Something About Pinay Mary Chapter 3

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Something About Pinay Mary Chapter 3I had been fucking Pinay Mary for a few months and the more I fucked her the more she wanted it and the wilder she got. It seems when a Pinay at any age starts getting dicked good it messes with their sex drive and Pinay Mary was in sexual overdrive it seems with a desire for more. I must admit it was fun getting daily text pictures of her shaving her pussy or fucking her self with dildos. One picture had a large red “rabbit” type slammed all the way in her fuck box and a smaller blue one buried in her asshole. Every car ride was a blow job and would end with me fucking her face and telling her what a dirty cum slut she was. Sometimes I would shoot my load down her throat or on her face. Other times I would pull over and she would pull off her shorts and I would fuck her in a parking lot. She love fucking in the woods or the beach anywhere outdoors. So one night she announced that her favorite niece was coming for a stay for about two weeks. I figured that with a guest and a small apartment this would slow down the Pinay Pussy Plowing Express. For a little while it did, but she always found reasons to “run to the store” with me or go someplace uninteresting. This was just a ruse for me to fuck her brains out in the car or woods. Numerous times we came back to the apartment with cum running from her leaking pussy down her leg. The Niece did not seem to notice until one day I was to meet Pinay Mary at her place after work and saw that the door was partily open. Moving inside I heard faint moans from upstairs. Slowly I crept up the stairs and looked into the bedroom. No one was there, so I turned to look in the other room to see through a cracked door the Niece getting fucked by Pinay Mary’s college aged son. It was kind of fun since I had previously seen him spying on us when we were fucking. To be a dick I would put on a show by fucking his mother hard or spreading her ass checks and slapping her ass while fucking her doggy style. They were is a missionary position and did not notice me. I have to give to the young man he pounded his cousin really good and while I did not understand some of the words in their tongue I knew the words “Fuck Me” quite well as well as the universal sound of moaning. He got off her and she got up on all fours and he started fucking her cunt doggie style. Every once and a while he would give her ass a whack to her delight. He even pulled it out and ran his cock head across her little brown hole which made her quiver. After a few more minutes they switched position again with him on the bed and her riding reverse cowboy. It was then I let myself be known to her since he was in bliss with his eyes closed. She saw me standing there yalova escort with my hard cock out stroking and she smiled and licked her lips. I knew she wanted me to join in but this was his time not mine so I continued watching. In English she told him to fuck her tight pussy while she rides. As soon as she said that he went over the edge and started bucking wildly cumming in his cousins hairy twat. She kept riding and soon was rubbing her clit while watching me stroke still licking her lips. While he was shooting his load she stated to cum herself and soon they were a pile with his cock still in her. After a bit she got off with cum leaking out of her fuck hole and laid done next to him. This was my cue to leave and close the door. I went down stairs and waited for Pinay Mary to return. A couple of minutes the naughty cousins came down stairs and we greeted each other like nothing happened. She said she was taking and nap and he was working on his work for school. After a few minutes he announced that he was working that night and went upstairs to change. The Neice and I continued chatting and soon he return and said good bye. Once he drove off she opened up. It seems it had been a long time since she had fucked and it sort of happened. I said it is okay by me and I won’t tell her Aunt. She was grateful and ask what she could do to repay me. I laughed and said I will think of a few things but first she need to get on her knees and open her slutty mouth. Like a good Pinay she did and I stuck my cock into her mouth until she gagged. “We will have to work on that won’t Slut”, I questioned to which she nodded yes. I pumped her mouth for a while and then let her up. “God, your cock is so big, how does Aunty take all that”, she exclaimed. “She takes in her slut Pinay mouth, bald pussy, and tight asshole quite well”, I replied while putting my hard on away. I then went on to tell her to go to bed early in the other room and I will fuck her Aunt when she gets home and if she wants to see me work her up I will start to do it after dinner. “Yes, I would like to see that very much, she has told me a lot about how you fuck her and make her cum and do many naughty things”, she stated.. “Yes, she is my dirty Pinay slut and you will be too at some point”, I said sternly. She just whimpered and moaned an unintelligible yes. I told her to go upstairs and shave her pussy clean and upstairs she went still with the young mans load deep in her.Soon Pinay Mary came home and I helped her with somethings. As we were putting stuff away in the galley style kitchen I started my assault on her body. It started with some light kissing as I felt her body all over. She wiggle to my touch and started to get horny. escort yalova I then started tongue kissing