Short One

30 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Short OneWe are lying on the sofa of your sitting room. The TV is on but we are not watching it. You put the glass of red wine down after sipping from it and stare with lust into my eyes. We lean together and kiss. Your tongue swirls in my mouth and I can taste the wine. Our lips softly flow against each other and my hand explores your inner thigh. We sit up without breaking the kiss and I take off the cardigan you are wearing. I run my hands down the soft material of the top you have on underneath and our kiss does not break. You pull off my t shirt and run your hands down my back didim escort , you know this drives me crazy and I cup your beautiful breast squeezing them slightly. My hand is further up your thigh soft massaging you slender leg. We kiss again, deeper this time and with more passion. The palm of my hand reaches for the warmth you between your legs and you let out a small moan of excitement and bite my bottom lip. With my other hand I take your hand and pull you down on the soft sheep skin rug in front of the fire. You immediately follow and lye on top of me. My hands explore underneath didim escort bayan your top and I can feel the incredibly soft and warm skin of your toned back. In unhook your bra and pull your top off over your head. You push your pert breast toward my mouth and I run my tongue around your nipples then suck gently on them. I can feel you grind against my now rock solid erection. The warmth of your pussy is so close to me I can feel your passion burn me. My hand finds your tight bum and explores downward between your legs. I pull off the tight black tights and white thong escort didim and the air on your now incredibly wet pussy feels amazing. My fingers explore further finding your soaked lips. You kiss me again and push your naked body against my chest. You whip off my trousers and shorts in excitement. My hand remains on your wetness and I lightly rub the palm of my hand against your hot wet area. You breathe quickens and you begin to ride against my hand . Your left hand grips my erection and every movement you make you wank my throbbing member. I sit up and you turn over spreading your beautifully smooth slender legs opening up your sodden pussy. I move backwards and kiss up your inner thigh until my mouth engulfs your hot fanny. The taste is so sweet and my tongue laps at your hole. Your grip my hair and moan loudly.