The Blue Girdle Fantasy – 4 Final Chapter

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The Blue Girdle Fantasy – 4 Final ChapterThis is the final chapter in our story that involves the discovery of cross dressing and the joys of masturbation, and taboo sex. If you have no interest in this fetish you will want to move to another story. If you haven’t read the first 3 chapters I urge you to start at the beginning.Char stayed in my bed until I fell asleep but was gone in the morning. My mind was filled with the previous day and with the date I had with my aunt, “a guy couldn’t have a better day,” I thought as I rolled out of bed for my morning trip to the bathroom. As always my erection pointed the way under my robe. I noticed the door to the room Char was using was closed tight so I didn’t stop but remembered yesterday clearly.I dressed and went to the kitchen where Mom was making breakfast. My dad was not there, which didn’t surprise me because he played golf every Sunday morning. Mom was very quiet as she prepared breakfast, which was very unusual. As she turned to slide my plate of eggs to me it seemed like she had been crying as she offered me a “Good morning,” and left the kitchen. Something was really off this morning and it seemed like maybe she found out about Char’s date with me and what we had done.I pushed my eggs around lost in thought when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up at Aunt Charlotte, who was not smiling either. She came around and pulled out a chair. “Have you spoken to your Mom?” she asked.“No, am I in trouble, does she know,” I whispered.“No, it is nothing like that Larry. I should let your Mom and Dad tell you this but since we have been so close I thought I might help you understand. Do you remember what I told you about intercourse?”I nodded as I saw a worried look in her eyes. “Well you Mom found out last night that your Dad has been unfaithful. She found out your Dad has been meeting Susan and having intercourse.” She whispered, “This is something a man and wife NEVER do if they care about their marriage and family.”I gulped, I knew what divorce was, several of my friends parents divorced because, “Dad was screwing around.” I had no idea what that meant when they told me so now I looked at Char, “does that mean Dad has been screwing around.” I saw Char hold back a smile.“You must have heard that phrase from friends; yes that is what it is called.” She said dabbing a tear from her eye. “But you need to know that your Dad made a big mistake but that doesn’t mean he is a bad person.” She said.“Are they going to get a divorce,” I asked pushing my plate away.“I don’t know Larry, they may be able to work this out. But I know this, your Mom really needs you now. You need to be on your best behavior and help out all you can. She doesn’t know I am talking to you, so listen when she does tell you and try to understand this has hurt her deeply.” Charlotte said and put her hand on my shoulder and whispered, “I am sorry our little secrets happened when all this came up.”I went to my room and tried to think about this mess. I hear Charlotte go into Mom’s bedroom and they were talking. I crept into the hall, I had a right to know what was going to happen.“I can’t believe he had the nerve to bring that slut to our home,” Mom said and then added, “I have been faithful to him and never gave him a need to worry. What would he think if I found someone else?”I heard Char trying to calm her down and went back to my room and tried to make sense of the adult mess that was now taking my joy away from me. Yesterday I was on top of the world with arousal that was off the scale and then Charlotte lying in bed with me. All of what happened now seemed like a dream. I was in the yard with my mother and in her effort to connect with me she had touched my erection. I had seen down her dress and loved the things I saw.And then there was the slut Susan, as my mother now thought of her, I had seen down her dress and loved her bra and then her stockings with the dark tops. My mind had been filled with these things all day and culminated in an orgasm in bed with my aunt. And now I had the news that my Dad had been screwing around and doing the thing that I most wanted to know more about.I heard the phone ring and ignored it. The sound of it registered but I didn’t care about it. I wondered if my parents would divorce, “was it my fault?” I asked myself. I heard a tap on my door and it opened slowly and I saw my mother peek in on me. I could tell she had been crying and I wanted to jump up and hug her yet I held back not sure if Mom would appreciate it. I remembered that Charlotte had said it was our secret that she talked to me about this.