. My room was too small to accomodate much furniture so the bed was the only place for two people to sit. I propped up some pillows against the headboard and the two of us settled in with our books to study–and talk of course. I felt a thrill sitting close to Sharon and this was confusing to me, but it felt so good that I just sat there and enjoyed it. I told Sharon of my theory about my brother. She seemed pleased and shy about it. I’m sure she was very flattered to think that a junior was noticing her, a freshman. As we sat there studying and talking, eventually the backs of our hands touched and neither of us moved away. Something strange was happening to me. I could not suppress the urge to touch her. I didn’t stop to think about any possible adverse reaction before I turned my hand and placed it on the back of her hand. Neither of us spoke or moved for a few seconds until I felt her hand turn over to face mine and she gently clasped her fingers with mine. My stomach was immediately full of butterflies and I had to control my breathing. Again, neither of us spoke or moved for a few seconds. Now, more than ever, I wanted touch her and be close to her. I wanted to kiss her and this time I did consider what might be her reaction, but I just had to find out. I was trembling as I tried to explain to her that I cared for her a lot and–would it be all right if–I kissed her. I’m sure she realized I was not talking about a peck on the cheek. Her answere was excruciatingly slow in coming, but finally she said, in a timid voice, so faint I barely heard her, “allright I guess”. The tone of her answere told me she was not real sure about this, but I wanted it so bad, the only answer that would have stopped me would have been a direct, “no”. We turned toward each other and studied each other’s faces for a few seconds. It was the first time I was this close to her face to face and I was absorbing her all in. It seemed there was beauty in every square inch of her face, even what I had perceived as a slight flaw when I first saw her, now her nose was perfect and even the slightest change of any of her features would be to spoil perfection. As my eyes devoured escort manisa her beauty, my focus kept returning to her lips, parted just slightly. It was sweet agony to hold back for a few seconds, anticipating having those glorious full lips pressed against mine. I guess I lost a couple seconds there because the next thing I knew, our lips were pressed together. I’m not sure if I kissed her or she kissed me but it definitely was a mutual kiss and it felt more wonderful than I had imagined. I took her lower lip between my lips and began to gently suck on it as I caressed it with my tongue. I wished we could go on like this forever and I put my hands on either side of her face so she wouldn’t move. We opened our mouths and began playing with each other’s tongue. I felt like my whole body was buzzing with electricity. It was not possible to be closer to her but I felt like I wanted to merge with her. These clothes we were wearing were in the way. I removed my mouth from hers only because it was necessary in order to get rid of these clothes. I pulled my top over my head. I didn’t have a bra. I unbuttoned Sharon’s top and slipped it back over her shoulders. While my hands were behind her, I unsnapped her bra and, at the same time, I kissed her again gently on the mouth. I think Sharon was a little apprehensive because, although she was responding to my kisses, she was not helping much with getting rid of our clothes. We were naked to the waist now but that was not enough. I wanted every square inch of our bodies touching. I worked as quickly as I could to remove our jeans and panties. Sharon was lying there on her back, now completely naked, looking up at me when I lowered myself down to her. Finally, I was satisfied that I was close enough to her. My legs were pressed against her, my belly was pressed against hers, my breasts were pressed against hers and I was kissing her all over her face; her forehead, her chin, her nose, her eyes and those amazing lips. I had never before experienced this much pleasure and thought it all too good to be true. This couldn’t be real–but it was real!!I rolled off to one side to free up one arm. I placed that free hand on Sharon’s breast and began caressing both of her breasts. I could tell by her facial expressions and sighing that she was getting a lot of pleasure from this caressing. I moved my hand down to her belly, caressing and then playing a little with her belly button, to which Sharon gave out a little nervous giggle. Even that little giggle gave me a thrill. It was as if she was magical. I loved everything about her. I moved my hand down farther and placed it on her pussy. I massaged her outer lips for a while when she moved her legs apart a little and my fingers went into her. She was very wet and slippery and it felt very comfortable. I slowly and gently began caressing the inside of her pussy. By this time, Sharon was breathing heavy and moving her body to my caresses. We continued like this for a while until I decided that Sharon should be a more active partner in all this. I knew Sharon would be too shy to do this on her own. I took hold of her hand and moved it to my breast. Once her hand was there, she felt free to start massaging my breasts. That felt great–so I rolled onto my back and just laid there enjoying it for awhile. It felt so good to just lie there passively while this very shy girl was caressing me. She even took it upon herself to kiss and lick my nipples. When she sucked my nipple into her mouth, it felt as if an electric current was running from my breast, through my body to deep inside my pussy. After