Silly season for christmas parties

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Silly season for christmas partiesThe Christmas parties where in full swing and the office party invites had gone out. I was sitting at home opening my mail after a long day it was the christmas bash and it would be a good one free drink,food and hotel. The day came and we all set off in the company bus.We arrived at the hotel a very plush 5 start I got ready black tie and dinner jacket affair I alsso knew that unless you was totaly brain dead it was garenteed your get laid. The food and drink was plenty as we all got very merry, my line manager was a women called June a 45yr ball breaker that got the best out of everyone never married but well travelled, the boss head hunted her last year from our competitors.After the dinner the manager made his usual end of year speech thanking usall for our work and to announce a huge contract that would keep us in work for atleast 5yrs, we all cheered and Jane kissed me her tounge reached into my mouth like a dart I was totaly helpless I stroked her thigh as we broke our clinch.We sat and chatted and found out she wasnt such a mare we danced and she said she had liked me for a while but being my boss she didnt want to take it further. I took her by the hand and led her out onto the patio of the hotel where we kissed and felt each other, she grabbed my lump in my trousers gasped and whispered shall antalya escort we go to her room,we crept off and went to her room, being a manager it was the buisness.I slowly pulled her zip of her dress down as her dress fell around her feet I stood back to feast my eyes her huge tits that where barely covered in a tiny bra and frnch silk panties I undone her bra her tits fell huge nipples and pulled her panties down to see a pussy with a tuffed of hair at the top, I unzipped my trouser took my shirt off and stood there as she looked at my cock that hung down also the six pack I had been working on.She knelt down and slowly kissed my cock putting it in her red lipstick mouth sucking it slowly I groaned as it went further in she was A1 at this my cock now was throbbing as her mouth engulfed the full length right up to my huge hanging balls I reached down and felt her tits.We went over to the bed kissing and feeling I felt her wet pussy pushing my fingers in her jucies making them sticky, I got inbetween her legs and pushed my cock all the way in nearly cumming, I stopped to gather myself and started to move she was fucking awsome,her body was fantastic as I quickend the pace, she satrted to moan louder begging for more, this quiet women was a a****l as she grabbed my ass digging her nails into it demmanding harder I was now escort antalya at full steam as I rammed my cock into her.She was begging me to fill her pussy, I was close, I pumped my load into her, she yelled as she squirted her jucies, pouring out of her hole, I pulled out to reveal a creampied slit. We lay there breathless unable to speak, June moved down the bed grabbing my cock sucking all out of it licking it clean, she said it had been a while since she had sex, myself it had been ages since a bit of pussy of any type.She got up and went on her phone walking into the bathroom, she appeared about 5 mins after and got back ito bed, we started kissing her hand working on my cock I was soon hard again. A knock on the door and we stopped she asked if I could go I got up cock sticken out and answered the door with a gown wrapped around me, it was carole the 18yr old PR to June,she was totaly the whole package figure,height,looks and could have any guy she looked at.She walked in and turned as I shut the door mycock sticking out like a pole, she screeched saying it was a sight that made her wet,June said wait till its inside you it will make you cum. Carole undone her gown falling around her feet, braless and wearing nothing but a thong I nearly shot my load only by looking, June said Merry christmas and this was my thank you antalya escort bayan for helping getting us through this tough year.Carloe walked towards me as we kissed and held each other I bent my knees and my cock slid into her soaking wet pussy, her long legs wrapped around my waste I pinned her against the wall raming my cock into her,she orgasmed again and again. I felt hands grab my ass it was June joining in she started to kiss me and Carole until I couldnt hold on and pulled out shouting a huge stream of cum over her belly and pussy.I watched as June licked my cum of Caroles naked body as she started to eat Caroles pussy, June was now onher knees as Carole leaned against the wall legs open I got down and started to eat Junes pussy and probed her ass hole with my finger, all of a sudden Carole moaned as June brought her to a earth shattering orgasm, making Carole cum her jucies dribbling out if her swollen slit.We fell on the bed and fell asleep, I woke later to see Carole and June both licking my cock and kissing each other, as I gained my bearings, Carole came and sat on my face I licked her sweet 18yr pussy as I felt June slid onto what was now my hard cock,as Carole moved slowly my tounge slid into her pussy making her groan she rubbed her nipples as she cum her jucies dribbling down my chin, making June cum and me cum as well.The following morning we all left and went our seperate ways I got a call from Carole asking to see me she arrived on Boxing day and left new years day, when I hooked up with June and spent a week in the sun all on the company credit card.