“Larry can we talk a minute?” Mom asked as she stepped into my room. She sat beside niğde escort me on my bed and put her arm around me. “Charlotte and I have been talking and she told me that she shared the news about your Dad and Susan.”I wasn’t sure what to say so simply looked into her eyes as she continued, “Charlotte has helped me greatly by talking to about this to you,” she said with a quaver in her voice. “This is very hard Larry, your dad just called and he wants to come over and talk to you, alone. Are you okay with that?” She asked.“I suppose,” I said and wondered what Dad could say that would make this any better. I wanted to say “Hell no I don’t want to talk to him,” But I knew it would probably make things worse for Mom so said nothing more.“I am going to drive Charlotte back to her home and will be back here later this afternoon, I know you will be okay here alone.” Mom said getting off the bed. I stood in front of her with my heart in my throat and said, “I love you Mom and hope that I have not caused any of this.”Mom wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight, “No honey, this is not your fault.” I put my arms around her pulling her tight against me. I felt her boobs against me and loved that feeling and wanted to touch them, just like I had done to Charlotte. Then I felt horrible for thinking such a thing and I realized that at that moment my cock was hard and I knew Mom had to feel it pressed against her.I released my hold on her but she continued to hug me and it seemed like she was pressing her pelvis against me. I was horrified, not that I didn’t welcome the feeling of her against my cock, but that in this moment when she was in pain I was thinking about my pleasure. I felt Mom loosen her hold on me and she moved her face from the side of my face and looked into my eyes. I could feel her warm breath on my face.She paused for what seemed like minutes but I am sure it was just seconds. “I don’t think you are my little boy any longer,” she said, “I think you understand and know more than I have given your credit for. We can get through this if we trust each other. I hope that makes sense to you.” “It does,” I said as I fought the urge to kiss Mom like I had kissed Charlotte. But I remembered Charlottes advice, “a proper time and place.” And smiled at her and without thinking about it beyond the impulse I used my thumb to wipe a tear from her cheek.I helped load Charlotte’s bags in the car and she gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, “I love you Larry,” and then kissed me on the cheek just like she always did when she arrived and left our home. I watched as they drove down the street and felt this huge sense of loss. It had only been a couple days but the bond I felt with Charlotte was so strong and it was nothing like the bond a guy feels for his parents. I felt like something very valuable had been taken from me and it hurt.I went back in the house feeling lost and it wasn’t 10 minutes before Dad and Susan came into the house. I was setting at the kitchen table trying to remember two days ago when life was so simple. Now all that had happened made it so complicated. Dad sat in his normal chair and Susan pulled out Mom’s. I glared at her and mumbled, “that is Mom’s chair,” and she got all huffy and said, “I’ll be in the car.” Dad tried to explain what happened but I knew, he was screwing around with Susan and just like Mom said, “why would he bring that slut into the house?” When it was apparent to Dad that I was angry he said, “Hey Sport, we’ll get through this are you okay?”“Yeah,” I said in a sullen way, “we’ll get through it.” I got up and walked to my room and slammed the door. Dad did nothing but leave and drove off with that slut. I hated her and at that moment I disliked my Dad. He had hurt Mom and that was not right and I realized that the hurt I felt as Mom drove off with Charlotte must be in some way the same hurt Mom felt. Something valuable had been taken from each of us.I rambled around the house, angry and lonely. I saw my favorite book, the catalog and started paging through the section I knew so well. When I got to the page that meant the most to me I couldn’t open the page. It was stuck together, my first lesson in jerking off to something paper. But I did find another page that had pretty women wearing bras, girdles, and a slip. It was titled Desert Rose and just like the blue girdle page this one gave me that deep down feeling that I now knew was called arousal.Suddenly I had the urge to see the blue girdle and bra that was on that page. I walked into Mom’s bedroom where I saw the unmade bed. She always made her bed the moment she got out of it. There was a pile of tissues on the nightstand and I knew escort niğde