Sucking Uncles DICK at the Drive in

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Sucking Uncles DICK at the Drive inWhen I was young, most everybody went to drive in movies in their cars. I loved going and you could get in for just a dollar and lots of couples would go to make out, etc. I was too young to drive and after making many trips with my parents there, one day, my uncle Bill was at the house and wanted to see some movie that was playing at a local drive-in. He started to leave but had to make a call to his girlfriend who then told him she couldn’t go, so he asked me if I wanted to go with him. I asked my parents and they said it was fine and my dad gave me a dollar to buy pop corn and stuff during the movie.We went to see it and it was almost dark and we parked almost to the back row and I went to the concession stand with him to get some cokes and pop corn. We came back to his car and started watching the movie. It was a weird movie and all of a sudden, the women in it were exposing their tits! I had never seen a movie with naked people before and when that came on the screen, my uncle told me not to tell my parents about that part. I giggled and told him I wouldn’t and I kept eating my pop corn and candy. The movie kept playing and I looked over at my uncle in the dark and I saw him with his hand in his lap, kind of rubbing himself between the legs, I pretended not to notice, but he kept doing it and I saw this bulge in his pants and I wasn’t stupid and I knew it was his dick getting least that’s what I thought anyway. I looked up to his face and he was staring at me and I quickly glanced away from him and back to the movie screen. I was ashamed actually and hoped he hadn’t noticed me looking.A few more minutes passed and I quickly glanced back at him and this time, I actually saw his penis! It was sticking out of his pants and really big too. The light was dark but yes, it was his penis for sure. I looked back at the movie again and I felt this strange, weird feeling come over me of wanting to look, but being afraid to do so. I pretended not to notice but he did what I never expected. He reached over to me and took my arm, just above my wrist and pulled it over to his lap. I was scared to death when he did it but I let it happen and he placed my hand on his cock.I felt myself get all red in the face and I didn’t know what I should do if anything, so I just stared at the screen like nothing happened at all. I could feel it in my hand and it was hard and seemed very warm to me. I had never touched a man like this and it really scared me and I had no idea what was happening. I was just letting it happen and it seemed like I was suppose to do something so I grabbed it a little tighter and could feel him shift his weight a little and I thought that he was going to say something, but he didn’t. I just kept looking at the movie but all I could think of was that I was holding my uncles hard dick in my hand.I wanted to pull away from him but I didn’t and then, without saying a word, he took my hand and moved it up and down so I guess that’s what he wanted me to do. I started stroking it like he showed me and I glanced over at him quickly, I looked down at my hand on his cock and it was huge by now. He whispered something I couldn’t understand and I saw him close his eyes and lean back in his car seat. I sinop escort was mesmerized by his cock by now and I kept stroking it up and down and he whispered to me that I was a good little girl and that it felt good to him.I did that for a couple minutes and suddenly, he started a muffled kind of groan and this white stuff shot out and went all over my hand. I jerked away from him and he took my hand and told me it was ok to keep doing it so I did and it was all squishy and slippery now. He then looked over at me and said thank you and that what I did was what most of the people in the drive-in do in their cars. I thought he was really full of shit about that but it was exciting and even though my hand was a mess, I put it in my lap and he handed me a paper towel or napkin and I cleaned it off.It was still all over his dick and it kind of made it shiny in the dim light. He asked me if I would like to put my mouth on it and I said no. He said that all girls do that and I should try to do it too. I was scared but leaned over and put it to my lips some. I could feel the wet on them and he put his hand on my head and told me to go ahead and open my mouth. I parted my lips and he pushed my face down and I now had his wet penis in my mouth, just the head part was in it though and the taste was strange to me. He told me to use my tongue and to run it all over the tip and to suck it like a lollipop.I did it and felt more come out from his pee hole and he said that I should suck all I can out and to swallow it. I did as told and then I raised my face back up and I had some on my cheek and chin. He handed me another napkin and I wiped it off and he threw the napkin out the window. I was a little in shock having done that but it was strangely naughty and fun. He sat back against his seat and we watched the movie some more, like nothing had happened at all.I ate my pop corn, fully aware of what I had done and felt a mix of shame and excitement at the same time. Then, I worried about him telling someone and I would get into trouble. We finished the movie and went home and my Uncle dropped me off and he just told me that he had a good time and that we should do it again soon. I smiled at him and told him thank you for letting me go with him and I went into the house. My parents were watching TV in the living room and asked me if I had a good time. I told them I did but secretly, I was a little freaked out at what I had done. I went to my bed room and changed into my little shorts and a tank top that I sleep in and and told them I was going to bed now. Mom kissed me good night and I went to my bed and couldn’t keep my mind off of what I had done. Fear was the worst part, thinking he would blab that I was a slut or something but I felt a little horny I guess you would call it and I reached under my panties and rubbed my clit a little bit. I had fantasized about having sex but of course never had, but this was my first time doing what I had done and it turned me on thinking about it.I fell asleep and when I woke up that Saturday morning, mom fed me breakfast and after that, I took my bike out of the garage and was going to ride to a girlfriends house who lived two streets over from us. One the way there, my uncle passed me in his car and I stopped escort sinop and he turned around and drove