sister in-law and Niece visit pt. III

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sister in-law and Niece visit pt. IIIPart 2 is on my blog right now.”Mom, I think the roads are closed” DanyAnne looked up from her phone as she said this.”No Way” Shelley looked out the front porch. Snow was coming down in thick clumps, and it was a little darker outside than it should have been for early afternoon.”Doesn’t seem that bad” said Vagina Knievel. Her ass looked so amazing in those white yoga pants as she leaned out the front door. I knew that the tree cover around my cabin absorbed much of the snow, and if that much was coming down, even the road below my driveway would be buried. The weren’t going anywhere for a while.And Shelley was wearing a black thong. She turned around to look at me, and caught me noticing the front of her tight, tight stretchies. The look on her face never changed, as though the idea of me checking out her crotch had never occurred to her.”What do you wanna do, DanyAnne?” she asked her daughter, who was no longer interested kaçak iddaa in her phone.”My phone lost service” said the sweet girl, who must have been at a complete loss without her personal electronics. “We need to just go home before we get stuck here, no offense Uncle Pete.”The thought of them leaving was quite a let-down. Shelley wasn’t afraid of locking in the hubs and four-wheeling her way out, if it came to it.”What do you think?” Shelley asked me, unfazed that I was checking out her slight camel-toe. “I don’t think it’s worth getting stuck or going off the road. Stay here for a night, roads will be clear tomorrow.” DanyAnne looked unconvinced, so I continued.” I’ve got everything that we need and then some, we can have hot-buttered rum and play games, I’ll bust out the grill. You can board the hills and trails on the property if you want.”I had to slow down. I didn’t want to look too eager, even though who could blame me for wanting some female tipobet güvenilir mi company?”DanyAnne, you can go a night or two without texting,” She looked back to me. “Oh man, I’ll bet that hill down the trail is a blast” she was hooked. “Put your phone up and go get our stuff” she barked at the girl. Slowly, more deliberately, she again swung her legs off of the couch. Pink panty flash again. She got up and headed out the front door.Shelley walked toward my bedroom, I stood up and went in there with her. “Just a quick puff?” She asked. No problem, I stood close to her, the front of my right hip resting on the upper part of her left butt-cheek. I held the pipe to her lips and lit if for her. As she drew the smoke in I pressed harder with my hip. She started to wave me away, and I backed away from her as she started coughing furiously.I left her in there, coughing, and went back out to the front room just as DanyAnne was coming back tipobet giriş up the steps with two bags. “Want some help?” I asked, hoping those were the only two bags they had brought with them. “No, thats it, where’s Mom?” I pointed to my bedroom and she shrugged.Then she did one of the last things I would have expected. I didn’t really know how old DanyAnne was, but to see her pull that little flask of three dollar vodka out of her bag and take a deep swallow was a shock. On the one hand, there was no way that girl should be drinking. She swallowed hard, replaced the bottle in her bag ans smiled at me. And on the other hand, it was entirely possible I could get her to try to keep up with MY drinking, and end up with all kinds of dastardly wonderful stories about the upcoming weekend. Honestly, as I heard Shelley’s coughing settle down from my bedroom, I just wanted to keep myself from passing out before either of my two guests did.Shelley came out of the room, light-headed and bleary-eyed, and flopped on the recliner.”Honestly mom, we haven’t even been here for five minutes and you’re already getting stoned?” Hee Hee, yep she is I thought to myself, and you’re drinking, and I am a fucked up/ very lucky man.