Taking control of Re (from the Chinese series)

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Taking control of Re (from the Chinese series)I finally managed to write the next part about the three Chines sisters. Somebody complimenting about the previous parts was all it took.All three looked at Re as she entered the room. Xiao and Wei with a surprised look on their face because she had slipped into a bathrobe. something they probably hadn’t seen her do in a long time. Seeing her reaction when she noticed me told me she would come back down like this. It only confirmed my suspicion about who Re was. On what site I had met and talked to her. And I now remembered who she was.More and more things got back in my memories.She was a very shy submissive. She didn’t dare to approach any man let alone a Dominant man. If she would like to speak to somebody she would ask a friend to introduce her. She was heterosexual.All this did make her sisters actions clear. She wouldn’t be able to enjoy the pleasure together like Xiao and Wei. And she would have never approached me in real life. She probably wouldn’t even have asked her sisters to introduce her to me. So they took it upon themselves to do it without being asked.Re looked at the position her sisters where in. She look at me and bck at her sisters. She turned to leave again.”Re, don’t do that.” I requested. I knew this would be delicate. The things that went easy with Xiao and Wei would need a lot more work with Re.”Sit down”She obliged but made sure the robe covered her body. She made sure it didn’t even slip off her legs.”You sisters forgot something in the train.””I know, sir. They told me. When they told me they had met you and you where last in the train I expected you to return it. I told them.”She hesitated.”I hadn’t expected you to bring it yourself. There was no need for that.”I looked at Xiao and Wei. They averted their eyes even further.”So elazığ escort they didn’t tell you about the letter.” I concluded with another look at the sisters. They couldn’t avert their eyes any further.”No, Sir. What letter?”Wei opened her mouth to say something. I could see Xiao wanting to say something too but the dildo in her mouth was a good prevention for that. I shook my head and Wei closed her mouth again.Re looked from Wei to me and back. It must have been a bit confusing to her. She probably knew Wei was a lesbian so having her take orders from me seemed strange. Especially when Xiao didn’t object.”Your sisters have offered me your submissiveness.” I said bluntly.Re looked at me. She looked at her sisters and then back at me. I could see the fight in her head. Finally she let out a big sigh.”Have you accepted, Sir?”Things are getting stranger by the minute. I had expected some discussion. She might even have run upstairs again. I should have expected it though judging by the behavior of Wei and especially Xiao.”They can’t offer something that isn’t theirs.” I answered.”Wei, who is the devil behind all this, doesn’t have anything it seems.”This made Wei blush. To bad she’s lesbian. I would love to play with her. Then I looked at the dildo I put in her pussy and nodded. Some things might be possible with her too.”Xiao doesn’t seem to own you either.” I continued. “Especially how she looks right now.” I watched her and she blushed even more than Wei.I looked at Re.”You are the only one in this house able to offer your mind, body and soul to me.”I waited for a few seconds to have her realize she was the one in charge at the moment.”Do you want to offer yourself to me?” I asked.Re looked at where her sisters were as if to ask for support. I didn’t look at them even now that I heard escort elazığ some moaning from over there. Re started to smile and that made me look. I couldn’t hold back a little laugh when I saw them both vigorously nodding their heads toward Re. Wei had a hard time standing still because Xiao’s nodding made the dildo go in and out of her pussy.”Yes, Sir” She finally managed to say.”From now on you can call me Master.””Thank you, Sir. Sorry, Master.Before I could react Wei and Xiao ran past me towards Re and hugged her. Nobody seemed to care for the dildo anymore. The head was still inside Wei’s pussy when she reached Re. It stayed there For a few seconds before it slid out. Almost as if it didn’t want to leave. Xiao hugged them both. She had to get up and was trailing behind.I watched them hug and kiss for a minute.”I still haven’t had anything to drink.” I said.It took a few seconds before it registered.”Sorry, Sir.” Wei looked at me and went to get the drink she had set on the table when Re entered the room. She bend down to fetch the dildo but I managed to get hold on it before she did. I sniffed the end that had been in her pussy turning Wei’s face a severe pink again.I turned my attention to Re again.”Re, I set out rules as we go. Some I will tell you before you break them. Others will be told after you broke them.”I could she Xiao wanting to protest. Breaking rules that you don’t know anything about wasn’t fair in her eyes. Did she start to regret?”Those are rules I think I didn’t need to spell out. When I have to spell them out you will be punished for breaking the rule and for making me teach you.”I could feel the tension building. Even Wei seemed a little hesitant by now.”Let me give you an example.”They had all their attention at me.”You address your Master as Master at all times.”Three elazığ escort bayan heads nodded.”So when you address me simply as Sir that is an error you should have know beforehand.”All three heads nodded again.”Oh” was Re’s response. She put her hands over her mouth.”I won’t punish you for having you tell this because that rule wasn’t clear yet.”I saw a mix of relieve and disappointment in Re’s face.”But another punishment is still in order.””What, Sir?” Xiao couldn’t control herself. Feeling protective of her sister. I could see Wei understanding things better as being more of a submissive then Xiao.I gestured at her and Wei.”It seems to be custom in this house to be naked in front of your Mistress.” I said. “Or Master” I continued as I pointed at Re’s bathrobe.I have to admit. Re was fast. I hadn’t even finished my sentence or she had shed the bathrobe and was standing in front of me naked. Again I admired her hourglass figure and her firm breasts.”I am sorry, Master.””Wei bring a dining room chair and set it in the middle of the room.”Wie hurried away and was back within seconds. I got up from the couch and sat down on the chair. It was the perfect height.I held out my hand and Re accepted it. Stepping closer. I spread my legs and led her to the side of the chair. I patted me thighs. She remembered what I had told her online. What punishments I loved to give.She quickly got on her knees and put her upper body over my legs. I spread my legs a bit more so I could feel her thighs to one and her breasts against the other. I put one hand in the small of her back. I was right. I could easily hold on to her there.Without warning I let one hand down on her ass cheeck. She jumped up and let out a little yelp.”This one was for calling me Sir.””Yes, Master. Thank you, Sir. thank you, Master, Master.””Are you mocking me?” I asked as my hand holding her down pushed harder.”No, Master. I am nervous.”I let down my hand on her other cheek.”Thank you, Master.””You can do it.” I said. “As long as you set .. ” I hesitated. ” … my mind to it.”