The Coffee Shop Couple……….

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The Coffee Shop Couple……….Some days do not go as planned. Sometimes this can be a good thing. What had been planned as an orderly and mundane, but busy day, transpired very differently. I was at work and had planned to leave at about 6:00 to do some late night shopping. It was about four in the afternoon when I got a reminder email that my local coffee shop, which serves absolutely divine coffee, was having a Christmas party. I had previously said I would be attending. Christina is the young lass who manages the coffee shop, a petite 23 year old brunette who has always looked after me each morning with a steaming hot flat white. I have always been loyal to my morning coffee supplier, a habit I have had since my younger days. When I got the email I decided I better pop in for a visit. I ended up leaving work a bit latter than expected and I got to the coffee shop about 7:00. When I arrived, it was clear that it was a small gathering, but a loud and thirsty one. Christina met me with a hearty hug, surprising me, sloshing her wine around as she did. She’d clearly had a few and she poured me a glass pronto before introducing me to the small gathering, a couple whom I recognised as other customers as well as other staff. Christina introduced me to her boyfriend Jacob, lithe and handsome in fresh sort of a way with enchanting green eyes. “He’s a kinky hot fuck, but I like chicks as well,” whispered Christina into my ear drunkenly, squeezing my hand mischievously as she did so. I guess I was surprised by Christina’s lewd openness, but certainly not offended since I am bisexual myself and very much on the kinky side. It was surprising because she was all so polite and professional during work hours, and I had no idea she would be so forthcoming with personal information. For the next hour or so Christina kept all of ours drinks filled to the brim and a delicious array of tasty finger food kept appeared – almost like magic.I spent most of my time talking to Jacob who was a charmingly good conservationist – certainly very confident for his age which I guessed to be 21 or 22. His eyes were disarming in a dreamy sort of a way. I had had quite a few wines as the small gathering started to disperse a bit. There was only about half a dozen people left when I offered to give Christina a hand tidying up. She said she would do most of the tidying up early tomorrow, but if I liked, I could come around to her and Jacob’s house for another drink. She said the house was just around the corner. I had assumed that the other remaining guests would also be coming, but as it transpired, it was just me who accompanied Christina and Jacob home. On our short walk home as we chatted, Christina blurted out, “I hope you won’t take this the wrong way, but both Jacob and I have a thing for older women with big tits”.It was clearly an invitation for me to ponder. “I’ve sneaked a peek at your big tits through your dresses and blouses most mornings,” added Christina. As we entered the neatly kept house Christina said, “Be a honey Jacob and let Katie and I talk about some girly things for a little while”. Jacob disappeared into the house, while Christina guided me to the lounge room that had a stylish lounge that clearly opened out into a sofa bed. “I hope you don’t mind my forwardness,” said Christina. “Jacob and I really do have a thing for older women. You see, we are both a little bit kinky and have found that older women are much more open minded and into things than people our age. I have been fantasising about being with you and have been telling Jacob about your big boobs,” she added. I could see now that she was apprehensive about how I would respond, but I allayed her fears, by putting my hand gently on her thigh and moving closer to her. A pensive pause ensued which I ended by emphatically squirming closer again and pushing my lips gently against Christina’s. She responded instinctively and we started to kiss each other deeply. One of her hands encircled my back, while the other slid along the side of my covered breast. My hands roamed nevşehir escort over Christina’s back and neck. We kissed for what seemed like a blissful eternity, our tongue’s exploring each other’s mouths, and our hands roaming over our clothed bodies. My cunt was starting to overheat, and I am sure Christina’s young hole was doing the same. Finally we broke off our kiss and Christina’s hands went straight to my blouse. I noticed lipstick was now smeared across Christina’s pretty young face. My saliva glistened clearly on her ear and part of her neck. “I have waited ages to see these,” she said, as she finished unbuttoning my blouse.I got a little surprise when I heard another mischievous voice from the doorway, “I want to see them as well,” it was Jacob and I guess I should not have been surprised. He was standing naked at the doorway. His cock was standing firmly to attention. It was not too big, but not too small, but with a lovely engorged purple head. “You must have been standing there for a while,” said Christina giggling and gesturing to his hard prong. I squirmed out of my blouse and helped Christina undo my slightly daggy bra. My big saggy breasts spilled free as my bra fell to the floor. Christina wasted no time in descending on to my now bare tits and Jacob sidled over and did the same. I was on the middle of my couch with Christina’s