Taking Control

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Taking ControlMy breath gets heavier with each step towards her. Slim but curvy, dirty blonde hair, full lips, large handfuls of tit. The nervous anticipation with a tinge of fear in her eyes makes blood pulse through my veins. Her clothing is reserved and unrevealing which arouses me even further. I reach out with my left hand and take a fistful of her hair. Using the handful of hair like a handle I pull her face towards mine and kiss her. My mouth controls hers as she tries to keep up moving her lips in rhythm with mine. My right hand instinctively reaches out and takes a grip of her cunt. She gasps into my mouth as I grope and kneed her sensitive flesh through her jeans. She pushes her body against my hand enjoying the firm pressure on her clit. I accidentally bite her lower lip, she recoils slightly but not fully as she enjoys the warmth. I pull her head backwards so I can look into her eyes. I unbuckle my belt with ease and lower my jeans. I aim her head downward so she can see how aroused she has made me. She reaches out and grabs a hold of my twitching erect cock. “Get on your knees.” I grunt through gritted teeth. Sexual urges have taken control completely, I’m using this classy, mature woman like she is nothing but a fuckdoll made only for my pleasure and nothing will stand urfa escort in the way of that. She obediently begins to kneel. I pull her nautical jumper off her body in one tug revealing her breasts. Her body shudders with nervousness as she opens her mouth and begins to suck the head. I groan with pleasure as she savours each drop of pre-cum. I place a hand on either side of her head and begin to thrust deeper into her mouth, feeling the tip of my cock slide against her throat. “You dirty fucking cunt.” I growl beneath my breath.She reacts by sucking faster and harder, her juices flowing at the prospect of being used. Her watering eyes occasionally looking up into mine before closing tight so she can choke herself on my cock as I fuck her face as ruthlessly as I’m about to do to her cunt. I push against the walls of her mouth searching for new sensations. As I get too close to cumming I pull myself out of her mouth, her mouth and my cock connected by a long string of saliva and cum. “Fuck me.” She whispers as she lays back on the floor quickly unbuttoning her jeans for me.I tug off her jeans impatiently and almost fall on top of her pinning her to the ground. My prick rubs against her glistening sensitive cunt as if it has a mind of it’s own. I suck on my fingers for her escort urfa to see before I reach under and slide three inside her with ease. The cunt tightens and loosens around my fingers as she squirms beneath me, whispering obscenities to herself, lost in the moment. Liquid gushes around my fingers as she grunts.I pull the fingers out and suck them clean in front of her. The sight turns her on. She rolls onto her front for me. I grab the base of my throbbing prick and push it against her slick cunt. Her lips envelope around me milking back my foreskin. I grab a handful of her hair as I slide in my entire length slowly. She pushes back against me, teeth clenched, wanting every inch inside her warm wet cunt. “You like that you fucking cunt?” I growl at her as my pace quickens. “Yes.” She gasps between thrusts. I grab her hips and begin fucking her harder, wanting to bruise her wet little fuckhole. “You take it up your arse?” She’s enjoying herself too much to answer. I reach under and grab her juicy right tit, I pull on her nipples hard. “Pull harder.” She squeals. I oblige her and twist, grope and pull on her sensitive tit. “Slap them.” She instructs as I fuck her harder. I slap her swinging tits hard in between grabbing them. She cries out with each slap, I feel her getting urfa escort bayan wetter and wetter with each hard slap to her red used tits.I let go of her tits so I can push a thumb against her tight arsehole. “Wait.” She begins to protest but I put an end to it by quickening my pace and twisting my thumb inside her. She tenses up as I pull my wet slimy cock out of her cunt and begin to force it into her dry arsehole I grab her hips before she can pull away and stretch another inch inside her. “That’s a good girl.” “Slow down!” She gasps as I do the opposite, sodomising her tight arse with a hard quick pace. I use and abuse her tight shitpipe, watching her face grimace at the pain. “Fucking take it.” I reply as I break her in further. Trapped somewhere between pleasure and pain she lowers her head and gasps with each thrust. I pull out of her and grab her by her hair, yanking her face towards my hard prick for her to clean. “Taste yourself.”She does, as her quivering mouth opens and I push myself inside. She chokes up saliva onto me as I violently fuck her mouth. “Fucking dirty bitch.” I spit as she uses her tongue all over my dirty hard cock. Her watering blue eyes look up at me as I begin unloading thick streams of cum inside her mouth. I hold her head still making sure she tastes every last drop. “Swallow it.”She gulps it down as I pull away from her freshly fucked face. I pick up her panties and use them to clean spit and cum off of my now semi-erect cock. She lays below me still, satisfied and sore.