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SEX WITH MY MOM!this is a true story about having sex with my mom. im 38 and i grew up in rochester hills michigan. my parents divorced when iwas 8 yrs old and i went to live with my mom would walk around naked when she got out of the shower and while she got ready. and i noticed her! shes 5ft 2in,big boobs,wide hips,and a hairy pussy.she had a guy over one night and i woke up to piss or whatever and saw my mom naked in the living room so i hid and watched her have sex. i knew when she was gonna have someone over so i would stay awake to see if i would see anything and did a few times. my mom and i slept together(nothing sexual)just the boogey man and lightning. that type of 2 years go by and i moved in with my dad and would stay with my mom on still sleeping in the same bed with her(still nothing sexual)and she still walks around naked and gets ready naked right in front of me. so time goes by im about 13 now so ive dicovered my dick and jacking off! so now i REALLY notice my moms body and really start to fantasize even moreso now. so this is where it gets interesting.i remeber we were in bed in the spooning position with me facing her back. i kinda remember having a hard on and i think i was grinding on her or poking her with it. i dont know! i didnt know if it was real or if i was dreaming. until the next day! the day started out normal. we went shopping ,out to eat and then made it back home. eventually she said to me ” i think your old enough to sleep on your own now”. then I KNEW! it wasnt a dream,i must have really tried something! i was a little embarassed and said nothing while she made up a bed on the couch. i remember laying on the couch that night jacking off lara escort thinking about her body. but nothing else time goes by again and now im 17 and my mom remarried some dickhead.we did not like eachother so i didnt really go around her house if he was around. he was an engineer for Galles racing. indy car team in the 80’s and 90’s and the driver was AL UNSER JR. so he traveled alot. so one weekend i planned on staying at their house all weekend because the dickhead was out of town. so we hung out all day. went shopping out to eat and then went home. they had a hot tub sunk in the living room floor so i got in and watched some tv while my mom did some things. she said she was gonna get in so she went and put on her bikini. when she come down to get in i looked over and catiously looked and i could see her pubes peeking out the sides of her bikini bottoms. 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