hands and mouth on one boob while Jacob nuzzled and fondled the other. Bolts of sexual energy shot from my engorged nipples and further enflamed my already overheated cunt. “Be a good host and chat to our guest,” said Christina to Jacob wickedly. With that Jacob moved his mouth to my ear and whispered a stream of filthy suggestions. “I’m going to fill your big old hole with my sperm…………………….. Fuck your asshole as you lick my girlfriend’s fresh cunt………………………. Slide my cock between your big old tits and spray them with my jizz…………………………………. We will use you and you will fucking enjoy it you big old slut……” Jacob continued his dirty diatribe for about five minutes, suggesting all manner of things for me to do and things that would be done to me, until he ordered me to get up and take the rest of my clothes off. I got off the couch and shimmied out of my demure business skirt, and then slowly took of my wet panties. I could smell my cunt as I did so, it was bubbling with juices. Now naked, I moved over and started to undress Christina, kissing her as I did. When her bra fell to the floor, it revealed a perfect pair of full yet pert breasts. She had on a skimpy g-string which with my assistance she stepped out of to reveal a perfectly shaved cunt with the biggest pussy lips I had ever seen. Christina was only a slight woman, but she was certainly big in the pussy department. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” gestured Christina and she led the way. “Lie down and let me sit on your face while Jacob fucks you, then I will lick his cum out of your cunt,” said Christina authoritatively. With that I laid down on the bed with my legs dangling off the bed. Christina wasted no time in positioning her knees either side of her head and lowering her juiced cunt onto my face. It was a perfect landing as her clit alighted perfectly onto my extended tongue. She wrapped her hands gently around the back of my head and started to rock against me. Meanwhile, Jacob had spread my legs and momentarily slid his fingers into me before replacing them with his ample cock. Jacobs fucked my cunt with his young cock as his girlfriend fucked my face with her fresh young cunt. The exuberance of youth showed as Jacob quickly dumped a load of cum into my birth canal before quickly vacating. I had not had time to cum but I knew there would be soon, as I concentrated on bringing off the tender and juicy pussy that was enveloping my senses.It didn’t take long. Christina soon became more urgent in her efforts. She clutched my head and hair harder, as she swiped her cunt vigorously across my features. I clasped on to her bloated button with my lips escort nevşehir and pushed her over the edge. Overcome with orgasmic bliss, she shuddered hard and repeatedly on me, before slumping forwarding and panting deeply. Without much ado, she got off me and I sucked in some deep breaths. “Mmmm this is going to be a good night,” said Christina. “Don’t worry about Jacob cumming so soon, he always does that on the first fuck of the night, but recovers quickly and has plenty of tricks up his sleeves for our bodies,” she added. I could feel the cum bubbling in my cunt and oozing out as I got off the bed. “Lick my cum out of her,” said Jacob to Christina, his cock pleasingly hard again. Christina laid down where I had been and it was my turn to fuck face. I needed to cum badly and wanted to give this young woman a real fucking. I planted my oozing cunt directly on to her mouth and simply fucked her face. After only a few strokes, her face started to glisten as I smeared her boyfriends cum and my juices onto her young good looks. I used her face as a fuck toy. “Fuck yeah, smother her,” said Jacob who moved to between Christina’s legs and simply plunged his cock into her, causing her to buck her face vigorously against my palpating cunt. With my hands entangled in her hair, I came screaming, quivering uncontrollably as I did so. As my climax subsided I lifted myself off Christina whose whole body started sliding back and forth along the bed as Jacob maniacally fucked her cunt. I watched as he came inside her, his butt cheeks clenching rhythmically and impossibly tightly as he pulsed his seed into Christina’s cunt. As he withdrew, I caught a glimpse of Christina’s big cunt lips staying open momentarily as cum dribbled out. Over the next half an hour or so, we fondled’ licked, sucked, and played, before things got really intense again. “Let’s get a little bit kinkier shall we,” proclaimed Christina. She shuffled over on the bed and beckoned me to lay down next to her as Jacob went to a drawer and pulled out a jar of lube. We had both been sodden, so none had been needed to date, but the need for it soon became apparent. “Spread your legs wide and hold my hand darling, Jacob is going to fist us both,” Christina whispered playfully to me. I had tried fisting a couple of times with success and failure, but something told me that this effort would be the former. “Stare into my eyes darling, as my boyfriend fists us,” said Christina in a soft lilting tone. I felt Jacobs slippery fingers against my cunt and then inside it. As I stared deeply into Christina’s eyes, first two and then three of Jacob’s fingers were working their magic inside my dripping hollow. I felt the pressure increase as a fourth finger burrowed itself in there. Four fingers now slid slowly and sensuously inside me, as deep as they could go. My cunt