Take me home.

29 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Take me home.As said in my update last night I took my honey to a lap dance club here in Italia.We watched the blonde woman dancing around the pole with the lights and music making her movements almost hypnotic.I sat on my babies lap and was kissing him and stroking his cock area discreely.I put my coat over it to hide from the dancer. And we was in a booth like thing so was quite private.As I stroked bursa escort him and the blond stripped into her black underwear my honey got harder.I whispered teasing him askjng are you liking her bady?What would you like do to her?Would you eat her then put your cock inside her?Each question was between kisses deep slow and more hotter each second.Rubbing him I slipped the other escort bursa hand under the coat on his lap and unfastened his trousers.There I slide my hand inside his pants and played slowly rubbing stroking his cock up and down.Im going to masturbate you I said. Then Im either going to have you right here in front of her or we can go home and you can eat me then put your cock into me and bursa escort bayan fill me with your come.Which do you want I gazed at him smiling but with my intense eyes take me to bed I want you inside me NOW look.I continued kissing him until he couldnt take anymore then I grabbed him and climbed into his lap. I rubbed my vagina against his cock it was hard and I was with panties but they were moist.I wanted him inside me and wasnt going to wait anymore. Either we left or I would ride him in front of that dancer.He decided we go.I agreed with kisses and desire.We went home and I played with him all morning and afternoon.Its bliss.