Sharon Part 2

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Sharon Part 2I had made arrangements to meet my girlfriend Sharon at the park on Saturday morning and was a bit concerned as I approached her as she wouldn’t have sex with me I had met another girl from class and fucked her. As my girlfriend went to another school than us I thought she mightn’t find out but girls in my class who had found out about sex with Glenda live near my girlfriend.Walking up to her I could see she was troubled and she said”I thought you were my boyfiend and here you are fucking another girl”I responded with ” well you won’t let me fuck you or even touch you and I need to have it”Sharon said ” not only did you fuck her but she sucked you off and you licked her cunt””I wouldn’t need to do that if you let me do it to you” I replied”I want to but you know I want to wait to loose my virginity” she said” But we could have sex without me penetrating you, there are other ways of giving and receiving pleasure. Why don’t you try that is you really love me” I pleaded.I told her that just to start off slow with touching eachother to make eachother cum and the maybe kissing sensitive parts, edirne escort we could have lots of fun without me breaking your hymen and you would still be a virgin.I moved close to her and held her in my arms and looked into her eyes and asked her would she at least try that for me.She shook her head and I pressed my lips against hers and kissed her gently. I could feel my cock growing as I pressed my body against hers. Then I started kissing her neck and nibbling her ear. She started to pant a little and said why don’t we go to my place as nobody is home today and we can experiment.She agreed but was still hesitant about what would happened but I assured her that I would only go as far as she wanted to.When we got to my place I took her into my bed room and laid her on the bed. Kissing her I could feel a frightened quiver on her lips and knew she was frightened of what might happen. I told her not to worry and slowly slid my hand under her blouse and cupped her left breast. It was small and hadn’t fully developed but her nipple was hard and I rolled it between my finger tips. She was still escort edirne unsettled but i kept my hand there rubbing her tit, I looked into her eyes and said ” doesn’t that feel good to be touched ” she responded with a nod, then I kissed her and slowly pushed my tongue into her mouth, swerling it around her tongue as my hand massaged her breast and fickered her nipple.Sharon was now responding to my advances and returning my kisses and was more relaxed so I unbuttoned her blouse exposing both her breasts. My hand still working on her right nipple as my tongue licked her left one. I could feel her chest rise and fall with her heavy breathing and her hand moved to run her fingers through my hair and pressing my head down, not wanting me to stop I knew Sharon was now horny enough for me to advance further so I took my hand off her breast but still kissing the other one and placed my hand on her inner thigh. I was hoping she would part them but she didn’t so I moved my hand up under her skirt and placed my hand on her panties just above her pussy.I felt no resistance so slid my hand up and edirne escort bayan slipped it inside her panties and down to her now wet lips of her virgina. I used my leg to open hers by placing my foot between hers and pulling them apart. My hand could now explore her virgin pussy. My finger found her little clit and rubbed and circled it. Sharon was now mine, her panting and heavy breathing told me that she was enjoying my actions and wanted more and more.I removed her panties and now she could open her legs wide enabling me to rub her clit easier and also run my finger up and down her slit.First I felt her grab my hair tight and then pull my head up so she could kiss me and then her body started to shake and shudder as her squirted out all over my finger and hand. All she could say was “oh, oh, yes ,yes, oh baby yes.I moved my hand away and kissed her gently and said ” now wasn’t that good'” that was fantastic, I have never cum before and it was great, how did you do that’ I just laughed and said ” you did it not me, I just helped”I sat up and took my shirt off, removed her blouse and held her with my naked chest against her breasts and we kissed. After a short time I took her hand and pressed against my very hard penis through my pants. Holding the back of her hand I helped her rub it for a few minutes.To be continued in Sharon part 3