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satisfactionMistress Dion was a strong willed woman, who set up her own business as a mistress, because she loved playing doctor and loved to dominate people, and make them scream for her own enjoyment and for theirs. She began working from home, when she first set up her business, but ever since it began to get busier she decided that it would be best to move to a bigger premises. She managed to buy herself an office block, and had even had to employ a receptionist to take bookings just to take the work load of herself. She couldn’t believe how fast her once home based business was expanding. She never realised how popular both women and men fantasized about being tortured by a gynaecologist. She loved this job, and all of her customers always come back for more. Dion was even considering employing another mistress to help her, because she had begun to tell people that there was a long wait to see her. Although people didn’t seem to mind, they just wanted to get booked in. The office itself was in a good place, not too close to the main town centre, but easy enough for people to find. Because this business operated all day, and sometimes later in the evening she had to make it sound proof, just in case people outside thought maybe someone was being murdered! The office had 2 floors, she had downstairs which was the main reception and the waiting room, and she had it decked out with comfortable sofas, and chairs, with a coffee table full of magazines, and a drinks machine in the corner. Upstairs there was 3 rooms all decked out with what you would expect to find in a normal gynaecologists room, there was a screen where the customers got changed into hospital robes, a desk that was full of paper work for Mistress Dion to sit at, a proper gynaecologists examining table with the stirrups, and lots of cupboards full of fully sterile equipment.Mistress Dion arrived at work at 08.45, she entered the building and greeted the receptionist as she always did. She then went on upstairs to her room, and got changed into her work uniform. She sat at her desk, looking though her diary, and then Selina, who was the receptionist brought her up a cup of tea, like she always did. Mistress Dion liked to have a hot cup of tea to start her day off. “Thanks Selina, give me a few minutes then I will call you to send up Ms Williams” Smiled Mistress Dion whilst sipping her tea.“Ok,” replied Selina, as she walked out of the room closing the door behind her.They had the same kind of conversation every day, it was kind of routine now. After drinking her tea, Mistress Dion phoned downstairs to Selina, asking her to send up her first customer. Whilst she was waiting for the customer to knock on her door she put on her mask, to cover her nose and mouth, just like a surgeon would wear if they were doing an operation on somebody, she loved to look the part.The first customer had arrived. She knocked on the door, and waited.“Come in please” instructed Mistress Dion.Ms Williams came in the room, looking nervous which is just how Mistress Dion liked them to be.“Good Morning Ms Williams” greeted Mistress Dion “take a seat” she continued.The nervous young women sat down on the chair opposite Mistress Dion.“Ok, so Ms Williams, this is your first visit today” Mistress Dion asked looking interested as to why she has come.“Um…Yes it is Mistress, I’m a little nervous though” she replied anxiously.“Ok, so you’re here because?” asked Mistress Dion.“I have this fantasy that I am at the gynaecologists, and I have to have an exam, but I am scared of what will happen, but I am excited by that as well, and I need this to live my fantasy” Ms Williams continued.“Ok, well that’s what I am here for, and I do whatever I think you can manage, no matter how you feel, I give you pleasure and pain, and I will scare you and excite you” explained Mistress Dion, she always says the same to her new customers to warn them what she does, and how she treats them.“Ok, but please call me Sarah” replied Ms Williams.“Fine, so Sarah, lets get started then, please go behind that screen and get yourself undressed and slip on the gown supplied then come over here and get up on the table” instructed Mistress Dion.With that Sarah went off to get changed behind the screen, meanwhile Mistress Dion began to get things ready for the role play examination. Sarah could hear cupboards and drawers opening, and she thought it sounded like Mistress Dion was rummaging through a toolbox. She began to feel sick with nervousness, it was her first time here, and she was beginning to have doubts. Finally she was dressed in the hospital gown as instructed by Mistress Dion, and she made her way over to the examination table feeling thousands of butterflies in her stomach.“Ah good, I see you are all ready, hop up on this table for me whilst I just go and lock the door, so we don’t get disturbed” Said Mistress Dion, whilst clapping her hands.