Suducing Ryan

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Suducing RyanI realized that I liked boys at an early age playing house with my neighbor friend I always pretended to be his wife and I believe I may of even kissed him at one point. As I got older I would wear my older sisters panties and skirts when no one was home and dance around the house. It wasn’t until my junior year in highschool I had my first gay sexual experience and loved it even know I was extremely inexperienced.Now I’m nineteen and very experienced but still very much in the closet when one afternoon I went to my friend Ryan’s house, I have always have had a thing for him and had many fantasies about sucking his cock and having him fuck the hell out of me but he was straight and had a girlfriend. I got to his house knocked on the door nobody answered I opened the door hollered for him knowing he was home I proceeded to his room, I noticed his door was slightly open and I could see him standing by his mirror wearing his underwear and a t-shirt taking pictures of himself I watched him for a few minutes getting worked up. I finally walked in and asked what the hell he was doing he was extremely embarrassed and then told me they were for his girlfriend I shrugged my shoulders and said oh that’s cool she yozgat escort should like those but you should tease her a little more. He asked me what I meant I took the camera from him told him to take off his shirt and God did he have a rock hard six pack I took a deep breath took a few pictures telling him how hot he looked and she was gonna love them I then told him to give her a little more. He said like what I smiled at him reached over to his underwear and pulled the front down a bit exposing his pubic hair and just a little bit of his cock again I had to take a few more deep breaths I took a few more pictures he then asked if he should pull his cock out and send her some cock shots I said sure so he pulled out his enormous cock as I took more pictures I said I bet she loves sucking that huh. He kinda smerked and said no she hates it she says it’s to big I replied back saying wow that’s to bad I hope she enjoys you fucking her he told me not really it hurts her to much, I then said that sucks why do you even want to send her pictures if she doesn’t enjoy it. He said he wasn’t really sure I guess hoping to spice things up I laughed and said you need to get rid of her and find someone who will enjoy escort yozgat that big cock he laughed back and said your probably right but who. I then reached out and grabbed his cock and said me he stood there stunned and said I’m not gay what the fuck still holding his cock I said it’s ok just relax as I started stroking it he stood there with his eyes closed I then said that’s it just relax as I felt him start getting aroused I then got on my knees looked up at him and asked if I could suck his cock he said yes I then wrapped my lips around it and began sucking it he stood there moaning louder and louder then telling me how great it felt I eventually had every inch of his cock down my throat after about 20 minutes or so of sucking his cock I stood up he said God that was great I smiled the we kissed as we kissed I was rubbing his balls and stroking his cock keeping it nice and hard I then whispered in his ear and asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He said can I and I said oh yeah baby I want every inch of that cock buried deep in my ass. I took off my clothes as he went to the bathroom and got some baby oil asking me if that was okay to use I said yes I crawled on the bed spreading my ass cheeks apart yozgat escort bayan he then squirted the baby oil all over my ass and his cock he then came up from behind started rubbing his cock up and down the crack of my ass. I moaned at him telling him to give it to me stick your big cock in my ass, he then slowly inserted it I let out a load moan and sigh as he slid that monster cock deep inside me he then proceeded to fuck the living daylights out of me it felt so fucking good after awhile of him pounding my ass he said he was about to cum I said ohh yeah baby cum in my ass let me feel your hot cum explode in me. A few seconds later he stopped fucking me still balls deep in my ass he shot his load of cum inside me as he pulled out his cock cum was dripping out my gapping hole I grabbed my ass cheeks spreading them apart as I pushed out his cum giving him an awesome creampie. He then said how hot that looked and then asked if he could fuck me alttle longer I said fuck yeah and he started fucking me again as he was fucking me I was jacking off I told him I was cumming and he fucked me even harder I then shot my load he pulled out I stood up told him that was fucking awesome he agreed we both got in the shower cleaned off got dressed and I went home. He called me that night telling me he couldn’t believe what happened and couldn’t what for it to happen again needless to say we became boyfriends and dated for a few years still having amazing sex.