Sisters, an evil friend and pantyhose tf part 2

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Sisters, an evil friend and pantyhose tf part 2Martin was alone for many hours, sometimes someone would come in, take something or put it away, and he would be alone again. He wondered if he’d done well without speaking to Marlene, only she could hear him. Now for Monica, he will be just a pair of tights like the others in a drawer.Monica returned after work, ate dinner with her sisters and mother. She took a quick shower and went to the wardrobe. She began to look through clothes in the closet.This one will be perfect, she said and took out a black, tight dress.I only find shoes and underwear and it’s ready.She found black stiletto heels with a tip. She looked in the drawer and a small stink hit her nose.- Oh, what’s that feeling? I think I forgot to wash something, she said quietly.First, I’ll see what to wear for the party, I will wash my underwear quickly by hand and I will throw the rest into the washing machine.Hmm, maybe these panties and this bra and now we will look … Monica touched the tights in which Marcin was changed and she thought: oh great pantyhose, I had such? Well, pleasant to touch. They will be perfect. Then she took the sack out of the closet and packed the remaining items from the drawer.- I throw it in the washing machine, she thought, and in one hand, holding pantyhose panties and bra and in the other sack, with the remaining underwear, she headed for the room that served as a laundry and drying room.Martin was afraid that Monica would not hurt him, he felt like a girl squeezing him tightly, with her delicate hand, he could smell her, he was excited by the thought that the girl would put him on her body.In the laundry, the girl put him on the table. She opened the washing machine, poured the underwear from the bag, added powder and rinsing liquid and set the laundry.- Now I will take care of things for the evening, she said, and poured water and some fragrant liquid into the bowl.Martin was afraid of this, but he could do nothing but just watch all this. He admired the girl who was now only in the pants and t-shirt. He could see her lovely buttocks and long legs.He dreamed of being on her.And then Monica took the things and threw him together with the panty and bra in the bowl with warm water.And she dipped things a few times until they were all soaked and rubbed with her hands.Luckily, Martin was partially floating on the water, he could breathe normally, but all his body was soaked with water and liquid. The smell filled him. It was a strange feeling for him. When the girl started rubbing him in her hands it was very pleasant for him, it excited him.When Monica finished and rinsed things in clean water, she hung them in the dryer and set the temperature to 25 degrees so that in a few hours things slowly dried up and she left.Martin is lonely again. He was glad that nothing bad had happened and that he would be able to be on the girl’s body. He did not know what she was planning and where she wanted to go in the evening. But thinking about it he got an orgasm. His body was more and more dry, he felt the warm air fly through him and he floats into the air. It was a new interesting experience for him.After a while, Monica returned and pulled him off the dryer. She put it back on the counter. She pulled and hung the laundry from the washing machine and took dry things to sinop escort her room.In the room she immediately took off her panties in which she was and a shirt, Martin watched her with admiration.- beautiful. Put me on , he said.The girl turned to him, reaching for the clean panties, it was a thong. His eyes showed a smooth, depilated pussy.- It is a pity that you put on panties, but it will be nice anyway, he said.The girl reached for him now. And she began to slowly pull on herself.- it hurts a little when you stretch me like that.The girl continued humming a song under her nose.- I will be able to lick your whole body and feel your beautiful scent.Martin excited, he had an orgasm.Monica put on her tights until the end and ran her hand over her leg.- Hmm, I do not remember buying tights like this. They are so smooth and delicate to the touch. Very nice and so good on my legs and bottom.- Because it was unique pantyhose, said Martin, admiring the touch of her body, her feet, legs, beautiful thighs and buttocks. His access to her pussy covered her panties and he wanted to kiss her so much. He could only feel her delicate sweet smell.Monica put on a bra and a tight dress so that her tights were even more pressed against her butt. She stroked her ass and said:- I look divine! My friends will envy me, and she puts on her feet her favorite warm slippers.Martin, pressed to her buttocks and thighs, was even more excited, he could feel her every move. He could even kiss her and lick her body even harder. He caressed her with his whole body but she did not feel it. When her feet were in her slippers, she felt the strong smell of her feet, he thought she had them for a long time, probably longer than Marlena’s running shoes. Martin broke down and started kissing her feet and licking every part of them. He began to enjoy the intense smell and feel how this smell penetrates him and he smells now Monica’s scent.Monica went to the kitchen where the sisters and mother had dinner.- Wow, you look beautiful, said Anna- A great girl, Claudia added- Beautiful daughter, mother added- Thank you that you like it.Martin, after a short conversation, learned that this is some party with Monika’s friends. The sisters were delighted with her appearance.When she left she changed her slippers to black shiny high heels and hugged Claudia first, later Anna and Anna gently stroked Monika on her tights and said:- beautiful tights. Where did you buy them?- I do not remember anymore. I found it in a drawer.She said good-bye to everyone and left.At the time, Martin felt very excited over how Monica’s body touched her sisters and mother, and for a moment he could also smell their scents and their warmth.When Monica left the house, Anna whispered to Claudia that she knows who the tights are and they are not Monica’s tights.Claudia slightly surprised- Who else? haha- Do you remember how then I hid Marlene’s stinky tights into her drawer ?? Haha. She had to wash them but I touched those tights and they are Marlena’s tights.