soaking up this pleasure for awhile, I decided it was time to move on, so I took her hand again and slid it down across my belly to rest it on my pussy. I kept my hand on top of hers and pressed her hand against my pussy as I moved our hands in a small circular motion. I pressed down on her fingers until I felt two of her fingers slip into my pussy. Then, I took my hand away and left her hand there on her own. She knew what to do from there. She began very gently caressing inside of me. She started probing a little deeper and got a third finger in. I got back into the action with my fingers caressing inside her. I put my mouth to hers again. I couldn’t bear to be away from those lips for more than a few seconds at a time. I was not sure what Sharon’s reaction would be to the next step but I was burning with desire and couldn’t stop myself. I pulled my mouth away from hers again, this time so I could turn my body around on the bed. I put my manisa escort bayan face to her belly and kissed her belly in several places. I stuck my tongue into her belly button. I kept my tongue sticking out as I slid it along her belly from her belly button down to her pussy. As I got near her pussy, I could smell her odor. It smelled just like my fingers smelled after I had played with myself on several occasions before this. I had learned to associate that odor with pleasure so it was an odor that I sort of craved. I was looking down at her pussy now with my face about four or five inches away. I lowered my head and pressed my lips against the outer lips of her pussy. I gently kissed it a few times and then pressed my tongue against the slit. I slid my tongue with a gentle pressure back and forth along the slit a couple times when I felt my tongue slip into her. The inside of her was very soft and smooth and wet and slippery. Well–I had done it. Up until about an hour before this, I could never have imagined doing such a thing, but then, there I was with my tongue sticking into another girls pussy. With my finger, I gently pulled her outer lips apart and pressed my face into her. My tongue was extended as deep into her as it could go and my lips were completely buried into her pussy. I just laid there like that for a little while. Then, I just started kissing and caressing and licking and sucking. I could tell by Sharon’s movements and her sighs that she was enjoying this a great deal.Then, it came to me again that Sharon was not keeping up. She still had her fingers probing my pussy but I thought it was time for her to get a taste, if she would. I swung my leg over her head so now I was directly over her with my pussy just inches over her face. I stopped everything I was doing so she could focus her attention to nothing but my pussy. It took only a few seconds before I felt her arms go up over my back and I felt her pulling herself up to me. I lost my breath for a few seconds as I felt her tongue go into me. Soon, she was kissing and caressing and sucking and licking to my great pleasure. I thought she would get tired holding herself up so I rolled over onto my side, pulling Sharon’s body onto her side as I rolled. We continued on like this until I began to feel a pulsing sensation that was building to the point of taking over control of my body. The intensity of this pleasure was overwhelming. At the same time, I found it necessary to grasp Sharon’s butt to hang on because both of our bodies were jerking uncontrollably. Then, the pulses began to gradually subside. The pulses were being replaced with a warm, comfortable, glowing feeling. It was as if my body had surrendered to this pleasure. When the pulses ended, I realized that every ounce of my strength was drained. We both just laid there in a heap like a couple rag dolls with our muscles too weak to make a move. I glanced at Sharon’s face and saw it was glistening with wetness from my orgasm. Eventually, we regained enough strength to help each other get up and dressed. We took turns in the bathroom cleaning ourselves up, realizing we needed to hide the tracks of our adventure from our families. We got cleaned up and dressed just in time as Sharon’s mom was there to pick her up. We quickly picked up our books and papers and prepared for Sharon to go. We were rushing and didn’t get a private moment to acknowledge what had just happened but, as she was going out the door, a reassuring squeeze of my hand gave me a sigh of relief to realize there was no regrets.At school, everything continued on as usual with our group of four good friends. Sharon and I always acted as if nothing had happened between us when we were around others. This was a difficult challenge when her beautiful green eyes and those wonderful lips seemed to be pulling me like a magnet. In the weeks, months, and then years to follow, sharon and I would find many opportunities to be alone together. In time, things settled down somewhat but, to this day, we continue to feel love for each other and have occasional tender moments together. I’m happy now that Sharon and brother, Ken are dating steady. My dream is for them to eventually marry so I’ll be able to stay close to my Sharon for life. I’ve been dating boys too but no one special yet. I don’t know how any new love will compare with my first love but I know that nothing will ever take it’s place. Sometimes, I look around in class at all the other students and feel that I’m the luckiest girl in the world when I consider how full my high school years have been. I think it’s only natural for a person to want to shout it to the world when they have the wonderful experience of love. That’s why I’m telling this story now but, of course, the names have been changed to protect me and my Sharon.