Son & his friend have a nice weekend-1

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Son & his friend have a nice weekend-1Nancy put her palms on face as feeling shy as my son Rohan have had a nice plans for weekends as my hubby Vivek is busy in his business,I am busy in my extramarital affairs as my figure is bit voluminous as flat tummy have got some extra fleshes with my buttocks in a great shape but it’s a heavy one .so as I am a lady of 38 years ,my son Rohan is in his teens as his tall figure with strong arms to wide chest are too attractive and his best friend Rahul is a handsome guy as my son got the knowledge of my illicit affair with his friend rahul.One morning as I was having tea as Rohan joined me in balcony and he than asked maid “prepare a cup of coffee for me(Nancy) so Rohan ,now two days of rest and holiday for you from tomorrow ,isn’t it ?(Rohan) no my mom ,it will be a busy weekend as I have got permission for a three days trip to Chandigarh(Me) Oh I see !got permission from dad but haven’t asked me for it(Rohan) oh that’s great but have you asked me for physical relations with Rahul(I am shocked)Rohan ,how you come to know about it(Rohan) actually I have installed a video camera in your room and dining space(Nancy too shy)oh than will show your mom’s porn videos to friends(Rohan)I was joking ,so listen my plans(Nancy)sure after a long time ,your sexual desires have started rising for me(Rohan)today evening ,we three will start our roadtrip for Chandigarh and than there we will stay in a resort as our three nights will be a romantic one(Nancy)means your dad will join us(Rohan)no sexy mom ,it’s your new love Rahul.”And I put my palms on face as I am too shy but than I thought to put everything in place and arrange luggage for couple of days as I took out a large trolly bag and picked three sets of my leggings and Kurtis,a deep green coloured lehenga with choli and a jeans with short as I put it in bag ,I took two sexy lingerie ordu escort for romantic night and after a while ,Rohan is there as he hold me from behind and kisses my neck to face ,so I asked“go and select your clothes and put it in this bag(Rohan starts pressing my breast)sure ,we have to leave at 03:00 pm as it will take 5 hours to reach there .”And his hard palm made my soft boobs too hot as inside my night wear there is no brasserie on he walked away as I moved inside washroom with my bathrobes and there I removed my dress as I am feeling too sexy with upcoming plans for weekends and both guys are known for their physical strength with cocks having little as I sit nude under cascade on my legs ,water starts flowing on my body and as I am rubbing my boobs to legs ,my eyes are closed and sudden my ears oheard sounds of door opening as it’s not my eyes are on Rohan’s face but as soon it goes down my mind starts thinking of foreplay as his long thick penis is nude with little erection ,so he hold me in his arms as his lips are kissing my soft neck to face and feeling touch of him after couple of months as both have enjoyed 3 days with my hubby also joining us (read previous story “mom & son came closer in a weekend trip” & it’s part) in our as I am pressing my boobs hard on his chest,our bodies get wet and soon , Rohan put cascade on hold as he hold a bottle of body both have it in our palms as I starts rubbing it on son’s chest to tummy and waist ,while he is putting it on my soft boobs to waist and as I turned back ,he made my upper parts of body (front & back) too foamy ,so I hold my son’s cock but he is too aggressive and as I turned straight ,he knelt down as my legs are bit Rohan hold my one thigh as he put it in air but feeling too horny ,I just put my toes on wall as my waist have been hold hard escort ordu ,my vagina is looking for his love and now looking at me ,Rohan kissed my vagina as it’s a wider hole but you can’t access it’s hole till you make labias as my one toe is on wall , feeling too imbalance ,son have hold me tight and his crossed fingers widened it’s hole as his long tongue is licking my cunt fast like a stray dog and feeling too hot“uh oh um son please don’t make me hot till we reach our destination” but he is licking my clitoris hard as I am breathing faster and my eyes get closed as my legs are shivering “uh ah oh um Rohan ,it’s in fire”and as I put my leg on ground ,he just took both labias in between his lips and starts sucking it wildly ,so getting aroused with my son Rohan is my dream for now and as he is rubbing my round dome shaped buttocks ,I just tried to hold it but of no use as I screams loud “please leave my cunt or get my pee in your mouth” but he is a deaf and dumb lover as my vagina starts urinating in his mouth ,for a while he drunk it but soon left my cunt and put lot of waters in his mouth to change it’s Nancy is too aroused as Rohan stands Infront of me but he have already rubbed my thighs to cunt with shampoo and Nancy is well covered in I hold the bottle as I sits on my legs and as Rohan turned back ,his ass is making me hot and my lips are kissing it as my fingers are moving in ass cracks and than I put body shampoo on his back as I rubbed his butts to legs and Rohan is looking for fuck as my mouth starts watering while eyeing at son’s long erected cock and it’s 11:00 am as a nice fuck , lunch and rest is in my card.So I turned my son as I starts using gels on his thighs to legs but his 7-8 inches long and 2 inches thick cock have been put clean as I hold it .so Nancy is too sexy as she removed it’s skin and swallows his 2/3 ordu escort bayan rd cock in mouth as glans have touched my throat ,no space for more inside mouth as my face is up on his cock while it bends as I hold his waist and starts spinning my head fast ,he is gently rubbing my hairs and my mouth is getting his cock as it’s becoming harder ,so it’s my addiction for cocks as I love blowjob the most and “bigger is better”is just a myth for me as I loves to get guys cock for longer span of time in my mouth or holes.So as Rohan is in fire “uh ah mom ,I think a fuck is essential now”and his wet reddish penis is getting licked as I stand Infront of him but put gels on his cock also. so Rohan opened the cascade as we both are having bath and as our bodies are washed and cleaned ,both moved out of washroom to my bedroom as I starts rubbing my wet body with a towel and Rohan is in hurry to fuck me. so he bend me on ground as my palms are on walls,like a four legged wild a****l ,Nancy have widened her legs and than Rohan rubbed his wet body as he hold his penis and shoved it inside ,it’s his hard cock that have made me his slave and as his penis starts running inside hole ,I am now feeling on top .so looking back ,I starts moving my butts as my waist is shaky and he is pounding my vagina with great speed as I am screaming in pleasure “uh ah go hard ,uh um don’t reduce your speed oh it’s too pleasurable”and his hand have hold my saggy boobs as he is enjoying his penis in her mom’s cunt .so after 5 minutes of fuck ,my cunt is now hot and dry as I starts swinging my butts fast and he is giving me a hard fuck “uh ah oh sexy ,in Chandigarh we both will make you a slut lady and you will get double penetrations always (Nancy)nice ,love to enjoy both holes getting fucked at a time.”And than my son starts fucking me with more speed as his penis have last laugh in my hole ,so lot of fluids get inside as I am feeling my cunt sticky and bit exhausted ,Rohan laid on bed as I moved towards washroom to wash my vagina…..our journey to Chandigarh will start ..wait for it …\tbc………………………….