- Hihi, and she thinks it’s her, and she does not remember where she bought it.Marlene thinks her tights are destroyed, it’s okay.And Claudia began to think about it. She always liked the girls, that’s why she preferred their company and that’s why she liked friendship with Marlene very much. She thought that escort sinop she would steal the tights from Monica when she came back from the party and her tights would become her property. It excited her that Marlene had them on. And she decided to have fun.When Monica was driving to the party with her car, Martin felt her feet move as she pushed him to the shoes as she pushed on the pedals. The heels did not smell that much of her feet, she probably barely dressed them. He felt her feet getting slightly damp. The smell of the pussy was still very delicate.When she arrived, she greeted her friends. Talks started and her friends paid attention to her appearance. They began to praise her and ask her where she bought the dress, did not pay attention to the tights. Monica was having a great time. She drank one small drink. She sat with her friends and gossiped about jobs and men. She said how her sister Anna was in love and the bastard dumped her and he did not even call or explain anything. He just stopped talking.- Guys are pigs, said the friend and the others nodded.Martin, hearing that a bit sad, but could not defend himself in this situation. He liked being tights. Have the pleasure and delight of being on a beautiful woman’s body.Monica danced several times with her friends and with a few men finally tired, she sat down.- my legs are aching, she saidThe conversation continued, and Martin felt the girls’ feet were very moist and intensely fragrant. He absorbed it and was filled with her scent, and so her pussy was now more moist, he felt her taste better and a lovely smell. During the party he had orgasms several times. When Monica danced, her feet squeezed him deeper into the shoes, it gave him a slight pain, but he could bear it and lick the insoles of her shoes. It gave him general pleasure. The best moments for him were when she went to the toilet then chased down the panties and he could see her naked pussy.After the party, Monica returned home. She dreamed to lie down on the bed. She stripped naked and went to take a shower.In the meantime Claudia crept into her room.- Hihi, she left her tights, great, she thought- Hey, what are you doing? Why are you taking me? Martin asked.Claudia hid him in her panties, up the skirt, so that there was nothing to see.And in place of those pantyhose gave her new, recently unpacked tights.Martin excitedly did not know what was going on, why Claudia stole tights and what is her intentions. But he was happy now under her panties. He was enjoying the pussy of the youngest of the sisters. Claudia also had a nicely shaved and smooth pussy. He began to lick her and kiss her. Claudia sometimes touched the hand of her panties as if checking that the pantyhose were still in place. When she pressed Martin to her pussy, he screamed with delight.Claudia lay down on her bed, pulled off her skirt, pulled out pantyhose from her panties and sniffed.- Oh Marlene, she whispered- What’s going on, you know it’s me? Martin said. He felt strange. A thought crossed his mind that maybe all the girls know, they only play with him?- I love you Marlene, Claudia whispered and licked her tights.- I do not think they know. I’m just a pair of pantyhose for them.- Mmm- What do you want to do Claudie? Do you like Marlene? Are you a lesbian? She probably does not think you like her.Claudia sinop escort bayan pulled off her panties and pressed her tights to her pussy, massaging her slowly.- Oh, yes, Marlene’s tights, she whispered.Martin moaned in pleasure when the girl rubbed him against her pussy and the pussy became more and more wet and her sweet juice flowed straight at him. He licked intensely fragrant, sweet juice.,Claudia dreamily imagined that Marlene caressed her. She touched her pussy and breasts with pantyhose and suddenly began to put tights in her pussy.- Mmm, how good, so soft Marlene tights.Oh, put them in my pussy, she whispered.Martin was in paradise, he was a toy for a beautiful girl. She pushed him lightly into her pussy with her finger and pulled it out several times. Until her body began to tremble and more of the juice came out of her pussy. The tights were all wet from her pussy.Martin was soaked in the scent of her pussy with little-smelling fragrances from Monica.Claudia wiped her pussy with pantyhose and put it under her pillow, put on her panties, and went to bed.Martin thought for a long time that he was lucky and that he experiences things that he did not dream about, he could feel the pussy from inside, lick it there and feel the juice flowing out which made him very wet. While playing the girl he had two orgasms. Hidden under the pillow he fell asleep. He spent the next day alone under Claudia’s pillow. But in the evening, Claudia pulled him out from under the pillow again and directed him to her pussy.Martin was amazed that the girl uses tights to play. But this time Claudia decided to wear tights on herself.When she put her feet on, Martin shivered with pleasure. He fell in love with this feeling when he was put on and pulled on the woman’s body. Claudia pulled him hard on the ass, that he clung perfectly to her buttocks and squeezed into her tight pussy. When Claudia started massaging her pussy with her hand he got the first orgasm. After some time, the girl began to move her feet more, more and more excited, moaning with pleasure. One hand massaged her pussy and the other her breasts. After a while, she put her hand under her tights and began to play with her finger, putting it inside. Martin could not stand the excitement. He could lick the beautiful woman’s body again. He was happy that Claudia had stolen him from his sister and that he was her toy.After a moment Claudia gently caressed her legs with her hands and nails.Martin was worried a bit.- What are you doing? Watch out for tights!Her hands wandered on her calves, her thighs, and finally reached her pussy.- just do not make holes in me!Claudia moaned in pleasure, massaging her pussy with a finger and gently poking into her pussy.- I hope you do not want to break through me into the pussy.- My pussy is yours, Claudia whispered, and moved her toes more and more. She trembled with excitement and pressed her finger firmly into her pussy, pressing the pantyhose in, her juice was abundant.- She moaned about that mmm, delving into her pussy until finally the material gave way and the finger went into her wet pussy.Martin cried out in pain as his body broke, but the pain quickly passed. Instead of pain, pleasure returned.Claudia moved her finger faster and then finally shook her body with a very strong orgasm.Martin feeling her whole body with her orgasm and the amount of juice flowing from the pussy also screamed with pleasure and survived a huge orgasm.- Thank you, he said.Claudia fell asleep in these tights and the boy relished her body for a long time …