she had been crying in here. I looked around the room that was dark with the blinds closed.And there it was, the bra and girdle was on a chair by the dresser. I picked up the bra, it was all puffy in the cups, “this must be the fiberfill,” I thought as I inspected the straps and the hooks on the back. I could smell my mother’s perfume on the bra. I rubbed the lace against my face and loved that it was rough and loved thinking that my Mom’s boobs had been in the bra last night. I ran my fingers inside the silky inner cup and thought about her nipples touching this area and brought it to my lips and kissed the inside of the cup.I laid it across the arm of the chair and picked up the girdle. I loved the blue color and it was heavier than I thought it would be. I stretched it a bit and inspected the metal garters. They were cool to the touch and the little rubber numbs were made to slip into the larger hold and then pinch the stocking in place. Then I wondered just how it felt to wear a gridle. It was at that moment that my life changed dramatically. I stripped out of my clothes and stood naked in my Mom’s bedroom for the first time in my life. My cock was hard as a rock and throbbing.I stepped into the girdle and started pulling it up my legs. I had to tug at it to get it past my knees. I looked across the room, there was a full length mirror on the inside of the closet door and I could see my little erection pointing at the mirror and the girdle stretched across my knees. “There is no pulling back now,” I said aloud and wiggled my way into the girdle until I felt the nylon crotch slide against my hairless balls.My cock was held tight against my pubic area and as I looked in the mirror I was surprised that other than a slight bump where my cock was it had vanished. I mimicked my mother and turned to see my butt in the mirror. The seam in the back was lined up with the crack of my butt but there was no indication of the shape of my butt. It was flat and as I touched it I felt firm, just like Mom had when I bumped an elbow on her last night.“I was right,” I said aloud, “the girdle made her butt feel hard.” I turned from side to side, I loved how the girdle felt and then I had a thought, “My mother’s pussy was right here yesterday,” as my fingers ran between my legs. I could feel my fingers on my balls but yet they were gone in the reflection. I walked over to the chair and my body felt completely different molded into the girdle and I loved it.I looked down at the bra and without hesitation I figured out how to get it on and loved the feeling of it hugging my chest. But the cups bagged on my flat chest which disappointed me. I wanted to complete the look and needed something to stuff in the cups. I pulled out a drawer and there was a pile of panties, all of them nylon and so silky when I ran a finger over them. I pulled out one and stuffed it in the bra, I instantly had a boob. I pinched the cups to make them more pointy.I filled the other one and looked at my reflection, I imagined that I was the woman in the catalog and tried to pose like she was in the picture. I walked around the room enjoying the feeling of the tight girdle against my hard cock and how it made my butt feel different as I walked.I knew this was not something I should be doing but I was so upset it seemed to give me comfort so I continued walking around her room pretending I was a woman and wondered if I should put on the stockings. But I decided I wouldn’t. Then a thought came to my mind, “what does it feel like to wear a nylon panty?”I struggled out of the girdle and tossed it back on the chair and took out another panty. This was a pink one with a little flower on the waistband right in the middle. I inspected every bit of it and loved the way it felt slipping through my fingers. I stepped into it and the feeling of it as it touched me all over was beyond any words that I could think of.I took off the bra and tossed it onto the chair and walked around room in panties only. And then for no good reason I got into Mom’s bed and covered up. I loved the feeling of my hand rubbing my cock with the slippery panty between. I laid on my back and rubbed my hands across it and started thinking of Charlotte in the theater. I could smell my mother’s scent in the bed and felt comforted. I imagined her lying in the bed with me, perhaps wearing a slip like Charlotte did.“How could rubbing my knuckles across Charlotte’s pussy cause an orgasm?” I thought, “What did it feel like when she had her orgasm?” I didn’t have these answers but I knew it had to feel good. I could see it in her face and her actions. niğde escort bayan “What did intercourse feel like” I wondered, “How does it work?”My mind drifted with these thoughts and the memories of the past couple days with Charlotte and yes with Mom. “Did Mom actually like feeling my hard cock against her today?” I felt wicked at one moment, comforted in another moment, and then I must have drifted off to sleep.