sleeping with my mates girlfriend :D

1 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


sleeping with my mates girlfriend :Drecently me and my mates girlfriend have been getting along really well. she is 6 years older than me, curvy body 38EE tits pert firm ass and lush long legs any ……last wednesday i went round there house while karaman escort he was out at work. first time i had ever done that 😛 and well tbh i am glad i did. we were sat there on the sofa chatting and watching tv when she pounced escort karaman on me and ripped my clothes and started sucking my hard 7 inch cock, she can really suck, then she led me upstairs into the bedroom where she led me on the bed karaman escort bayan and rode me good and proper, screaming her head off she stopped and we went doggie, she asked me to give her some anal so like any red blooded male i agreed and shot my load in her ass.we laid there in my mates bed with his girfriend with my cum still dripping out her ass, just chatting bout stuff.finally we got dressed and left. i cannon’t wait till saturday :D:D:D:D:Di will keep you posted.real story by the way