The Beautiful Young Virgin Bride’s First Nig

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The Beautiful Young Virgin Bride’s First Nigby southboyKatie Amerson was a brand new bride, only married for 3 hours to Rodger, her new wonderful husband whom she had met in high school and gone to college with. Both came from very moral, religious, traditional southern families and all thought that it was truly a marriage made in heaven. Rodger was 2 years Katie?s senior. Katie was a true southern belle type of woman, with a silky smooth southern drawl, the bluest of eyes, full red lips, a fabulous, sexy, firm figure and shoulder length golden blond hair. To say that she was exceptional, especially in the beauty department, and oozed sex appeal would be an understatement. She had lots of suitors and was often the woman in many a man?s sexual fantasies. She had dated other young men while in school before she met Rodger and thou she would occasionally hold hands that was as far as it went. She had maintained her virginity, saving it for the man she would eventually marry as this was the way she was raised.She had never kissed anyone except Rodger, and at the reception felt ill at ease when she was kissed by her father-in-law and the best man. She felt that they didn?t mean anything by the kiss which gave her some comfort. After they had attended the reception, changed into their traveling clothes in order to go on their honeymoon, they were driven to the airport. Here they boarded a plane, destination the islands, Bahamas where they had reservations at a luxury resort hotel for a week. A week of love making, sandy white beaches, when they were not going to be making love, pampering by a staff use to newly weds staying with them. They had dressed for the weather, loud colorful shirts, shorts and the like, typical tourist. It seems that no matter what Katie wore, she still made heads turn, men?s mouths would gape open in awe. Even the male members of the staff at the hotel were starring in appreciation, a streak of jealousy toward Rodger in their minds.Two of the bell hops, Carl and Andy, who were from the states but worked there during the summer to help get the money to begin college the next year were especially awe struck by her beauty. At 18 and also from the South, but due to their skin color, they were black, they realized that they would never be able to find or fuck such a fantastically beautiful woman, especially a white one from the south. Even though some white women mixed with blacks, had sex with them, so they knew, they could tell, that this one was of the old, traditional southern way. No race mixing. A big taboo.One of the other bell hops, also black, saw the look in their eyes and offered to sell them a native form of a powerful sexual stimulate, that would completely make the young bride hotly and anxiously available to their desires. There was another that would completely incapacity the husband who would just sleep through the whole thing. The only thing the other wanted was to be included in on the action. Needless to say they jumped at the chance. The three black bellhops planned on their next move. Carl and Andy stepped forward to escort the young couple to their rooms. Carl led the way with Andy behind the couple. He felt his awesome, long and thick black teenage cock lurch as he watched the young brides beautiful, well rounded tight ass jiggle beneath her tight shorts. In his mind he pictured his huge black cock slipping up between her white ass cheeks and into her young married white pussy.Carl was telling them all about the hotel, about a special hut on the beach where they could relax and go for a swim. He suggested that this time of the day was the best time to go into the ocean and that they should put on their swim suits and take a dip before dinner was served in the gracious dinning room. As they entered the suite, there was a chilled bottle of wine, some fruit and several vases of flowers. Rodger suggested they go to the beach for a while for there were no beaches close to where they lived. So after the two bell hops left they changed into their swim wear and headed for the beach.As they walked through the lobby, both Andy and Carl got a real good look at Katie?s fabulously sexy white body in the small, two piece, tight bathing suit she wore. It hugged ever fantastic curve to perfection. They knew right then adapazarı escort that this beautiful newly married white southern woman was going to be passionately fucked and fucked hard by them even if it cost them their jobs. They got with the other friend the one who wanted to be included in the fuck session, whose father was a pharmacists? to see if he could supply them with the sexual stimulate he had previously mentioned, that would drive any woman crazy for sex and something else to make a husband fall asleep so deeply that the would never know what was happening to his beautiful wife. He said he could and sold them some things he had bought along with him reminding them that he was to be included in the plan.As Katie and Rodger relaxed on the beautiful white sandy beach, Andy and Carl began to put their plan into action. The young couple had gone to the beach late in the afternoon being as their flight had been delayed pushing their schedule a little behind time. Andy and Carl were sure to be the two who would provide services to them while they enjoyed the ocean and beach. They sat up the lounge chairs, the tarpaulin and served them their complimentary drinks. While neither Katie nor Rodger were much into drinking the sweet tropical mixes were so good and colorful so they both had a couple. What they didn?t know was that their drinks had been spiked, a destabilizing, sleep inducing d**g in Rodger?s and a powerful sexual stimulate