her more and pulling on her nipples through her work top and bra. As always they responded right away as she moaned for me to fuck her. I soon had her positioned so that if someone was in the hall they could see but not be seen. Soon her top and bra were off and she was unbuttoning my pants. She want dick and was going to get it good tonight I thought. I slid my hand down her jeans to to feel her smooth pussy but found she had not shaved it so it was a little rough. She apologized and said that she would go upstairs and shave it immediately. At this time the Niece was back and watching the whole event and when Pinay Mary said that she was going to shave herself she hid in the living room. Upstairs Mary went leaving me with a raging hard on. I walked out into the hallway and their was the Niece on the chair with her pants down playing with her freshly shaven snatch. I really wanted to fuck her then but I was unsure how Mary would take that. so I stuck it in the Niece’s mouth and let her suck on it until she made herself cum by playing with her clit. I heard Mary on the stairs so I pulled out and went back into the kitchen leaving the Niece to hide behind the chair. Once she returned to the kitchen I kissed Mary again and sucked on her very hard nipples. It seems that as they got hard they bent a little to one side. So once I got them rock hard so I reached into a counter draw to find two clothes pins. They were the wire type and I clamped them on each nipple. She wiggled and moaned as I then pulled her pants back down to reveal no panties and a freshly shaven slit. I put her on the counter and spread her legs wide. I continued to kiss her while flicking the clothes pins one at a time. As I kissed down her body I tongue fucked her belly button and soon was at her floppy pussy lips. I had her positioned so her Niece could clearly see what I was doing to her favorite Auntie. While I was eating her Mary asked me why her son’s room smelled like sex. I really bore down on her with my tongue and focused on her extended clit. She kept talking about what she smelled and saw that he bed was a mess. She said that she was worried about him and that she thought he may be gay since he had never had a girlfriend or date in high school. Soon she started moaning as I was getting her closer to cumming and surprisingly stated that she hoped that he fucked his cousin while she was here. I then heard a loan moan behind me coming from the hallway which was the Niece rubbing herself. Mary started bucking against my face all the while talking about her soon and her Niece. Finally I slowed down and rose up to yalova escort bayan be greeted with a very wet kiss and her hand reaching for my prick. “Fuck me here baby, I don’t care if my Niece hears us.”, she moaned. That orgasm based statement again was met with another low moan in the hall. So I slide her closer to the edge and pushed my cock against her pussy lips. They easily move away like the meat curtains that they are as I slide my cock all the way inside her. “Yes, yes baby fuck me with that big white cock. I love it so:, she moaned. I was all the way inside her and I move to one side changing the angle and giving the Niece a better view of my pussy cover cock. I slowly pumped her this way as she moaned with delight. I kept it slow and deep at this angle and could feel Mary’s cunt juices on my balls. I could faintly here the wet sloppy sound of the nieces twat being rubbed. I fucked Mary for about 15 minutes this way and then pulled out so I could help her off the counter. Once off she went right to her knees so she could clean her foamy cum from my cock. I asked her if she liked the taste of her pussy and she moaned yes. Good, I thought this may work out well. I pulled her by the hair up and slapped her tits, which still had the clothes pin on her nipples. I gave them a twisted and told her to turn around and spread her ass cheeks. “So, you want your son to fuck your horny Pinay Niece and you like the taste of pussy/”, I asked as I plunged my cock back into her hairless cunt. “Yes, yes, yes baby. You make me such a slut and all I want is sex and being fucked.” was her reply. She threw both arms behind her back in a submissive position as I started to pump her harder. As I was talking to her and telling what a fuck hole she was I felt a pair of hands starting to rub my nipples. The Niece was now naked and stroking my nipples as I doggie fucked her Aunt. I pulled out and push the Niece down so I could have her clean my cock off with her mouth. I let go of Mary’s arm and she staggered back while the Niece got a good taste of pussy. I pulled out of her mouth and pushed the girls face right into the ass and cunt of her aunt. Pinay Mary moaned with surprise as her niece licked away on her pussy and asshole. “Oh, oh , oh I”m going to cum baby”, she moaned. I think she knew that it was not me eating her out and she did not give a fuck. The Niece continued to lick and play with herself with one hand. I started twisting the clothes pined nipples and soon Mary was shaking badly while she came in her slut Niece’s mouth. This last for a while and soon Mary collapsed forward on the counter and the Niece was coming still with her fingers. Once they both calmed down and saw each other they hugged and kissed as lovers. ” now you two sluts get upstairs and when I get up there you better be eating each other out or you will be whipped. They both ran upstairs naked leaving me to clean up the piles of clothes and put away the groceries.