Tempted by a Great White Goddess Part I

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Adriana Chechik

Tempted by a Great White Goddess Part Iby rayray330It was a cool and quiet night as I casually strolled into her neighborhood. Even though I was slightly nervous, I wasn’t in any way uncomfortable or afraid because I was about to encounter a world that had intrigued me for quite some time but never had the opportunity until now. I was on the verge of meeting “her” in person for the first time and she was going to take me on a sexual journey into the fascinating world of BDSM. Regarding the circumstances you might say that I was full of moral ambiguity because deep in my heart I knew exactly what I was about to encounter and how it would forever change me. I knocked on the door but almost immediately before I could finish, she swung the door wide open and there she stood. She was a brunette about 5 ft. 3 and had a very full-figured body with long brown hair, porcelain skin and sexy-looking glasses on her face. She had on a stunning black nightgown and wore black high-heeled pumps on her feet. Some would categorize her as a BBW (big beautiful woman), but in my eyes she was a white goddess and the woman of my dreams. As our eyes met one another I could see that she was all business but at the same time she was crossing the very same threshold as I and we both knew there was no turning back.Before I could properly make an introduction, she interrupted me by saying: “get your black ass in here, now!!!” The torrid look in her eyes gave me goose-bumps and I knew right then what I was in for and hurried past her into her domain. As she closed the door she stood across from me and began to light up a cigarette. I knew better than to say anything unless I was told to while she smoked and stared at me momentarily. “You already know why you’re here” she says. “You want me to own your black ass and treat you like the nigger-slave illegal bahis you are. I’m going to properly train you, humble you, and turn you into a white woman worshipping bitch”.She then walked up closer looking me dead in the eyes and says: “I own your black ass now and you’re mine. You will obey me…you stupid black fuck! You will worship your fat white master! Call me your Great White Goddess! Say it!” “Thank you for allowing me to worship you Great White Goddess” I say as I begin to tremble slightly. “Take off your clothes, slave” she says. As I quickly begin to strip for her, I look down at her creamy white feet in those black heels and get a raging hard-on. When I get all my clothes off down to only my wife-beater undershirt she tells me to stop. “You were staring at my feet weren’t you?” she says.I knew better than to deny my fetish and promptly said: “yes Great White Goddess, I was indeed staring at them”. “You’re such a slut” she says. A wicked little smirk came across her face as she went and sat down in a chair across from where I was standing. “Get on your knees in front of me now nigger” she said. I quickly got down on both knees as she sat there in front of me with her legs crossed. “I want you to look at me and play with those big black balls of yours. Stroke that nigger dick to my fat white ass and tits”. She then reached down and pulled off her nightgown to reveal her whole naked body. “Are you looking at me? You better be. I want you stroking that big nigger dick to me. You are my slave, so you look at me while you fuck your own hand!”As I continued to jerk off in front of her, she began to tell me how she would have me doing some of the most humiliating tasks. She told me how I would perform for her & her white girlfriends and how I would be forced to degrade myself for youwin her amusement. First she said that she was gonna turn me upside down, make me cum in my own mouth and swallow it so I can taste how much I love and worship my goddess. She said that I would be allowed to cum on her tits and her fat belly then lick it all up off of her. She said that she would let me cum all over her feet and lick them clean. And finally she says that she would make me wear a butt-plug so she can fist my asshole and fuck me in the ass with her strap-on cock. Chills went up & down my spine when she said that.She gets up out of the chair and walks up to me. “I’m gonna shove my asshole right in your face nigger! You were born to lick fat white assholes”. “And when your tongue is in my ass, you know you are where you belong!” She turns around and bends over spreading her ass cheeks wide open and shoves it all in my face and mouth to where I can barely breathe. “No response, nigger? Take your hands off your cock and say something!” as I briefly come up gasping for air, I reply: “thank you for letting me worship your ass, Great White Goddess”. She stands back up and walks back to her chair where she sits down legs crossed and dangles her high-heeled shoe off her foot.I then ask her permission if I can worship her feet. She looks at me and says: “You are not worthy to lick my toes, but that’s where I would start with you…I’d make you suck everyone of my toes. Then I would put my big toe right up your black slave ass!” She takes both of her shoes off to reveal her soft and creamy white feet with pink toenail polish and a sexy little toe-ring on her foot. She fully extends her right foot pointing it at me. “Suck on my feet you dirty little foot-whore!” I then willingly put both of my arms behind my back and begin youwin güvenilir mi to lick, suck, and worship the glorious foot of my Great White Goddess while she plays with her dripping wet pussy. “Now lick the bottom of my feet, slave” she said. I take my wet tongue and lick the entire length of her foot while she looks down at me with approval.All of a sudden she takes her foot and shoves it way down my throat to the point where I’m gagging and slobbering all over it. “Suck my fucking foot you little foot-whore!” she says. As she pulls her entire foot from my throat she takes her foot that’s completely dripping wet from my own saliva and slaps me hard across the face with it. “You like that don’t you slave?” she says. “You like the honor of being at the feet of your master goddess don’t you?” All I can muster up is a slight groan as I suddenly feel myself going deeper and deeper into subspace and under her spell. She leans down and tells me to open my mouth where she spits in my mouth and I quickly swallow it. She looks at me and says: “that’s all you get for now because I can see you’re enjoying this too much. Now it’s time for me to have some fun”.She gets up from her chair and walks across the room where she picks up something very heavy-looking. As she walks back in front of me I see in her hand what appears to be a long strap-on dildo and a harness. “I’m gonna show you how I treat little submissive sluts like you. You’re gonna take my whole cock deep in your tight little slave-hole. I’m gonna make you my nigger bitch, my strap-on whore, and my little nigger butt-puppet. I want to gape your submissive asshole with my fist and giant strap-on. You will be my nigger ass bitch today and I’m gonna fuck your ass till you pass out!!” As I watched her put on her strap-on harness my eyes widened with anticipation and my black cock started to throb. All of a sudden my mouth began to water and I felt a slight gulp in my throat. My heart began to beat rapidly and my breathing started to get heavy because I knew what was coming next.To be continued…