Something New!

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Something New!Back in the early nineties I was about thirty-four or thirty-five. Jennifer would have been about twenty-seven or twenty-eight. The company I worked for sent me to Houston for some training and meetings. Jennifer went with me for a little mini vacation. Most of my days would be short so we could enjoy ourselves around the city.Mid-week I got off about noon and when I arrived at the hotel Jenn had just finished getting dressed and looked very beautiful and sexy as usual. Tight blue jeans and nice blouse that really accented her wonderful assets. I asked what she would like to do, and she said she really didn’t know. I suggested we go across the street to a really nice bar and have a drink and discuss it. She said great Idea. When we went in it took a few minutes for our eyes to adjust to the darkness from the bright outside. We sat down in a booth next to each other and ordered our beverages. As we talked, I noticed the people around the bar were all professionals making deals, visiting and having lunch. I noticed a black guy probably about forty sitting at the bar sipping a drink. I watched him for a while. Jenn and I had discussed how hot it would be for her to be with a black man. I noticed that he was not visiting with anyone. And I asked Jenn if she trusted me? She replied “completely, you know that”. I motioned for the waitress to come over and asked her to bring a drink to the man at the bar. Jenn looked over and saw him then looked at me. As the bar tender served him, I moved over to the seat across from us in the booth. He turned and looked over and then got up and started over. He said Thank You for the drink and would he like to join us as I motioned for him to sit next to Jennifer. As he sat next to her we introduced ourselves. His name was Robert. He told us he was from St. Louis and was down for a convention. We talked for a while and had a few drinks. I noticed when he talked to Jenn his eyes were looking at her tits. Hell, so were mine. I took it about myself and said,” samsun escort Jennifer and I have had a fantasy about seeing her have sex with a black man. Would you be interested?” He quickly said, “he would”! We finished our drinks and went up to the suite we had. Jennifer kicked off her boots and sat at the end of the bed and I sat at the desk in a chair. She motioned for Robert to come over when he walked up in front of her. She undid his belt and zipper and his pants dropped down to his ankles. Jenn reached up to free his cock from his underwear and it was almost humorous as his cock sprang free and Jenn had to move back to keep from it hitting her. Face. He did have a huge cock and Jennifer quickly went to work licking it and trying her best to swallow it. She looked so beautiful as she sucked and stroked his hard-thick black cock in her white mouth. I knew she was so wet and wish I could touch but this was for her. He unbuttoned and removed his shirt. He stood back and stepped out of his pants and underwear. He undid Jenn’s blouse and took her bra off. She looked so beautiful as he caressed and sucked her nipples. He then pulled her up and undid her pants and she slid out of them, so both were standing there naked. He sat her down in front of each other. He put his cock back in her mouth and she continued to suck him as he held her head and began stroking back and forth in her mouth as he would push deeper, she would start to choke and he would pull back and then push forward again. It was so hot watching my wife suck his cock. He not only was long it was thick and filled her mouth completely. He then laid her back on the bed and reached down and touched her wet pussy. She was soaking as he slid his long black finger inside of her. She moaned with pleasure as her worked it back and forth and then pulled it out but rubbed her clit as he did. He then moved into position to take her. With just he tip of his hard cock at the entrance into her, he said, “are you both sure you want to do this”? escort samsun I knew Jennifer’s answer already and I wanted to watch my wife fuck a black cock. I just didn’t expect we would find a perfect big cock like that the first time. Jennifer answered by pushing herself to his cock and letting it start into her. I got down so I could see him enter her beautiful little pussy. It was so big as he entered her, and she cried out with pleasure. He slowly pushed it into her. Her eyes were closed as he started fucking her. She couldn’t move as he controlled the rhythm and the fuck. She was gasping and panting as he fucked my beautiful little wife. He kept teller her, “it’s okay you can take it all that’s right fuck me you little whore. You’re a nasty little slut and love to preform for your husband don’t you”? Jennifer said, “Yes, Yes I’m his little slut and love to fuck”! “Yes, you do, and you do it well too”! Jennifer came hard releasing her juices on our bed, and his cock. “Fuck Yes” he said when she came on him again. “You’re really are a nasty little bitch. Fuck this black cock you slut”! Jennifer started having orgasm after orgasm until he said, “roll over bitch, you’re no little innocent white girl, you’re a full-grown little slut and now I’m going to fuck you like a bitch’! He grabbed her hips and pulled her onto his cock. “That’s it bitch! I’m going to destroy that white little cunt now”! Until then Jennifer had just been had just been moaning and gasping and nodding her head, now she cried out, “oh yes, Fuck Me, take my cunt, Fuck ME”!! He obliged and then said, “here’s your reward bitch” and slammed his cock hard and deep into her and began cumming! Jenn cried out, “Yes, Yes, give me that black seed”! When he finished cumming, he slowly pulled out and his thick seed began to flow from her he took some of it on his finger and put it to her mouth. She swallowed his finger cleaning his cum from it. He said, “Mike come over here and fuck your little slut now”! He reached down one more samsun escort bayan time and got some more of his cum on his finger saying “Mike fuck her cunt now, fuck her in my seed and feel how hot her cunt is. Feel how that bitch is opened up! That’s it fuck her”! He then took his finger and put it in her mouth, he then took it out and pushed my head to her and said, “Kiss her and share my cum”!I kissed Jennifer deep with our tongues intertwining in her mouth and then I felt my wonderful wife cum on me. I love the way she cums she flooded the bed. Fuck it felt so good as we fucked. Robert moved my head and put his cock back in her mouth and told her to, ‘suck it”! After a few minutes he pulled his cock from her mouth and told me to kiss her again. As I did, she came hard and I could no longer hold back and came with her. I felt her pull me close as we both came and kissed. She then looked into my eyes and told me she loved me. I got up and Robert said, “thanks for lubricating that pussy for me”! He got on top my wife. His six-foot four frame on my little five-foot four wife. This time he didn’t go slow he trust his cock in her hard and said” fuck me bitch”! Jennifer put her legs in the air, and he pounded her deep and hard! Jennifer grabbed his shoulders and dug her nails into him as he continued to fuck her hard!! After she came again a few times he said, “I’m going to bust my black nut inside of you”! After he shot another load of cum into my wife’s pussy and pulled out, he told her to push it out and then put his cock in her mouth and said clean it. As I watched them, I watched the cum flowing from my wife. It was so fucking exciting. He then got dressed and told us we were a couple of great k**s and he loved it! After he left Jennifer and I talked, and she told me she had never been fucked like that and that she loved me. I smiled and kissed her and told her how beautiful she was and that I loved her. She said she would suck me or jerk me off, but her pussy was so soar she couldn’t fuck me right now. I told her it’s okay, and we showered and went to dinner and had a wonderful time. As we went to bed that night, she smiled at me and said, “Can we Please do that again”? I kissed her and said yes, but maybe two guys the next time.