“Larry … Larry,” I heard Mom’s voice. The room was dark, I was confused where I was, what had happened. Mom’s hand was on my shoulder and when I opened my eyes she was standing in front of me naked. Her breasts sagged in the most seductive way and her nipples told me she was aroused. Her body was still toned and firm and had if I had not be aroused before I was now. I flipped the blankets back and Mom crawled into bed with me. Her hand went to my panty covered cock and stroked me.“What color Larry?” She asked as she kissed my lips and her tongue touched my lips. I met her tongue with mine and she continued rubbing my erection as I felt her tits against my chest as she rolled on top of me. As she broke the kiss I whispered, “guess, my favorite color,” and I kissed her again. My hand went to her ass and I rubbed it like I knew she enjoyed.“Pink,” she said, “my panty boy loves his pink panties.” She pulled the blanket off and confirmed that I was wearing her pink panties. She pulled the panty down and hooked the waist elastic under my balls and rolled on top of me. “Make love to me Larry, I have wanted you all day and now you are mine. And when are done I will show you the new panties I bought for you.”I knew she’d be wet, Mom always seemed to be wet and ready for me when she would come home to me. I got off work an hour early and crawled into bed wearing nothing but her pink panties and a smile knowing we’d make love just like we did this morning before she left for work. I felt her pussy touch the tip of my cock and I slipped into her, just like I had been doing for the last 10 years. The difference in me making love to her today and our first time was that we had now been living as a couple ever since Dad left us. She moved her knees up beside me, “I want you to cum inside me Larry,” she said, “I want to ride your hard cock until you cum and fill me up.”“You are shameless Mom,” I said and playfully smacked her ass. “And I love that about you.”Mom had come home that day Dad left and found me nearly naked asleep in her bed. Her clothes s**ttered across a chair and the dresser drawer open. She knew something had chaned in me and was shocked to see her boy lying in her bed wearing her pink panties. But more than that, she had been shocked that her husband had run off with a former class mate. She was shocked to learn he had brought the woman to the house to try to explain it to their son.We had some tough days that next week. Mom struggled with Dad’s infidelity and on top of that she was shocked and unable to decide how to handle her son that had this desire to wear her panties. I know she thought the first time was a onetime event. But over the next few weeks she realized I was stealing her panties and jerking off in them.Being caught was embarrassing for me and I realized in time it was embarrassing for her as well. She didn’t want to be stern with me, the hurt of Dad leaving left her afraid she would lose me as well. But in the weeks that followed I had an urgent need for those panties as much as she needed me to give her comfort through her dark time.Charlotte and I had shared something very special and not only was I upset what Dad did to Mom I felt that Dad had taken Charlotte away from me. Charlotte did not return for a visit for 6 months which she explained was an effort for Mom and me to find a way through the mess. And we did find our way, together. But more importantly Charlotte and I were never intimate again.And yes, we made love soon after Dad left and Mom taught me everything I ever needed to know about how to pleasure a woman. I learned so many life lessons from Mom. Charlotte seemed pleased that we found each other in this way when Mom told her about how we had been intimate but Charlotte nor I ever revealed our secret intimacy. And now on this day she had come to our bed again and as she rocked against my hard cock I reached up and touched my mother’s breasts as she bent forward and my lips closed around her nipple.“I remember the first time you did that,” she said with a smile.“When I was nursing as a baby?” I said with a smile.“You know very well I never nursed you, no it was that day when we both lost self control and I took your virginity.” Mom said, “You were then and are now the most considerate lover I could ever want. I love you Larry.”“And I love you Mom.” I said as I harbored the thought of being that 13 year old that had a blue girdle fantasy and now I lived that fantasy as an adult. I never want this fantasy to end.