Stormy night, juicy night – Part 1

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Stormy night, juicy night – Part 1“So you can’t come back home tonight? … Of course, with a storm like that, it would be too dangerous… You’ll call tomorrow morning? Ok. Take care, good night and don’t do anything stupid, boys.”Lucy hung up the phone, then turned to face a worried Chloe.“They’re okay, but the storm is keeping them from coming back tonight. They have a friend in town who can lend them a room, so no worries about that.- Are you sure they’re gonna be okay. I mean, I know they’re not k**s, but…- Tutututututu, don’t think about it. They will be ok. They said they’ll call tomorrow morning, so wait until then. Come, let’s watch a movie!- Ok…”Before we go any further, let me introduce those two girls to you. Lucy is what you would call a petite girl, without the skinny part. A-cup breasts (economies on bras!), a flat stomach and a cute little ass she likes to show by arching her back. She has long black hair covering all her back to her ass, deep blue eyes, a little nose and a little mouth with tasty looking lips. Her tongue though is long enough for her to touch her nose with, and got her the reputation of being a great kisser. Chloe is a little bit taller than Lucy. Her breasts, although they might not be huge, are big enough to be shown and she never hesitates to; her ass is big and round. She has a pretty face with long blond hair (but not as long as Lucy’s), hazel eyes, a cute little nose and a mouth with pulpy lips.Being alone for the night, the girls decided to only wear their pyjamas. Without any underwear of course. They watched a romantic comedy with Julia Roberts (like she does other types of movies), but spent most time just mocking the actress.“It was a good time. But I’m feeling sleepy now, so I guess it’s time for me to go to sleep. Good night Lucy.- Wait Chloe. I’d like to talk to you about something.- Sure.- So, how long have adana escort bayan you been dating my brother?- It’ll be five year in September. Why?- And he still hasn’t proposed to you?- No. But we never talked about marriage. And, well, I don’t think I’m ready to be a wife.- Really… Or is it that you won’t marry someone you’re not in love with.- What are you talking about, Lucy? Of course I love him; I would have broken up if I didn’t.- Maybe you still haven’t broken up with him because you wouldn’t be able to see a certain someone if you did.- Are you crazy? Do you realize what you’re saying? I told you you shouldn’t drink that much wine, now you’re trying to break our friendship.- I’m not drunk Chloe. No, actually, I think my mind has never been this clear. You don’t break up with him because you want to keep seeing me. You want me. Don’t try to deny it, I saw the way you look at me, and I know you like girls as much as you like boys.”As she was talking, Lucy put Chloe against the wall, putting her arms upon her head and keeping them here with one hand. With her other hand, she slowly started to rub Chloe’s breasts through her pyjama.“I know you want me. My body, my heart, my soul; everything. I’ve been feeling your eyes on me all night long, even though my body is not as great as yours.- You’re playing with, aren’t you?- Of course I’m playing with you. But I’m not k**ding. I know you want me, and I am offering myself to you.”Her hands went down to Chloe’s pussy, going inside the pyjama. In the meantime, Lucy put her mouth close to her ear.“You’re already moist.” Lucy whispered. “Did you think about me during the movie? Did you imagine that I would take advantage of you while the boys are absents? Are did you imagine the opposite?- …- I guess you imagined that I would make a move. Well, here I am. So say it. Say that you want me to please adana escort you. Say that you want me to bring you to orgasm. Say that you want me to fuck you.” She bit Chloe’s lobe.“I don’t want…- Come on, be honest with yourself. We’re alone for the night, so nobody’s gonna know. You’re dying to do it. Say: fuck me.- I said I don’t want to…- Stop lying. I can feel your pussy throbbing in my hand. Your clit already started to swollen, and I’m sure there are juices running down you legs. Just say it. Say: fuck me Lucy, and I’ll do it. I’ll fuck you all night long. I’ll leave you breathless in the morning. Say it. Say it, and finally be honest with yourself… I want to fuck you Chloe…- …- Say it…- … Fuck me Lucy. Please…- Good girl.”Lucy left her hands and, without a hesitation, went on her knees and put down Chloe’s pyjama bottoms, revealing her soaked pussy. She immediately put her mouth on it and her tongue in it, licking her in places she never imagined could be licked while sucking on her lips. It didn’t take long before Chloe started moaning. When she tried to put her hand Lucy’s head to caress her hair, the dark haired took them and put them against the wall.When the moaning became louder, Lucy stopped licking Chloe’s inside and started to play with her completely swollen clit. She sucked on it, made her tongue swirl on it, kissed it, thus driving the blond girl crazy. And when the orgasm finally came, she stopped everything.“What are you doing?! I was about to cum!”Lucy was standing now, looking her friend in the eyes.“You’ve been a bad girl Chloe, not being honest with yourself. And bad girls shall be punished. On your knees. Now!”Chloe was shocked. Yet, she couldn’t disobey Lucy. She went on her knees while Lucy undressed herself, revealing a pussy even wetter than Chloe’s. Without a word, she took her head in her hands and put it on her pussy, escort adana demanding to be the first one to have an orgasm. Chloe put her hands on Lucy’s ass and started to lick her pussy, using the moans to know if she was doing a good job. She was licking it up and down, went a little bit inside but mainly played with her lips as she seemed to love it. The moans were becoming louder as the orgasm drew near, and when she felt Lucy was almost there, she started sucking on her clit. Immediately, the moans became screams as she was cuming, crushing Chloe’s head on her pussy to be sure she wouldn’t stop. Then, when she stopped screaming, she let her go.“Come here”. Heavily breathing, Lucy helped Chloe stand up and then kissed her. Her reputation of being a great kisser wasn’t overrated. Her tongue was going crazy around Chloe’s, making her feel like never before. When Lucy stopped the kissing, she was smiling. “You’ve been a good girl Chloe. And good girls shall be rewarded. But first, let me see those tits of yours.” She took her top off and then went back a little, admiring Chloe’s breasts and caressing them. “What about my reward?” asked the blond girl. Lucy smiled again and went back on her knees.She directly attacked her clit, sucking it even harder than before. Still aroused from the first licking, Chloe went straight from little moans to little screams, letting Lucy know the orgasm was near. But this time, she didn’t stop. Chloe quickly climaxed, crushing her breasts in her hands while Lucy kept on sucking her clit as hard as she could. Even after the orgasm was gone she kept on sucking, making her friend’s body shake with pleasure. “Lucy… Lucy, I’m gonna cum again…” And she did. She came again in Lucy’s mouth, exploding in an even harder orgasm.After that, her legs weren’t able to keep her standing anymore, so she slide along the wall, ending in Lucy’s arms. Then they kissed again, sitting on the floor, cuddling each other.“Thank you Lucy, it was great.- What do you mean “it was”? We’re not done yet you know.- Not done yet?- The night is still young, and we’re all alone.”