“Ok” replied Sarah still thinking why the hell she was here and now thinking why the door gümüşhane escort was being locked. “Ok, lets get down to business, lay back Sarah and hitch you knees up and place them in the stirrups for me” Mistress Dion said with a smile on her face. “That’s it, now I’m just going to secure your legs and feet in place with these straps, so you cant move whilst we are in the middle of this, because as much as I like you to experience some discomfort I don’t want to cut you because you move at the wrong time!” continued Mistress Dion giving a little chuckle as she secured Sarah with tight straps.Mistress Dion pulled the gown up towards Sarah’s stomach so that she could see all of Sarah’s open vagina clearly. “Lovely, how you feeling so far?” she asked“I’m really scared still, I’m not sure about this” Sarah replied feeling more worried, little did she know she was going to feel even more worried in a few minutes.“Well, it’s a little late now I’m afraid, I am sure you will enjoy all this, and it will be an experience that you will like and dislike all at the same time,” Said Mistress Dion with a firm tone in her voice.“Ok” was all Sarah could think of to say.“Now, I am going to just push the stirrups apart so I can see you open, and so it is easier to get to you” explained Mistress Dion as she pushed the stirrups apart from each other, watching as Sarah began to wince at every movement. “Lovely that’s better, now I am just going to higher the table a little” and she started to raise the table so she could clearly see both the entry for Sarahs vagina, and anal cavity. Mistress Dion then went off to get a metal frame that sat over Sarah’s stomach, and slotted into each side of the bed, then she grabbed the sheet and placed it over the top of the frame, this acted like a tent, and prevented Sarah from seeing anything going on down there. Mistress Dion always liked the idea of everything being a surprise, and when the customer could not see was going on they became more anxious, and completely unrelaxed, so everything seemed more uncomfortable. Then she wheeled a trolley full of cold silver equipment, and tubes of lubricant and other things, over to the table, where Sarah was laying.“Ok Sarah, we are now ready to begin” she explained as she sat on her stool in between Sarah’s legs.“Um…Ok, I’m ready” Sarah replied, she clearly wasn’t ready by the look on her face, and Mistress knew this.“Well good, don’t be frightened to speak whilst I am at work down here, by the way have you ever had a real gynaecologist exam before?” Mistress said whilst she was putting on her latex gloves making sure she made them snap on her wrists, so it frightened Sarah even more.“Um.. No I have never had one, I was always too worried” Sarah replied shaking.“Good, then this really will be an experience” Mistress replied feeling even more happier.Mistress began by pulling apart Sarah’s pussy lips, pulling gently at first, and then pulling them harder so they stretched out. Mistress realised that Sarah jumped as soon as she touched her, and was tensing up even with the stretching of the lips. She knew this girl would be screaming with in the next 10 minutes and she couldn’t wait. Once she had stretched the lips she kept hold of one lip, and pulled it back and secured it with a clip attached to a strap that kept the lip to the side, and secured it to the metal side of the bed, then she did the same with the other side. Now Sarah was exposed, and wondering what was going to happen next. Mistress then pushed a finger inside Sarah’s pussy and once again felt her tense up. So she put another inside, and another, and when it got to finger number 4 trying to get in, Sarah shouted,“Please I cant take any more”“Yes you can, and you will have all five of my fingers in there in a minute, you are here because you wanted it, now sit still and take it, I have lots more to do yet this is only the beginning” Shouted Mistress Dion back at her.Sarah was scared, and she was scared of the Mistress, she was enjoying being poked and prodded, it was turning her on, but at the same time she could feel herself stretching inside, and had never been stretched like that before. So instead of saying anything she started to moan out load and shout the odd “Ow!”, as Mistress pushed her gloved finger in more. Finally Mistress had 5 fingers inside her, and she tried to push her hand up, but she seemed to tight, so she released her hand, and began to get the speculum ready. Sarah seemed relieved that Mistress had removed her hand, but with the clanging of metal that she could hear she was worried even more.