back to where I was parked. He asked if I needed a ride and since he was in his truck, I could put my bike in the back and ride up front. I knew better than to say yes, but I agreed and he got out and put my bike back in the truck and I got in the seat next to him. I told him where my friend lived but he asked if I would like to come over to his house real quick so he could pick up some tools.I said it was ok, even though I had some misgivings about doing it. We were about 3 miles from his house and I thought he would just run inside and come back out, but he told me to get out and to come inside for a little while. I followed him in and no sooner than a minute, he had turned on his TV and on the screen was some naked people having sex. I watched it a few minutes and they did some things I had never seen. I had an idea that he wanted me to see this and I sat down and waited for him to come out of the garage with his tools and we could leave. Instead though, he walked through the door and asked me if I had enjoyed doing what we did at the drive-in movie.I told him yes and that may have not been the right answer though. He sat down next to me and reached over my shoulder and put his hand down my shirt and I felt him touch my left nipple. I knew I was turning red but I didn’t know what to do. He kind of pinched it some and then rolled his finger around it a little. It did feel good actually, but I was so nervous I was almost shaking. He told me to lean back and that he wanted to show me something cool.I leaned back in the sofa and he took his hand and put it under my shirt again and felt up both my tits some and then he told me to take my top off.I pulled it up and off and he started kissing my breasts and nipples. I closed my eyes and let him do it and I felt a tingle in my pussy that I had never felt before. He did this about a minute and then told me to take my shorts and panties off. I was now afraid not to, but at the same time, excited about it. I pulled them off without even getting off the sofa and I was now totally naked in front of him. He said I had a beautiful little body and had me lay back on the sofa, I closed my eyes again and let him touch me between the legs and when he touched my clit, I jumped a little but he told me that it was ok and that I would like what men do to girls.He put his finger on it and rolled it around some and even put it in me just a little bit.It felt really special and for some reason, I liked it a lot. He then did something really scary to me though. He put his mouth over my pussy and I felt his tongue lick all around me and even down to my butt hole. I kept my eyes closed tight, not wanting to see what he was doing. He licked me all over down there and then I felt his finger go inside me a lot. It hurt a little but felt so good I didn’t care really. He did this a while, moving it in out out and then he sucked my pussy some more. He raised up and I opened my eyes and his penis was sticking out of his pants. He moved over to me and had me sit up and he sat next to me and told me to hold it like I had done at the movie.I grabbed it and moved my hand up and down and then he told me to put sinop escort bayan my mouth on it, just like I had done before. I did it, knowing what would happen if I did it long enough and just as I thought, he came in my mouth and all over my face some. I swallowed like before and he even had me lick it off his penis and balls this time. I raised up, still a little nervous, and he pulled his pants off and I saw him naked now. He took my hand and we went to his bedroom and he had me lay on my tummy and he said that I was too young to fuck like a girlfriend but there was something fun we could do. I asked what and he opened a drawer next to his bed and had this thing that was shaped kind of like a little pear. It was red with a weird shape and he said is was called a plug. He said girls use it to learn how to have sex with men.He took something else out and squirted it all over that thing and then rubbed some on and in my butt hole. He put a pillow under my waist and told me to just relax. I felt him push it in my butt and it hurt and I reached back to stop him but he kept going and after some pain, I felt it go inside my butt hole and it got better. He told me to stand up and to walk around his house some with that in me. I started walking and he took some pictures of me doing it, bending over and other things like spreading my legs and opening my pussy some. He had me call my mom and tell her I was at my friends house and would be home in about an hour. She said it was ok and the weird part of that call was that I was naked, with her brother, and had this thing in my butt hole at the same time..LOL Anyway, he told me to go to the bathroom and to stand in the tub. I followed him in there and he told me to bend over and when I did, he pulled it out of me and spread my ass cheeks apart and looked my butt. He then took the spray nozzle thing he had on the water faucet in the tub and turned it on and he shot water up inside my butt a few times and then dried me off. That felt really different with water shot inside me but I kind of liked it and thought it was really naughty. He took me back to his bed and had me lay on my tummy again and that’s when he put his penis in my butt.That really hurt and I almost cried, but he held me down and forced it inside me. It got better after a minute and he moved up and down really fast and I could feel his penis way up inside of me. He grunted a few times and then relaxed and pulled out and then told me to stay still. I heard his camera and saw the flash and knew he was taking more pix of my now fucked butt hole. He got up and so did I, holding my sore butt and hoping I wouldn’t die or something..LOLHe told me to get dressed and he would take me too my girlfriends house and I could ride my bike home from there. We got dressed and he told me to never tell we would get in trouble and that when I was ready, he wanted to be the first to fuck my pussy too. He took me back and when I saw my girlfriend, I told her what he did. She was amazed I had done it but she never told either and it was our girlfriends secret! I even showed her my butt hole, hoping it wasn’t fucked up or something. I had no one else to ask!I did go back to my uncles house many times after that and yes, he was the first to fuck my pussy and he even fucked my girlfriend but all that happened later and it’s another story entirely! He is the one that turned me into a slut I think because now, I can’t ever seem to get enough sex and I’m addicted to anal sex the most I think!