supervison chapter 2

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supervison chapter 2After a week or so david came to see Tracey he also had the branch manager Steve with him steve was a few years older than Tracey and david he introduced him to tracey they talked about his roll in the company and other work bussines Then david said to steve do you think it’s time tracey had a special supervisonThe look on tracey face was of shock then steve told Tracey he had to make sure she was following the uniform policy he told her to stand up and show him Tracey slowly did as she was told steve commented to david that he was right she have nice tits steve then told Tracey to stand in front of him Tracey did as she was told to remove her bra steve commented very nice steve then told Tracey to bend over the desk and pull her arse cheeks apart this exposed traceys cunt steve then worked his finger in and out of her cunt he then licked then you were right david this little princess does have a sweet cunt David the told Tracey she now has two daddy’s she needs to good to david started to undress then steve undressed his cock was as long as David’s but thicker steve told Tracey to get on her knees Tracey did as she was told steve stood in front of Tracey what does my little girl want he said I want to suck my daddies big cocks please please daddies can I suck your cocks steve pushed his cock deep into her waiting mouth making her gag but she kept the cock in her mouth with her hand she started ödemiş escort wanking David’s cock steve stood david she was a good little cock sucker Tracey took it in turn to suck and wank each of them Steve then said Tracey had been a very good girl so if she asked nicely she could have his cock inside her wet cunt please daddy steve can you put you cock in my cunt please daddy steve he then laid down and told Tracey to sit on him as she did Tracey felt Steve’s cock slip inside her she started riding up and down his cock steve reached up and started to rub traces tits as they bounced up and down he gave Tracey more encouragement that’s it ride that cock david then put his cock in traceys mouth she sucked away after a few minutes steve got hold of traceys hips forcing her down he let out a cry Tracey felt his cock twitch then she could feel him coming inside her with this david cock started to fill her mouth with hot cum Tracey let out a sigh as she to had an orgasm steve then told Tracey she was a very good girl an would get a new company carA week of so later a package arrived for tracey in the box was a pair of black leather knee high boots a pair of black leather long gloves a black leather bra with cut outs for her tits to fit through also a mask and a black leather whip and a strap on dildo a note in the box said she was to put the are on just before steve and david called for their next visit A week escort ödemiş later tracey got a call from david to say he and steve would be visiting Tracey got changed She saw Steve’s car pull up right next to the outside door to her office david got out and came into traceys office he told Tracey she looked amazing he then told her he and steven needed help with a new princess who was not behaving and was in need of dicaplining Tracey agreed steve brought the woman in she had a long coat on a mask over her face and her hands tied behind her backSteve told the woman her name was bitch until she was more compliant he then untied her hands and told her to take her coat off she slowly took it off revealing black stockings and a black lace corset david told Tracey she could punish her however she saw fit both steve and david sat in chairs stroking their cocks Tracey walked round her saying the bitch has potential she then pulled the bitches tits out of the corset so they were on show Tracey then slapped the across the face you need to be nice to daddies bitch what do you need to do be nice to daddies the woman replied good princess Tracey said steve and david were loving it tracey then kissed the woman their tounges searching each other’s mouths Tracey then told her to open her legs she refused so Tracey slapped her and she opened them Tracey said good girl she then pushed her fingers in out of the woman’s cunt ödemiş escort bayan she could tell it was getting wetter Tracey then licked her fingers tasting themTracey then pushed the woman onto her knees the woman struggled as her hand were tied behind her back open you mouth bitch Tracey told her steven stepped forward he forced his cock deep into the woman’s mouth Tracey held her head by her hair and stared forcing it back and forth on to Steve’s cock occasionally making her gag david came over and stood at the other side of the woman Tracey pulled the woman’s head of Steve’s cock and pushed it onto David’s cock Tracey then alternated between both steven and david for a few minutes she then pulled the woman to her feet and bent her over the desk Tracey opened the woman’s legs and started to finger her cunt after a minute or two Tracey told david to fuck the woman tracey held the woman’s cunt open then david pushed his cock deep in the woman’s cunt Tracey then laid down in front of the woman and told her to lick her cunt Tracey then told steve to put his cock in her own mouth so she could suck his cock after a few minutes steve and david changed places Tracey could taste the woman’s cunt on David’s cock Tracey then told the woman to beg to be fucked the woman stared tell steve to fuck her harder deeper steve then grabbed tracey of the desk And bent her over it and pushed his cock into traceys wet cunt and started fucking her Tracey and the woman started kissing each other after a few minutes both men started comming inside the woman’s cunts steve told the woman to 69 each other and lick their cunts clean both woman did as the were told