Teacher Please!!!

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Teacher Please!!!This will always stay with me for the rest of my life, and I fantasize often about what happen that they in the class room.Sitting in the biology class and listening to my teacher word unfolding over those full sexy lips, was the highlight of my high school. This particular teacher, was from Grade 6 to Grade 12 my biology teacher and many boys fantasized and drooled over her.Like a high school boy is, I always were naughty in her class just to get the attention from her I thought I deserved it. Why? Let me explain to you like this, athletically built, long black air, size D breast, full lips and a ass to die for, she was a peace of art and I deserved allot of attention from her. As usual just before the end of class she walked around and handed out papers for they next days homework, when she came to me the papers were finished and see said that I must come by her class after school to get mine as she will make a copy for me.After school o change into my training clothes for rugby practice that after noon when i remembered I needed to go to her for my assignment paper. With a dash I ran to her class only to find the door closed, I looked and noticed that it was not locked, so i knocked and entered, just to find the class room empty. I then heard a noise in the back of the class room store, I then walked towards the store room calling out for her but no reply. When I walked into the store she was naked bending over to take something from her bag, she was aydın escort getting dress for netball practice as she was the 1st team coach. OMG I thought freezing up and i couldn’t move, I felt and instant hard on my dick wanted to explode. She turned around was a little startled and with her soft sexy voice she said “O its you came to fetch your papers” I mumbled could say a clear word, couldn’t think a clear thought. Then she asked “is my class room door closed”? Again I said something that no one will and could ever understand. She told me to came closer, before i could do anything my brain said run forward fast before you wake up. Not so hastily she said softly we don’t want to get tired to quickly. There I stood in-front of her, my heart and cock couldn’t decide who was the most excited. She took my hand and placed it on her breasts, I could feel the cum oozing out of my rock hard cock.She whispered to me: “you may touch me”. I had t control myself my hands wanted to grab those titties my fingers wanted to thrust deep inside her, but I kept my cool, and gently massaging her breast. She slowly slide her hand into my pants, “O” she said ” raise by your hand”…. I just blushed. the whole time I was quite did not say a thing, not because I didn’t know what to say, I was just afraid I am going to wake up and then this was just a dream.Gently she started to kiss me gently biting my lip and stroking my cock slowly, by this time my hand founded her moist warm pussy, escort aydın and the fingers started doing the mambo number 5!!! She was not moaning but I could see on her face that this was fun and she did enjoy it. Luckily for my i had six older brothers who taught me me all about the G spot and clit stimuli exercise and this was getting serious and awesome fun!!She the went down onto her knees, and started sucking and licking me “OMG” I wanted to shout it out from the top of my lungs. This woman had experience and her teeth were no where close to my pounding cock , i actually can enjoy this she is not an amateurish high school girl. She looked up to me and said would you please fuck me, sure sure I thought not uttering a word. I slowly I bent down on my knees, I put the slowly slide my dick deep into her hot wet pussy! by this time I was fighting holding back the cum. I changed the rhythm then fast, then slow, then deep, then hard trying to confuse my dick just not to cum!.As we fucked she was starting to tense up grabbing me by the arms pulling me towards her, I could actually feel her pussy starting to tighten around my penis, this was it she is going to explode, then with a tremendous and furious moan she unloaded, I could feel her pussy juicy running down my balls I was wet. then as i wanted to continue she told me to eat her pussy, as I went down on her I could stop seeing that perfect trimmed pussy, every hair is cut short to perfection, I tasted her my biology aydın escort bayan teachers cum is in my mouth I licked I nibbled I swallowed, Oh I am on a happy place kept circling in my mind. For the first time I has sex and yet my balls are still full, she wanted me to cum all over her body, face and tits but first she said to me that I must again stick my dick deep into her pussy she wants to taste herself but from my dick. I was happy to oblige. She sucked my cock and played with my balls just as I was ready cum, she stuck her finger into my anus, and then with a mighty thunderous 13.5 on the Richter scale, I exploded, it felt as if my balls were imploding every muscle in my body went into spasm, this time it is for real I am going to die now, you can take me I am ready to leave this planet!!!As I was returning back to earth she said in a calm voice, “this never happened, and will never happen again”. I just smiled and nodded. As I was about to leave she gabbed me by the am gave me a kiss and said or maybe this might happen in the future, needles to say I wanted to jump out of my skin. And the for the first time I spoke and said, Teacher Please, make it happen.The next day in class, I was moved to the front, if somebody needed to stay behind, I was the chosen one. It happened again, maybe once sometimes twice a week but it was never the same as the first time. Unfortunately she left the school and move down to the coast and never seen her again. But that was a life changing experience. Oh and the rugby practice I needed to attend’ fuck that had more fun than any of them, I was punished because I came late but it has not bothered me at all, I could move mountains I could ran miles I was invincible!!!