“Now, I am going to insert a speculum inside you, and I am going to open it up once it is inside, I will start with the smallest and see how we progress from there.”explained Mistress whilst holding the speculum ready for insertion.Sarah dared not say anything, she knew she had to take what was coming, and hope the Mistress knew not to hurt her too much.Mistress placed the speculum in the gümüşhane escort bayan opening of Sarah’s pussy and began to insert it, she pushed it in as far as it would go, and then began to open it up. Sarah, didn’t say anything, and didn’t even moan, she seemed fine with this instrument, and just laid still. Mistress could tell it was too small, and proceeded to remove it and got the next ready, again she inserted it, and began opening it up inside Sarah, she was halfway through opening it up completely when Sarah began to moan, so she carried on opening it, Sarah’s moans got louder. Then it was fully open, Sarah seemed fine.“Your doing alright now, so I shall move on to the next” said Mistress looking forward to pushing in the second to last biggest, she knew that Sarah was not going to like this next one, because it was a lot bigger, but she was not going to take an notice.She began pushing it inside, and when it was halfway in Sarah started moaning louder.“Oh please, its so big” she shouted“Yes that’s right Sarah, enjoy it” laughed Mistress as she pushed it all the way in.“Ow, Ow, god that hurts, it hurts Mistress” Sarah shouted again, hoping Mistress would remove it now.“It will Sarah, as I said I give pain and pleasure, so just lay still whilst I open it up” Mistress said in a harder voice.“What, you cant open it, it hurts please stop” Sarah couldn’t believe that her cries seemed to be ignored. Mistress was opening up the speculum, she ignored what Sarah was shouting, she knew that Sarah could adjust to this, after all she was going to insert the last big mammoth after this one, so she wanted her stretched more.“Nearly there Sarah, another couple of turns and it will be done” Shouted the Mistress over the top of Sarah’s complaints.“NOOOOOO!!! Please its hurts so bad, its cutting me I can feel it, I cant do this any more” Sarah screamed with tears beginning to roll down here face.“It’s fine Sarah just breathe, I am nearly done with this one, and you are not going anywhere, you are going to lay there like a good little girl, and get what you come here for” She shouted back at Sarah. With that Mistress gave the speculum a final turn, and had managed to open it to it’s full width. Sarah was gaping open.“There you go, all done I told you , you could take it, now I will gently remove it and get on with the next one” said the Mistress with a calm voice.“What? You mean there’s more? I cant take another one please” Sarah cried again.Mistress ignored her, and continued to close the speculum and remove it from Sarah’s pussy.“K, Sarah, as you are new to this, I will give you a reward, but once you have this you will be taking the next speculum, and I will not be releasing you until I have finished the entire examination, so stop trying to move because you cant get down and just take what you have coming to you!” Shouted Mistress with a very firm voice, the kind Sarah was scared of.After the speculum was removed, Mistress grabbed the suction cup, and placed it over the top of Sarah’s Clitoris. She began to pump the other end, which caused Sarah’s Clit to expand in size.“Oh God, thats so good, oh yes, oh yes, oh god I think I want to come” shouted Sarah.Mistress pumped harder Sarah started moaning louder and louder, then she screamed out loud, as she orgasmed and cum like a waterfall.“Now, that’s better isn’t it?” asked Mistress“Oh God yes that was amazing” Sarah replied still in heaven from the orgasm.Whilst Sarah was not thinking Mistress grabbed the last speculum, it was the mammoth and she pushed it straight in Sarah’s wet pussy, and started opening it up.“Ow, stop, wait, please, oh god that hurts, please stop, Mistress I cant, Ow, Ow, Ow, ARRRRGGGGGHHH” Sarah was screaming, just like all Mistresses other clients, she started crying out loud, tears rolling down her face, her legs trying to break free but she could not move she was stuck, and in agony.“Sarah, just accept it, it’s nearly done anyway, just a few more turns, and get used to it, when you have a baby, you will be open a lot bigger than what I will make you today, so be brave” shouted Mistress“I cant, I cant do it, please I’m begging you stop, I cant, Ow it hurts its cutting me, it stings ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH” Sarah was screaming really loud now.“K, Sarah it’s done now just sit tight, whilst I have a poke around inside” said Mistress“Please take it out” Sarah was still shoutingMistress put a long pipe made of rubber, and poked Sarah inside, and made her jump every time she poked somewhere else. Then she clenched her hand to make a fist and placed it inside the opening, now she could see that Sarah could take her fist inside, she had stretched her wide enough, so she began to release the speculum.“K, Sarah, now that’s all done, I have stretched you enough, so I feel that it would be a good time to leave your vagina alone for a minute, and check your anus.” Explained Mistress with out letting her know she would then be back to fist her soon,“My anus, what do you escort gümüşhane mean my anus?” asked Sarah worried“Well when you have an exam of this kind we have to examine your anal tract too” explained Mistress.