in Katie?s. As it began to get into dusk, the two very horny young blacks suggested that the couple should go get ready for the evening meal. When Rodger tried to get up he fell and Carl quickly helped him to his unstable feet wrapping his arm around the groggy man?s waist helping him to walk. He told Katie not to worry, he would help get her husband back to their suite. She thanked him and led the way while Andy got on the other side of Rodger and helped guide and carry him into the hotel. Both of the horny young blacks eyes were focused on the newly married, hot, sexy white woman?s beautiful tight but ample white ass as they walked behind her, their hot eyes picturing it with out the small bikini cloth covering it.As they entered the bridal suite, they quickly carried Rodger to the big king sized bed and laid him down. They helped Katie strip off his clothing for he was fast asleep, dead to the world.By this time the d**g Katie had been given had begun working on her libido causing her to have a hotness and wetness that began to course through her sexy married young body. It was over powering and she quickly lay down next to her sleeping husband, her sexy bikini still on her fabulous sexy white body. She had completely forgotten that the two bell hops were in the room with her and her husband and began to rub her swollen blond pussy with her hand trying to satisfy the hot desire that was so much demanding attention. Carl and Andy had turned down the lights so only the area around the bed was illuminated. As they watched the turned on, sexy and beautiful young bride begin to rub harder and moan in passion they knew that she was ready for their huge black cocks to penetrate her virgin white married pussy.Quickly they stripped off their uniforms revealing two very long, thick throbbing fully erect black teenage rock hard cocks, pre cum already formed at the huge pee hole. They both climbed up on the bed next to the hot young beautiful white bride as her d**gged husband slept soundly next to her. They removed her soaking wet bikini bottom and her top revealing her in all her beautiful naked glory. Their dark eyes were burning with hot lust as they gazed approvingly at her naked white body. Katie?s long, shapely sexy white legs were already slightly spread open because she was still stimulating her golden cunt hair, her white finger sliding back and forth between her puffy with desire, wet blond married pussy lips.Carl got between those hot sexy white legs, scooted up until he was in position so as to be able to insert his massive black teenage cock into her married, tight, virgin white pussy. Slowly taking her hand away from her pussy he shoved forward, his huge black cocks helmet slowly spreading those wet with passion pussy lips apart as he pushed his muscular black hips forward. Katie moaned and escort adapazarı shoved her white pussy up toward the penetrating huge black cock. Her blue eyes were closed in a rush of lusty passion as more and more of the huge black cock slipped into her very tight blond married pussy.Carl was so big, so much bigger than poor sleeping Rodger, and being as she had never seen it was under the impression that it was him who was making love to her. Carl had trouble controlling his desire to just ram his whole black monster deep into her and when he felt the obstruction of her hymen knew that she was a virgin. With steady force he kept pushing slowly and finally felt her hymen give way. A warm surge of her virgin blood coated his huge black cock almost making him shoot his heavy load of nigger cum into her but he was able, barely, to control the urge.More and more of the very long length slipped up further into her until he was balls deep within her. Carl was hissing and groaning in delightful passion as he began to fuck her, moving, thrusting his huge black teenage cock into her tight, tightly clasping married white pussy. He began kissing her on her full red lips and she was kissing him back passionately. She was moaning, grunting and hissing and kept telling him how much she enjoyed, loved what he was doing to her as she thrusts her sexy white hips up to meet his hard powerful pistoning inward thrusts. Both of them had vowed not to speak but Carl couldn?t help but tell her what a good fuck she was and how he loved fucking her tight white pussy.Even in her d**gged state Katie realized then that this was not her husband who was giving her so much pleasure. Her hips were on automatic and she couldn?t stop thrusting up, but her blue eyes opened and even in the subdued lighting she could see clearly that it was a young black man who was fucking her. The obvious words came out of her pretty mouth, you, you aren?t my husband?..but she still didn?t stop thrusting her sexy married white hips up to meet his hard inward strokes. Closing her beautiful blue eyes she knew that she was lost that this black man would have his way with her, that he would fuck her, fuck her good, he was so big his massive black cock filling every nook, teasing every nerve ending, and cranny inside her super hot responding white pussy. Her confused but lust filled mind was carrying on a small battle, but she knew that her desire to stop this from happening was loosing out, even if it was adultery, to her lusty passionate libido. Her white legs had wrapped around his pile driving muscular black ass and was pulling him deeper and harder into and against her; her sexy white arms were wrapped around his broad muscular back crushing him to her full, firm, hot nipples erect, white tits. She couldn?t control herself, she was lost in a world that to her was erotic, filled with ecstasy, fantastic, so good. The consequences of their mating never occurring to her, that he could very easily impregnate her for she was