Tessa takes charge

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Tessa takes chargeMy cock ached with the need to cum. I was in a lot of discomfort from my position tied on my mistress’s bed flat on my back with my hands tied firmly to the bedhead and my feet spread wide apart and anchored to the other end of the bed. I was wearing a knee length full black cotton skirt over a silver satin half slip and a white short sleeved blouse open to the waist. My bum was supported on two pillows making my hard cock even more prominent under my skirt.Tesssa had raised my skirt up my thighs so she could administer her caning to the front of my legs. She had caned me for over ten minutes, across my thighs and the front of my lower legs. She did not stint on the power she put into punishing me and the fronts of my legs were cris-crossed with weals and open cuts where the cane had bitten into me. I had been gagged from my punishment otherwise my cries of pain would have been very loud indeed. Now she had pulled my skirt and slip right up to my waist, baring my erection, balls and arsehole. I had stayed hard during all the caning as not only did I find the pain stimulating, but I had been made to swallow two Viagra before we started. Now Tess was using one of her silk scarves to tie behind my ballsack and then cross over round the base of my cock. She tied it really very tight and then used the handle of her cane to push the loose ends of the scarf up my bum. Then on to my knob and she pulled the foreskin right back and used one of her hair ties wound round twice to hold it back in position.Once the caning had stopped my gag had been taken out and now Tess moved up to my face. This time she used another scarf to wind round my head to blindfold me. A second scarf was under the first to ensure I could see nothing. I was completely at her mercy. She sat across me on my stomach and told me that I was to be abused even more. She started by simply mounting me cowgirl fashion. My very hard erection went deep into her tight cunt as she rode me. It was painful as I was tied up so securely round my balls, but I have always loved the feel of her sweet cunt on my cock. As he rode me, so she abused my verbally, slapped my face and spat into my mouth. I swallowed her saliva. Then suddenly she got off me and I sensed kaş escort her coming round to my head.Now another person was in the room. I had not known we were to have a third person as part of our sex play so it was very exciting. A man was next to me on the bed. I could feel his hard cock against my hip and loved it when he put his mouth over mine and kissed me deeply. I tasted his saliva as he drooled it into my mouth. A gorgeous taste of man spit flavoured with a little smokiness from his smoking. He forced his tongue into my mouth and kissed me hard and long. Then his tongue and mouth were replaced by his cock. A nice fat knobbed cock and a long shaft was between my lips and down my throat. I gagged as he forced it right into my throat, but he continued to fuck my mouth regardless, rubbing the head of his cock into my throat passage as I tried to suck and lick on his shaft. From the hardness of his penis it felt as if he had been taking Viagra as well – he was rock hard. He asked Tessa if she wanted me to take his cum in my mouth or whether he was to spunk up my arse. She said he was to fuck my arse first and then I could suck him clean once he had filled my bowels with his cum. So he moved down my body and I felt his fingers briefly at my arsehole. He pulled the ends of Tessa’s scarf out of my hole and rammed at least two fingers up there instead. He rotated his hand to widen my hole, but that was the extent of any foreplay. He knelt between my spread legs and put his cockhead wet with my spit at the entrance of my arse and with a single thrust, buried his prick inside me. It felt glorious having a cock go so far up me although there was a lot of pain as he had used no lube other than the wetness from my mouth.As he fucked into me, my lovely mistress squatted across my face with her skirt up so my mouth was covering her sweet cunt and my nose was pressed to her rather sweaty arsehole. As my unknown lover was shagging me, so I was forced to lick and suck at my mistress’s cunt and arse. She moved across my face so I had to use my lips and tongue on her cunt, her clit and her bumhole. I had had a lot of experience of sucking my mistress to orgasm, but this was the first time I had done it with another man’s cock escort kaş fucking me.I was in heaven with his cock up me and his body pressing my erection between his bare stomach and my rucked up skirt and slip. He pulled back from the deep penetration and almost left my arse before ramming his hardon back up me. Every pull and thrust of his lovely fucking cock exited me more. My Viagra induced hardon could get no harder, but the thrill I was getting every time he rammed that gorgeous cock up me was exquisite. Again and again he buggered me, filling my bowels with his hot cock until at last he tensed and with a really violent thrust he squirted his hot spunk into my bowels. He filled me with squirt after squirt from his divine cock, his thrust getting easier and easier as the cum acted as a lube for his penis. As he came off so Tess pressed her cunt hard down on my mouth and I tongued her for all I was worth until she gasped with the release of an orgasm and her juices flowed into my mouth and over my face.Eventually it had to end and he pulled out, though he was still hard. Tess order him to my face, damp fro her cunt juice and to put his cock into my mouth for cleaning. I took his cock into my mouth willingly, sucking ad licking at the head and shaft. Drinking what cum there was and licking the taste of my arsehole from him. I cleaned every part of his cock from the sweaty base by his balls, along his well sculpted shaft and over the head and into his pee hole. I loved it.We had not finished. Tess told me that I was to receive more punishment. My blouse was already open to expose my hairless chest and nipples. Now Tessa and my male fucker put nipples clamps on each tit and ensured they were nice and tight. A swish in the air alerted me to the presence of the cane once more. This time the first stoke hit my right nipple, exactly on the place where the nipple clamp was biting in. The pain was agonising. It was followed by slash after slash to both nipples causing almost unbearable pain. My cries were muffled as my lover kissed me and smother my squeals with his mouth. A moment’s respite had my lover break from my mouth, this time to pick up my discarded gag and push the ball back into my mouth and fasten it tightly behind kaş escort bayan my head. My skirt was still round my waist from my fucking. Now I was to be caned on my arse and cock. Strangely the blows to my cock were quite painless as my mistress’s scarf was restricting the blood flow so much that my hardon was numb. Even the harsh caning of my balls caused little pain. It was another story with my arse and especially those strokes that hit right across my gaping hole. Tessa really hit very hard, right on the opening to my freshly fucked arsehole. I could feel liquid running out of my hole down my thigh onto the pillows, but did not known whether it was my lover’s spunk or blood from the beating I was getting. Eventually Tessa grew tired of hitting me and took an interest in my male lover.I could hear them kissing and discussing what a pain slut I was. Then the bed took their combined weight as Tess knelt next to me and my mystery man plunged his cock up her arsehole. He gave it to her hard and long, r****g his cock into her not unwilling arsehole until he spunked again. All I could do was to lie there listening to them making love and with my bruised and aching cock yearning for release. It was so erotic hearing my mistress being sodomised next to me, feeling the heat from their bodies as she had her arse pounded. Once he had cum in her I was brought back into the equation. His cock, wet from her anal secretions and his own cum was thrust back into my mouth to suck and lick clean once more. When I had cleaned him, Tess knelt across my face again and I was made to lick her anal hole clean of her new lover’s spunk.Finally I had the restraints removed from my cock and balls. As the blood flowed back into my penis it felt excruciating agony. But I was not allowed to recover properly. Tess mounted me almost at once and my painful cock had to fuck her sopping wet cunt until she came off. Then my male lover used me up his own arse – rubbing and gating his anus on my poor abused cock until I came off. It was so agonising to have my cock used as violently as this and the feeling as the spunk welled up my shaft was terrible. I thought my cock was going to burst it was so painful, but the feeling as the cum made its agonising way up my cock was divine. He raised his arse from my cock as I squirted and my spunk arced up from my knob and landed on my skirt. I was crying with the pain and trying to cry out, but the gag stopped my shouts.