was expanding around the fingers and knuckles, as I knew Christina’s was too. It was perfect synchrony, our cunts being explored deeply by talented hands. Jacob started to slowly pick up the pace and stretch his fingers out inside me. Time was immaterial and I had no idea how long he had been working our cunts over, “On the count of five I am going to jam my whole young fist into your pussies”.The count though never got to five, it was a ruse. On the count of four, he shoved his fists into us both, and we bucked wildly much to Jacob’s chagrin.Jacob started to fist fuck us hard. I could feel my pussy lips distend and then invert as Jacob’s fist plunged into me. The pressure was dragging my clit and stimulating it, I wanted so much to rub it, but didn’t. My eyes were firmly fixed on Christina and our sweaty hands were clenched together tightly. “Fuck, cum with me,” she wailed desperately as her eyes started to go to water and loll about her pretty face. With that, Jacob really rammed it to us hard. Christina and I climaxed together, staring deeply into each other, losing our senses at the height of a fisted climax. As we descended from the height of our wicked orgasms, Jacob left his fist in us. My nevşehir escort bayan pussy pulsed involuntarily against the wedged invader. Finally he withdrew his fist and I could feel my overworked pussy gape open before slowly closing. I assumed Christina’s would have done the same. Christina and I rolled together and kissed briefly before Jacob interrupted, “Now girls, you need to do something for my cock.” We broke off our tender and satiated embrace to see that Jacobs cock was rampant again. “I think your pussies might need a little rest, but your assholes have been neglected, get up and kneel on the bed,” demanded Jacob. We both obliged and Jacob applied lube and fingered my bumhole first before doing the same to Christina. “Both of you spread your cheeks wide, I am going to fuck your bums in turn, I want to see you both gaping,” said Jacob. Jacob returned his slick fingers to my puckered opening, fingering me with two fingers, before putting that big purple cockhead against me. It took some effort before it finally plopped in. Jacob had already cum twice, and for the next half an hour, maybe longer, he fucked our bums in turn. Just as he was amount to cum, he would withdraw, pause for a second or two, and then move to the other. At one stage he paused to peruse his handy work. “Nice, those holes are nicely opened,” he commented. I could feel that my bumhole no longer closed when Jacob’s cock vacated it. My puckered hole no longer puckered“I am going to fill one of your assholes with cum. The other will then be on clean up duties,” mused Jacob. After more intense anal fucking, I felt Jacob lurch forward and plant his cock deep inside my anus, and then the unmistakable pulsing as his cock unloaded spurt after spurt of sperm. He quickly whipped his wang out of my anal chamber. “Lick my cock clean and then clean up Katie’s cunt,” he said to Christina, moving his cock around to her lips.After a few slurps on Jacob’s softening stalk, Christina then got up and licked my cum filled bumhole. Probing her tongue into what now felt like an open cavern. “Fuck yeah,” said Jacob to no one in particular. After Christina ceased her duties, we had a break, but the night was not over yet. When the sun rose over the horizon, we were still at it. I had done a myriad of things and had a myriad of things done to me. I had of course dined again on those delectable young cunt lips and Christina had thoroughly gorged herself on my aged pussy, bringing me to more than one enormous orgasm. The ever erect Jacob had slid his cock between my boobs, titty fucking me and as promised at the start of the little encounter, he sprayed my tits with cum. Together, Christina and I had both sucked Jacob, one mouth either side of his dick, flicking our tongues across it, only to encounter each other’s. Jacob had fucked both of our bumholes again. Christina and I had vigorously rubbed our cunts together, grinding hard until we climaxed, while Jacob talked dirty to both of us.The finale was our shower prelude. After dawn, Christina suggested we should have a shower. Before our shower, I knelt in the bath so I could be showered with their pee. Rivers flowed on to my hair and face and down my tits. I returned the favour, peeing on Christina. We all showered together after that. The coffee shop opened late that morning. I accompanied a hungover and ravished Christina to the door of the coffee shop. We both walked slowly and somewhat gingerly, the fucking had taken its toll well and truly. I went back home and laid in bed all day. In the afternoon my mind drifted to how the best laid plans can go astray, but that that is not always necessarily a bad thing. I had planned a day at work and some simple shopping in the evening before a little TV and a glass of wine and then bed. Instead I had a threesome with a couple about half my age, my pussy had been fisted, my asshole had been gaped open, I had licked pussy, sucked cock and been peed on. I continued to get my coffee from the same place each morning. Christina was always polite and neither of us offered any hint that we may shared more than just coffee. We were destined to have one more encounter, even more ribald than the last. This time Jacob and Christina’s friend Jordan participated too. A story for another time……………………………………