so very close to her fertile time of the month. What she was doing was considered terrible in her part of the south and she would be called white trash for fucking with a nigger.For several minutes they continued to fuck until Carl could no long hold back the climax that had rapidly been building. Katie was also in the last stages of her very first powerful orgasm, and both panting and huffing in lust were racing toward their first of the night earth shattering orgasm. With one final hard inward lust, Carl buried his massive, expanding length deep into Katie?s throbbing, pulsing married white pussy. Clutching each other tightly, flexing slightly their hips Carl began to unload a massive torrent of his hot, sticky, thick, potent nigger cum up into her white womb. Katie screamed out as she felt her own orgasm begin and the hot spurts of Carl?s cum splattering up into her white womb filling it to overflowing. For what seemed like seconds but was almost five minutes their orgasm continued as the two lovers lay locked together getting every possible pleasure out. Carl had pumped so much cum into her that it began to slip out along his embedded black monster and trickle down on to the bed sheets.Not wanting to get up but due to Andy?s constant urging to fuck her also, he began adapazarı escort bayan to withdraw his massive black teenage cock from out of her hot nigger cum filled married white pussy. As it exited it made a suction sound for it was so tight. As Carl rolled off onto the side of the bed a literal river of his cum flowing out of her pussy. Katie lay there, her breathing heavy and labored, her white skin flushed pink, her beautiful full firm white tits rising and falling with each breath. Her eyes were glazed over in lust, she had not wanted it to stop and she kept shoving her sexy white hips up and saying softly over and over more, more, please?.. Andy was more than happy to give her what she wanted. Getting between her still obscenely spread white legs he nuzzled his huge black cocks? tip between her slightly spread blond married pussy lips and shoved forward. With one hard thrust he sent his entire massive black length and thickness totally into her. Katie moaned in passion as he began to fuck her hard, her long sexy white legs wrapping themselves tightly around his black hips and her arms crushing him against her full firm white tits.Carl had quickly regained a raging erection and wanted to fuck her again. He?d never had oral sex with a white woman so he decided he would let this hot, beautiful white bride suck his black cock. Kneeling at the head of the bed he aimed his massive black cock toward her full red lips. He told her to open her mouth and suck his black cock. Katie had never sucked a cock before and had always turned up her nose in disgust when her girl friends mentioned it. Looking over at the huge black cock dangling in her beautiful white face, Katie felt a sudden urge to suck it and opened her mouth. Carl pushed the huge black tip between her full red lips and Katie began sucking like a baby on its? mommy?s tit. Carl began flexing his black hips letting her take more and more of his hard black cock into her sweet sucking white mouth. He started fucking her sucking mouth as if it were another pussy going as deep as he could without choking her. Katie sucked harder enjoying being fucked in her hot, on fire, sensitive married white pussy and now her, no longer virgin mouth, the sensations lifting her to heights she never knew were possible. She was moaning and humming around the big black teenage cock in her sucking mouth.Both Andy and Carl began talking really nasty to her, calling her a nigger fuckin? married white ho and black cock sucking white bitch. Andy was on the verge of a powerful orgasm as was Katie while Carl was not far behind. He?d always wanted to cum in a beautiful white woman?s loving sucking mouth, especially a married one, and now he was. He knew that she would swallow every drop and that even seemed to make his already hard black cock harder. A great deluge of hot his hot thick nigger cum flooded her rapidly swallowing mouth, she gulped, smacked as her white cheeks were puffed out with the copious, gushing torrent of nigger cum. Katie had never realized what a man?s cum would taste like and was surprised to find out that it was somewhat sweet. Greedily she swallowed, moaning, humming in pleasure as her on orgasm hit her hot responding married white body as Andy released his own powerful deluge of hot nigger cum up into Katie?s hot, tight married white womb there on the marital bed on her honeymoon as her d**gged white husband soundly slept due to the d**g he had been administered.What would Rodger think if he could at this time see his beautiful, young, sexy white wife, married only 12 hours ago, lying with two young nigger bellhops with a huge black rock hard cock in her, no longer virgin, tight white pussy and another in her hot sucking mouth moaning and groaning in total sexual bliss. Her beautiful white body thrashing about, animated to receive the most pleasure possible from the two huge nigger cocks so wonderfully and ecstatically fucking her. For several hours this went on throughout the entire night until the two young niggers were totally drained. Leaving Katie lying in her nigger cum soaked bed and dragging themselves literally they left the well fucked young white bride completely sated. Oozing masses of nigger cum were still flowing from between her well fucked blond pussy lips, her blond hair matted from the nigger cum she had been unable to swallow and had gotten on her pillow during their hot fucking. Slowly, her husband still in a deep d**gged sleep, she practically crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom to soak in a nice warm bath.