Texted By Accident

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Texted By AccidentDon’t you hate when someone you don’t know or don’t know well texts you something that does not make sense. One night late I was in bed watching a little TV and my phone pinged letting me know I had a message. I didn’t recognize the number but the message said do you want to see? WTF So I said ok. About 15 seconds later I get a picture of my 66 year old aunt. It was here in a short bath robe. Nothing sexual about it. Then I get a do you want to see more. Yep I send back thinking she is showing me how good she is with her new smart phone. I get a pic of her and the robe is opened showing she is naked underneath. My cock started stirring. 14 years younger than her I has spent a lot of time jacking off thinking about her. I texted more. The next pic I got was of her nude and then a poorly focused pussy shot. I texted and asked if she wanted to see what she had done to me. Yes was the response so I took a shot of my hard cock and sent it. She texted back that she would like to ride illegal bahis siteleri that cock. I was about to cum from this. I knew I wasn’t her target but shit who was. She texted she better go take her frustrations out in bed and said she would text me later. That night my wife found my cock in her pussy alsmost before she got in bed. After I came I wondered about the texts and who she was testing. I went over to her house the next day. I told her I needed to sync her phone and to get the latest updates on her phone. She handed it to me and went to take a shower. I quickly loaded all of the pics on her phone to mine. I also cloned her contacts folder to mine. I synced the phone and then scrolled through her messages only 4 active texting sessions. Mine, one with my mom, one with my cousin and one I didn’t recognize. My aunt has been divorced almost 15 years. She came out of the bathroom in the same robe she had on last night. I commented on her short robe. She laughed. She asked perabet giriş if I had fixed her phone and I said yes. She headed into the kitchen and I came in behind her. She leaned over to get something out of the dishwasher and I could see her ass and pussy. Her pussy was glistening. My cock got hard and I decided to let her see. She turned around and saw my shorts tenting from my hard on. She said what’s going on with you. I laughed and said when a woman shows her wet pussy to me I get hard. She stammered for a moment and then asked if I thought she was attractive. I walked over and put her hand on my cock and said yes. She squeezed my cock and I untied her robe. We were touching each other and finally she said lets go to the bedroom. In the bedroom on her computer was the picture of my cock I had sent her. I pulled off my shorts and she took her dentures out and dropped the robe. I told her I was ready for her to suck my cock. She sucked and gummed my cock. I reluctantly perabet güvenilir mi pulled out and laid on the bed she straddle my face and after a few moments she was grinding her pussy on my mouth. I was sucking her clit and shoving my tongue in when I could. Finally she quivered from a small orgasm. She got off but her pussy was wet now. I pulled her over playing with her saggy tits. I told her to straddle my cock. She did and we rode. She soaked me three times during the ride. Finally she could not go any more and slid off. I jacked my cock with her licking my balls. When I started to cum she clamped her mouth on my cock and took my cum. After it was done she looked at me and said I must think she was a terrible aunt. I smiled and said nope. She said when she realized she had sent the text to me she thought I would freak but when I sent her a picture of my cock she realized that she could finally get someone to fuck her. I told her anytime. She said she would gladly let me come over each week and cum. I smiled and said I found this hot and would like to fuck her more. She rolled onto her knees and asked if I would lick her asshole. I was more than eager to. Finally she had saliva running down her ass to her pussy I felt her pussy leaking again. Repeat I think so….