“Oh, no please don’t, I have never, I mean I don’t want that I thought it was just vaginal,” Sarah began to panic as she spoke.“Sorry it has to be done you have no choice” demanded Mistress reaching for the KY Jelly.Sarah knew she was not going to win, so she laid there crying to herself, and feeling really worried about what was going to happen, she had never had anything up there, she was an anal virgin.Mistress lubed up her finger, and lubed the opening of Sarah’s anal opening. Sarah began to wince with every touch even though Mistress was not in there yet.“K, Sarah, now I will begin” Mistress advised her.Mistress pushed her index finger against the opening, and had trouble getting inside, so she pushed harder and there it was her finger was inside, she palpitated her finger in and out, and Sarah began to enjoy it. Mistress knew she would, so now for the uncomfort and the pain. In went finger 2. And she continued pushing her fingers in and out. She tried with finger 3, but Sarah was too tight, her finger wouldn’t go in and Sarah was shouting again.“K, Sarah, lets try with the speculum” advised the Mistress“What? I cant have a speculum up there like the others!” replied Sarah“Sarah it is an anal Speculum it’s not like the other ones.” Explained MistressMistress began to pick up one of the bigger anal speculum s, and she covered it with lube, and began to insert it inside Sarah. She pushed a little harder and it went it with no trouble. Sarah was moaning, but nor screaming yet, so Mistress removed it and replaced it with the biggest she had, and then the screams began again.“NO!! Get it out, get it out now, I need the toilet, I cant please take it out it’s hurting, please” screamed Sarah.“You will feel like you need the toilet but you wont do anything, its just the feeling of being full, please stop moving your bottom, it will hurt you more, the more you move” shouted Mistress.“I cant help it, it hurts I need it out please!” Sarah screamed back“Sorry Sarah it’s not all the way in yet, another quarter and we will be there, just lay still” Mistress shouted louder back at Sarah’s Screams.Mistress pushed harder and finally it was all the way in. she took a dildo and pushed it in the speculum tube to make sure she had the right size.Mistress explained to Sarah that she was going to remove the speculum, and continue with the exam. Sarah felt relieved but worried, her hour was almost up what else could happen. Mistress placed the cup back over the clit, and Sarah relaxed she knew that she could now come again, and be rewarded, what she didn’t know was that whilst the suction cup was going on, a machine controlled dildo was going to be placed in her rectum to basically fuck her hard in the arse. The cup was on and Mistress began the suction as soon as she knew that Sarah was close to coming, she placed the dildo at the opening of Sarah’s anus.“what’s going on?” Sarah asked.“It’s ok Sarah, whilst you are enjoying yourself with a orgasm, you arse is getting fucked” smiled Mistress.“oh no, please I don’t like it in my arse” cried Sarah, but it was too late, the machine had entered her arse, and was pumping on a low speed to begin with whilst the suction cup was at work arousing her to an orgasm. Sarah didn’t know what to do, she loved it the feel of her arse being fucked, it was hurting her, but the orgasm was making her feel so good, she was close to coming which the Mistress know, so she put the speed of the dildo machine up to maximum, and pumped the suction harder. Sarah was screaming in joy and pain.“I’m going to come, oh god, oh god, I’m coming ohhhhhhhh ooooo oohhhh god yes yes yes!” Sarah shouted as she came once again. Mistress stopped the machine and removed the dildo, and then removed the cup. Sarah was so wet, so with that and Sarah thinking it was all over, Mistress pushed her fingers inside Sarah’s pussy, and managed to get most of her hand in before Sarah screamed again.“OW, what are you doing?”“I am fisting you, and I am nearly there!” shouted Mistress.“No way get out, no I cant please stop” yelled SarahMistress again ignored her, and continued. She got her hand inside, then she started to make a fist with her hand, and pumped it in and out of Sarah.“Oh God, please no, stop it hurts so bad, it really hurts. Screamed Sarah again.Mistress still continued, and then after 5 minutes removed her hand, and removed her gloves. She released Sarah from the straps, and explained that was her hour up.Sarah got down, and made her way to get dressed feeling like she had just got off a horse.“Thank you, Mistress, I am sorry I screamed at you, but it did hurt, your right though I did enjoy it, would I be able to come again?” Sarah asked.“Of course, just book downstairs with Selina, there’s a bit of a wait, but she will get you a slot, glad you enjoyed it, don’t worry about screaming, I don’t take any notice!” Laughed Mistress.With that Sarah left the room, and headed downstairs to book her next visit in. Mistress sat back at her desk and smiled to herself, and said, “Another satisfied customer!”