Sweet Lady, Part 2

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Sweet Lady, Part 2So, I woke up first the next morning. And I started snooping around Ms E’s bedroom. I looked through her drawers and closet. She’s a really sound sleeper! Anyway, there is this box tucked behind a desk in the corner. It wasn’t just like a cardboard box, it had a lid and I guess it was more like a trunk than a box. And it was like, decorated. It was a little dark, so I couldn’t see what was on it. I looked at it for a few minutes, thinking, there’s no way that I can open that box and not wake her up. But I was so curious about what was in it!So, I snuck over to it. Trying not to make a sound. I kept looking back over my shoulder and Ms E was still sleeping, or at least she looked like she was sleeping. I reached over and I undid the clasp. It sounded so loud! I looked back and she was still asleep. I lifted the lid and it creaked! OMG! She was gonna hear me! But I had to know what was in the trunk. I looked again and she was still asleep.So I got the lid up enough for me to see what was inside. OMG. Dildos! And like not just ordu escort one or two, but like 30. I was so shocked, that I think I gasped! I started looking through them. Some were little and some were big, and some were BIG. And some were strapons. OMG! And then there was this one that was super long! I took it out and looked at it. It was one of those dildos that was, like, two dildos? Double sided or whatever it’s called.Then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.I screamed and dropped the dildo onto the floor.Ms E had seen me! She told me to stand up and turn around. I was so scared! Was she going to punish me or tell me that she didn’t like me anymore! I did what she said as fast as I could. She caressed my cheek, which made me calm down.But then she gave me a sharp slap across the face. I squealed and shrunk away from her shouting that I was sorry! She grabbed my arm and led me to another room with this little chair with no arms. She sat down, and had that double sided dildo in her hand.Oh, I should say, since we both slept naked, we were both ordu escort bayan still naked.She looked me up and down, then she told me to lie across her lap. I did it immediately. I was so upset that I made her angry with me. Why did I have to look in the box? I felt like crying!Ms E started rubbing my butt. She started asking me things. “Why do you think you can look through my things without asking?” And scolding me, “It’s very rude to sneak around people’s private belongings.” And then it happened. She swatted me on the butt with the double sided dildo! I yelped in pain and surprise! Then she did it again, and again, and AGAIN! I squealed and yelped each time. Then she really started! Just WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP over and over and over and over again! And she did it HARD! She was so sweet the day before! And now she was spanking me with a double sided dildo! I was screaming and crying! I put my hands back to block the swats. She paused for a second, then just whapped me on the back of my head! “Move the hands away! You do not escort ordu block the spanking!” She shouted at me and then whapped the back of my head again!Oh, I guess I should describe the dildo a little more. Like I said, it was one of those double sided ones, and it was kind of floppy, so it didn’t hurt THAT much when she whacked the back of my head. But it sure made me move my hands away so she could go back to hitting my butt!She went right back to punishing my little butt with her dildo. WHAP WHAP WHAP! I couldn’t keep from crying! And she kept scolding me the whole time! “You do not look at my things without permission!” My butt was getting so red! I know this because after she spanked me for like 17 hours, she showed me my own butt in the mirror and it was soooooooooooo red.I was a sobbing mess when she finally told me to stand up. I staggered up to my feet and stared at the floor. She stood up and lifted my chin up so she could look into my eyes.Oh, she was taller than me (just about everyone is), but not that much.She kissed me. And it was very sweet. She licked my cheeks, which had tears still running down them. “Are you going to be good girl? No more snoop?”I nodded and smiled at her. “No more snoop.”For next time…. YES, we did use some of her toy collection.