Slutty Sarah, the sex-tape and 2 Sanish guys

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Slutty Sarah, the sex-tape and 2 Sanish guysSo, Chris, Sarah’s new boyfriend, did you ask her about that sex-tape that I made with her. No? Or just wouldn’t she discuss it with you. I know that you hate all these stories about her, but it’s only fair to let the world know what a slutty exhibitionist, isn’t it. I’ve sent you links to all the stories of her on here and I’ve heard you are pretty angry about that. Well, too bad. So, Sarah, on our last holiday, had talked about making a sex-tape. She didn’t mention anything about it for months, not until our next holiday. She was always more sexy and responsive to things when she was relaxed, away from home. It was her who brought the subject up again. She said ‘You have brought your video camera, haven’t you?’ I nodded. She looked at me for a moment, then said ‘Well, what about a sex video then? Do you want to?’ Did I want to? Hell, of course I did.We sat in a restaurant one evening, planning what should be on it. Eventually, Sarah came up with the theme she wanted, to make it more of a story than just a fuck-session. She said ‘Right, what about this. Let’s pretend you don’t know me, but we are both on holiday and you see me, maybe topless on the beach, and we get talking, then we go somewhere, maybe a park or something and see if we can find a nice Spanish boy who would video us having sex. It would be better than just putting the camera on the ground or something’Well, I knew from what she was suggesting that she wanted to exhibit herself to as many men as possible, but I didn’t mind about that. I was actually starting to really enjoy men seeing her naked. So, the next day we did it. I went down to the beach first. Sarah came down a minute later. I started to video her. As she got to the sand she took her bikini top off and just paraded along in front of the men and girls on the beach, her tits bouncing a bit as she walked along. Then she put out a towel on the sand, just below a raised walkway, where people went from the beach to the local shops and bars. She took her shorts off, just wearing tiny bikini bottoms. I was sat some distance away, on a raised area, recording her. Her tits looked amazing as she lay down on the towel. Then a few guys walked by on the raised walkway, looking down at Sarah’s bare tits. They moved on and some more guys walked by. They stopped and looked down at her. Sarah had dark glasses on so that they didn’t know if she had her eyes closed or not. Then one of them got a camera out and took a picture of her tits. She didn’t move or react so they took a few more. Then they moved on. After about 15 minutes Sarah had shown off her tits to about 40 or 50 people. Then I got up moved to the walkway. I walked down it with the video camera running, then stopped directly above Sarah, zooming in on her tits. Sarah sat up, took off her sunglasses and said ‘What do you think you are doing, videoing my breasts?’ I pretended to apologize and Sarah pretended to be angry. ‘Come down here’, she said and I walked back to the end of the walkway and down the beach to where she was. She demanded to see what I had videod. ‘Go away, just go away’ she said. We then went back to the hotel room and Sarah put on a miniskirt, but without any underwear. We walked to a local park and Sarah sat on the grass. She was just two metres away from a pathway that led through the park. I was on the opposite side of the path, about two metres away from it, with the video camera on and hidden under a jacket. Sarah put her sunglasses on and lent backwards so that her back was on the grass, but her knees were bent so that her feet were flat on the grass, or as best she could, with her shoes on. She had her knees together but her feet apart, so even from where I was, her pussy lips were clearly visible, and so it was to the video camera. The park wasn’t crowed but every four or five minutes, someone would walk by. Sarah, her eyes hidden behind the sunglasses, would keep watch. If it was a man on his own, or two or three of them, Sarah would keep her legs that way, or she would hide her pussy if it was females going by. Well, what man can resist looking up a girl’s miniskirt. And they did. I bahis şirketleri videod a total of 11 guys looking at her pussy. Some walked past, saw what Sarah was showing, walked a bit further, looked back, then turned round and walked past again for another look. One even bent down as he went by to get a closer look at her pussy. Some of the men were 17 or 18, some were much, much older. She gave at least 3 pensioners the thrill of their lives that day. Young or old, Sarah didn’t care who she showed her pussy to. When there was no one else in sight, Sarah sat up, pretended you have just seen me and said ‘Oh, not you again. You pervert, looking up my skirt’. I left the camera running, got up, walked over to her and made up some conversation about liking her and thinking she was beautiful. Sarah pretended to become interested in me, then I sat down and we talked for a while, pretending to get to know each other. Then I suggested going to have sex. Sarah pretended to be shocked at first, but then agreed.First we went back to the hotel and Sarah put on a really short black dress, a black bra and g-string. Then we walked back to the park.We searched the park until we found what we wanted, two guys sat on a park bench in a really quiet area. We walked up to them and I said ‘Do you speak English (we were in Spain for our holiday)’. One said ‘Yes, some English’. Before I could say anything else, Sarah blurted out ‘Look, we’ve got a video camera here. Will you video us having sex?’ Well, their mouths just dropped open and they stared at Sarah. Sarah said ‘You’ll get to see me naked, all of me, everything’ They both looked Sarah up and down and nodded enthusiastically.We found a really quiet area, behind the park-keepers sheds. I switched the video camera on for them and showed them how to zoom the lens. Then, to keep the storyline going, Sarah said ‘Okay, you want sex then. Let’s do it’. Then she stood in front of me and pulled her short dress up and over her head. She had on just the tiny black bra and a tiny black g-string, with black high-heel shoes. Her body looked amazing. I glanced back to the two Spanish guys. They were running their eyes all over Sarah’s body. As I looked back at her she was just pulling her bra off. Then her g-string came down and she was standing in front of me naked with the two Spanish men looking at her and videoing her. I reached out for her tits and she pushed them towards my hands. They felt so, so firm in the cool air. My hands roamed all over her body and she helped by moving her feet apart. She undid my zip and pulled my dick out. She said ‘Sometimes I like to start off like this’ and she stepped right up to me and pushed my penis between her legs. Not inside her, but just horizontally so it was rubbing up against her pussy lips and clitoris. I knew she liked it this way and caught hold of her hips with both hands, and rocked her body back and fore. Sarah went into quivering mode, like she does when she is building up to an orgasm, really quickly. I just hoped the Spanish guys were getting all this on video. She soon orgasmed, her whole body shaking. I stopped moving her hips and let her orgasm subside. Then she pulled back from me and lay down on her back, on the grass. She bent her legs at the knees and put her feet on the grass, and said ‘Well, you saw me between my legs earlier today, so I’m going to give you a better look now’ and she opened her legs wide. I glanced back at the Spanish guys. I could see the one with the camera was zooming it in on Sarah’s pussy lips, which had come open a bit. The other guy was just standing there, having a good look at Sarah’s tits and pussy. She said ‘Come on then’ and I pulled all my clothes off, apart from my boxer shorts. I got down on the grass between Sarah’s legs, ran my hands up the inside of her thighs to her pussy. I didn’t know how she would react to what I was going to do next. I put one hand either side of Sarah’s pussy lips and pulled them open just a bit. Sarah said ‘Ohhhhhhhh’, in a low moan. She obviously liked the thought of what the Spanish guys were now seeing. I pulled her lips further apart and looked back at the Spanish guys. mobilbahis They moved closer to get a better look and the one with the video camera got it really close to her pussy. I was showing them my girlfriends clitoris and vagina, and Sarah let our another low moan of pleasure. Then I slipped two fingers up inside her and she spread her legs even wider, moaning ‘Ohhh yes, ohhhh yes’. She was lying with her head right back and her eyes shut. The guy with the video camera was holding it in his right hand, with the strap wrapped round the back of his hand. His other one was on the grass, between Sarah’s feet. I motioned him to come closer and pointed to Sarah’s pussy. He soon got what I meant, looked at me, sort of nodded as though asking if it was okay. I nodded back. I didn’t want Sarah to realize what was happening. As I took my fingers out of her vagina, he quickly put his into her, and he was videoing himself fingering my girlfriend. It was so sexy watching another man with his fingers up inside her.I beckoned to the other one, pointing to Sarah’s pussy. I moved out of the way and he took my place. Then the one with the camera took his fingers out and the other man put his in. Sarah didn’t even notice. I gave him a moment to have a good feel up there, then motioned them to move back and I pulled my boxers off and got on top of Sarah. My dick found her vagina and I went up inside her. She whispered in me ear ‘Don’t worry about me. You can give me lots of orgasms later. Just enjoy yourself’. So, I did. I just fucked her hard, lifting myself up off her with my hands on the grass. As I thrust in and out of her, her tits bounced and wobbled round. I was hoping the guy with the video recorder was getting that. So, I fucked her and I ejaculated up inside her, and it was great. After I’d finished, we stood up. Sarah didn’t even put any of her clothes on, but said to the Spanish guy ‘Give me the camera’. He did and she stopped it recording, rewound it just for a moment, then pressed the play button. I hoped that she hadn’t wound it back to when the Spanish guys were fingering her, and she hadn’t. She watched it for a moment then smiled. She looked at me and said ‘Oh it’s good. It’s very good’. She handed the camera back to me. I quickly got it to the end of the recording and pressed the record button again. I mean, Sarah was still naked. I held it so it was pointed at her, but from low down, so it didn’t look like it was recording. Sarah looked at the two Spanish guys and one of them said ‘Pretty English lady, you have a lovely body. Your tits look, really, how you say, firm’. Sarah walked right up to them and said ‘Do you want a feel of them?’