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SurrenderI was seething with fury and if I looked a bit closer arousal. He was glorious, dangerous, and the energy between us magnetic. I wanted to slap him and kiss him at the same time and it was measure of some self control that I did neither the first time we met a few days ago. I had never met another human being who could arouse me on so many levels. Fuck it pissed me off and scared me more than a little bit. Worse because he currently had all the power and authority over me, and frankly I resented it at the same time that I understood the necessity. I was a prize, my gift just a myth to most folks. When he took over and found me I realized he probably was the safest option. If anyone else got a hold of me there was no guarantee that I would be alive for very long. Scientists would want to cut into me to find out why I could do what I did and goddess help my poor eggs. At least he had some ethics around that issue so instead of turning me over to the lab he had me thrown into a cell, when I wouldn’t agree to submit to his authority. All of my personal effects including clothes taken and left only wearing a short body hugging shift that barely covered my ass and had my girls busting out all over the place. The anger kept the terror at bay and kept me on my toes. When the boys came to get me, I could feel their responses to my attire and follow the mental processes where that led – the fucking fucks. I stood up and pulled the shift down a bit and gathering all my dignity around me and walked out, either of them flanking me. We went on a dizzying journey till we ended up in a rather plush looking section. A big pair of mahogany doors opened to reveal the solid tall form of my tormentor standing facing the other direction across a large room that screamed penthouse. There was an incredible view from here, twilight had just fallen and all the city lights were twinkling. I could see traffic on the main boulevards and see a few stray birds heading for their nests as the last green rays of the sun kept disappearing over the horizon. I was surprised and a bit taken aback when he turned around. He was wearing a thick plush robe and looked like he’d just gotten out of a sauna or shower. Damn was he something yummy to look at, suppress that thought! “That will be all,” he said to his men and they left silently. I just stood there looking at him warily and trying to get inside him. He was not nervous on the surface but there was a quivering tension in there that felt… hot. I felt my pussy get a little wet. Shit. That had never happened before. Okay breath deep. We stood quietly staring at each other. I wasn’t so sure now what his intentions were and just stared at him. “Welcome — I hope you’ve changed your güvenilir bahis siteleri mind,” he said with a smile that made me feel like a caged rabbit with a bobcat staring at it. My anger flared up.“Nope,” I said mulishly shaking my head side to side. Three big strides and he was right in front of me, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me up against his chest completely immobile and my toes dangling, sauna, definitely sauna. He smelled really good. “That is not acceptable,” I felt his control slip a little and the huge wave of frustration and desire hit me. His face was inches away and his furious eyes bore into mine like angry knives. I nervously wetted my lips which made him suddenly look down at them and then lower. My big juicy boobs were spilling out of the top and pressed against his robe covered chest, the nipples just peaking a bit over the edge of the top. Sharp inhalation of breath on both our parts, eyes locked and I could see what he was about to do but stood on that razors edge of indecision just hair too long and suddenly he was kissing me and goddess help me I was kissing back. When he pulled away I really got furious at my own weakness and began struggling against his arms – which made matters much worse. My shift was hitched up over my waist – ass bare to the world, and his robe was coming open revealing a beautiful expanse of his tightly furred chest that my now exposed nipples rested hard against, and a magnificently hard cock that had been pressed against my stomach, but now was firmly between my legs and beginning to be wetted by my tingling pussy lips. We ended up with me completely astride his long, thick length, pussy lips kissing it open mouthed. Fuck, but it felt good and we both knew it. He backed up a few steps to a large firm couch and sat us down on it, with me straddling his lap still held in his vice grip. I’m not large, but I was impressed that he could maneuver us so easily. His eyes were still hard and angry, and I was beginning to be a bit afraid, of him — of myself. This was not at all how I had anticipated things going and all of my compass points had splintered every which way. I’m still not sure why I did it but I kissed him and it was a sweet kiss, the kind you give a lover and it lasted longer than I intended. I could feel him relax open a little and then he start taking over again. I pulled back irritated and our expressions were a mirror of each other. “Accept,” was all he said and I hissed back at him, “No.”I thought he might shake me at that point he looked so pissed, jaw muscles clenching, but instead a wicked and completely alarming smile formed on his face. “You will,” was all he said before he dipped his head to kiss and perabet lick my neck and shoulders. I began struggling in earnest, which