safer to submit

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safer to submitThe young man had run as fast as he could but had run into a brick wall. He tried to climb it frantically but it was too late his predator, an old man, 6ft, 300pounds was behind him. He turned to face him terrified at what might come next.The old man smiled at him knowingly “if you submit now, I’ll make sure I lube you first” he finished his sentence by dropping his pants to reveal a massive tree trunk of a cock sticking out beneath his beer belly.The young stud stared, straight at one of the biggets, hardest cock hid ever seen. He knew it would rip him apart if he fought it. “Promise?” he asked “Promise” responded the old man as he walked over and placed his hands kırşehir escort on the young man’s shoulders. The young man complied, sank to his knees and took the old man’s thick cock in his mouth. It was so big he almost gaged on it every time he inhaled it but he son got used to it “yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” moaned the old man as his young stud sucked away.”Show me that asshole” the old man said and with that the young stud turned onto all fours and presented his ass to the old man. “Now for my promise” said the old man as he spat onto the young studs hole and ran his fingers around the his rim. As the old man spat and fingered more the young stud began to enjoy himself escort kırşehir “yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah that’s it….take me” moaned the young stud.The old man grabbed the young stud by the waist and slowly inched the sweet, tight hole onto his monster cock. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!” yelled the young man as he was impaled on the old mans cock. Slowly it slipped further in as the young man loosened up and took it well. After a few minutes of pumping the old man stopped, flipped the old man on to his back and raised his legs over his head. The young man braced himeslf for what was next.He was lucky he did becuase the old man began to pile drive his young prey mercilessly. kırşehir escort bayan The young man’s body shuddered with each pump.”Fuccccccccccccccccck…so sweet” moaned the old man as he pushed the young man onto his back. He climbed up the young man’s body and placed his cock in the young mans face “drink it!” he barked to the young man. With that the young man tilted his hesad up to suck the massive shaft in front of him. The old man then wrapped his big hands around the young man’s head and rammed his cock down the young mans mouth. He began face fucking the young man almost with a fury!Then, finally, “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” the old man moaned and arched his back as he shot a load into the young mans mouth, only letting him up for air when he was well and truly spent.The young man lay there humiliated with cum on the side of his mouth. The old man smiled at hime and said “good boy, now you can go” and with that he walked away.