. They looked at me, as though asking for permission. I shrugged. I didn’t care. Lots of men had felt Sarah’s tits. What difference would two more make? I mean, they’d just fingered her pussy, so what difference would a bit of tit-squeezing make? She looked at me and said ‘Make sure you get this on video, please’.They reached out and each felt one of her tits. Sarah looked down at their hands as they felt her, smiling and obviously enjoying it. I made sure I got that on video. She just stood there, letting two men she’d only met fifteen minutes ago grope her. Then one of the guys said something in Spanish to the other one. He let go of her tit and the first one grabbed both of them. The second one ran his hands down Sarah’s back and squeezed her bottom. She turned to me and said ‘I hope you are getting all this on video’, and I zoomed in on their hands mauling her, all over her body. She just let them carry on and on until they let go of her. Then she turned round, walked back a few steps to where her clothes were on the ground, bent forward and, very slowly, gathered them up. Her feet were a bit apart and it was obvious she was deliberately showing her pussy lips between her legs, off to them. They stared at her and both suddenly squatted down so their faces were level with her pussy. Sarah looked around behind her and laughed. She kept bent forward like that for a moment, looking at their faces as they looked at her pussy lips. Then she said ‘Okay, have you had a good bahis siteleri enough look at it?’ She looked back at them for another moment, then stood up and said ‘That’s it. I think you would have had me stay like that all day’. She put her g-string back on, then, still topless, with her bra in one hand, stretched out her arms either side of her and said ‘Say goodbye to them. They’re going to get covered up now’ and she put her bra back on, then her minidress. I got it all on video, including the bit where they were squatting down and she was showing them her pussy. We were just about to walk away when one of them said ‘Please, please, you send us copy of video?’ I looked at Sarah and she said ‘Now that’s a good idea’. I got them to write their details on a piece of paper. Actually, I did send them a copy some weeks later. I included the bit with them feeling Sarah’s tits and looking at her pussy, and fingering her, too. We went back to the car then back to the hotel room. Sarah looked at my groin area and said ‘Have you recovered yet?’ meaning could I get another erection yet. I nodded eagerly. She said ‘Right, now for the final part of the sex tape. Sit down here and I’ll be back in a minute’. I had to wait about 5 minutes, but I amused myself by looking at the video of the two Spanish guys staring at Sarah’s pussy. I quickly wound the tape to the end of the recording, just as Sarah walked in the room. She was wearing brown stockings, a white suspender belt, high-heel shoes and nothing else. She caught hold of my hand and pulled me into the bedroom. I set the camera up on the bedside table, pressed the record button and Sarah undressed me and got me to lie down on my back on the bed. She straddled me and looked down at my erection. Then she lifted herself up a bit, caught hold of me and guided it into her vagina. She said ‘Right, I’m in control. You are not to come until I tell you that you can’. She moved up and down on my shaft a bit. Hell, it felt so good. Then she lent forward a bit so her clitoris was rubbing up against me. She rocked back and fore, using my penis to pleasure herself. She picked up my hands and put them on her tits, then went back to the rocking motion. It took her, maybe 90 seconds before she orgasmed, groaning quietly with pleasure. Then she rested for a moment, then did it again, then again, then again. I think I counted 7 or 8 orgasms. Then she said ‘Okay, it’s your turn’ and she started to bounce up and down on my dick. Her tits were bouncing nicely too and I let go of them and just watched them move. It was over way, way too soon. Fuck it was good. I think I flooded her pussy with my cum.And, that was it. That’s our sex-tape. I edited it a bit to make it sound like a real story and we must have watched it a dozen times together. Actually I made three versions. One with us just fucking, one with us fucking and also the Spanish guys feeling her tits, and the one she never got to see, with us fucking, the Spanish guys fingering her pussy and feeling her tits. When I showed her the one with them feeling her tits, she was so happy. ‘Oh look at them feeling me. Oh, now I’m bending over for them. Oh look how much I’m showing them. Just look at their faces. Oh I love exposing myself to men I don’t know. Am I a bad girl?’I said ‘Yes you are terrible, but you know if it makes you happy, I don’t mind at all. I mean, it’s not as though you’ve exposed yourself to some dirty tramp’. Oh, had I said the wrong thing. Sarah’s eyes went really wide and she had that hungry for sex look in them. She said ‘Oh now that is a good idea. Some old filthy tramp getting to see my body. That would be so much fun. Oh, you wouldn’t mind really, would you? Oh please let me. I’d love to do that’. What could I say? My then girlfriend was an exhibitionist and I knew I wasn’t going to change her.So, there you are Chris, Sarah’s new boyfriend. Did your new girlfriend destroy her copy of the video, or maybe not. Maybe you ought to search for it, well, if you want to see me fucking her, that is, and those two Spanish guys groping her tits. Or maybe you would like to see those men on the beach taking pictures of her tits. Or maybe you’d like to see this Spanish guys with their fingers inside your new girlfriend. Or maybe you’d like to hear about the time she did really expose herself to a tramp. Well, two tramps, really. Give me a few days and you can read all about it here.