only aroused both of us further. His cock was covered in my wet juices and I could feel it jump at the gyrations of my lips all around on the top of it. Long, thick and with a strong muscle that made me wet a little each time it jerked which was often enough to keep the steady stream of moisture coming from my pussy. “Fuck you — I won’t,” I said flatly, staring defiantly into his eyes. “Fuck me, you will,” he said with absolute conviction, giving a completely different meaning to my statement. I gaped at him and shuddered with arousal? Fear? who knew, cause I sure didn’t anymore. He lifted me up higher in his arms and I felt his cock spring up to attention and the bottom v of his head pressed insistently on my clit. My breasts were free and his head dipped down to lick a berry hard nipple. I cried out a little bit in fear and he heard it and latched onto the nipple in a deep and gentle suckle, tongue flicking and rubbing. My body undulated in sharp pleasure, head dropping back – a low groan escaping me, here was a man who knew how to worship breasts, and despite my best intentions my body arched into him wanting more. My head came forward and I watched gaspingly as he suckled me. He smiled a little against my breast and turned me a little to get access to the other one. All the while he’d been rubbing his magnificent cock up and down my cunt lips, the head rubbing my clit, the moisture that was oozing out of me and his little hungry mouth was making me slick and sensitive. He kept both up for a long time then slid his fat cock partially into me with a deep growl, I was so aroused that I came a little in a hiccupping gasp, even though the pressure on my pussy walls was real and a intense. Alarm bells clanged in my head. Damn, biggest double damn. I was at capacity Slick as I was – his girth was unnerving and a little voice in my head whispered this might not work so well. Shut up said another less worried part of me. He was breathing hard, feral eyes boring into mine – each inhale pressing our bodies tighter together as we breathed in sync. I felt a warm spurt of liquid, my own or his was irrelevant, and the pressure eased just a little bit. God, he felt good and huge, I stared back at him a multitude of emotions crossing my face. The rim of his head must have been pressing against my g-spot because it felt tight and almost painful. “Oh god, you are too big, you’re going to hurt me,” I said, my voice quavering a bit. He kissed my lips tenderly despite the stern expression on his face and whispered against them, “I won’t hurt you.” He slowly pushed perabet giriş me down while his massive erection pushed all the way in eliciting a long groaning exhale out of both of us. I was overpowered, overwhelmed, needing release and feeling utterly vulnerable. My pussy felt so full that it verged on painful, except it verged on exquisite as well. How could he have fitted it all inside of me? There were subtle but deep emotions underneath his mask and I could feel them. The tenderness was a surprise and caused me to relax and emit an appreciative moan as he began to glide in and out of me.It was a slow fuck at first, his body and my body learning each other. Soon the painful fullness went away and all I felt was full and hungry like I’d never been before. I wanted him, I wanted his cock and I wanted to feel myself cum all over this amazing thing moving in and out of me, I wanted to feel him explode inside of me, I wanted to see if the mask cracked when he came. He was devouring me with his mouth as his cock picked up speed and strength, almost crushing me to his chest. Somehow my increased arousal not only accommodated him, but seemed to make space for him. I was bouncing up and down so hard that I’d hooked my ankles over his knees to gain better purchase for the gloriously hard fucking I was getting. My pussy was gripping him when he left and pressing against him as he entered. He kept shifting the angle just slightly to see what would drive me the maddest and dear got he finally found the perfect angle. Oh my god, fuck yes, was all I could think as I started to cum, and a wail erupted from my mouth only to be swallowed again in his bruising kisses. His breathing was getting ragged and his body was beginning to shiver with anticipation of his own climax. I surprised myself and him with my second and then my third and then my fourth orgasm just as he started to spurt enormous long thick strands of seed deep into my hungry sucking cunt. I could feel my internal muscles trying to funnel it all towards my womb. He felt it too and pulled his mouth away from me with soft deep groans that sounded like they came from his soul as several more spurts made our crotches into a lake. I was whimpering and straining to keep gripping him despite the huge amount of wetness there. When every last bit of sensation was wrung out of us our foreheads rested against each others as we both panted. His arms had changed from a vice grip to a cradle and somehow I had slide my arms up around his neck and was caressing his earlobes and the short hairs on his nape. “Uhm, what if we make a deal…?” I said a bit tentatively. His languid body tensed up for a second and I admit the feeling was a bit delicious. “What would that be?” He asked eyes boring into mine. Man I had some nerve, but why not see what would happen. “You get me and — I get you in exchange.” Surprise, then a slow, sweet, wicked smile spread across his face as he dipped down to nibble at my lower lips. “It’s a deal.”.