Rob’s Wife

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Rob’s WifeI liked to be dominated. I like when men take control and tell me what to do. My husband discovered this after a few years of marriage, and things haven’t been the same since. Lately, though, things my have gotten a little out of control.It seems that my husband, Rob, had been discussing domination with a few of his friends at work. He had, after a couple of beers at the local bar, told them about our secret sexual practices. He told them that I liked being a love slave, and would do anything that I was told.I didn’t mind that so much. However, one Saturday, the doorbell rang. I went to answer the door, and Hal stood there. He looked at me and asked me if my master was home!”Rob’s home, yes,” I said, my face red.”Tell him I’m here,” he said.I called Rob, and Rob came into the room. He invited Hal in, and I went into the kitchen and got them a couple of beers. I brought them to the two men, and the doorbell rang again. I started to go and answer it, and Rob stopped me.”That’s Jim,” he said, looking at his watch. “Answer it, but I want you to take off your blouse and your bra first,” he said.”Huh?””Take off your bra and answer the door,” he demanded.Red-faced, (but excited) I unbuttoned my blouse as the doorbell rang again. I took off my bra, my nipples hardening and a thrill traveling through my pussy as I went to the door, topless. I opened the door, and Jim stood there. His mouth hung open for just a second as he took in the fact that I was topless.”Tell the boss I’m here,” he said.I called out to Rob that Jim was there, and bolu escort Rob told me to go into the kitchen and get Jim a beer, and that I had better be stark naked the next time he saw me. I went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door, my pussy was flowing. The cold air from the refrigerator made my nipples even harder, and I could feel my pussy tingle as I slipped out of my skirt and panties.I went back into the living room with the beer, and I nearly swooned. All three men sat there, naked, their hard dicks sticking up against their bellies and throbbing. Except for Jim. His cock stuck straight out, a long, fat, uncircumcised monster that angled toward my face, the purple head still partially hidden by the foreskin. Hal’s cock paled in comparison to the size of it, and so did Rob’s, though I wasn’t complaining about either of them. It was just that Jim’s cock was so hairy, his balls so big and full of wrinkled skin, and his cock was so fat and long. It was a man’s cock, a real man’s cock, and I felt my pussy gush just looking at the damned thing. I knew that I was going to have sex with all of the men in the room. It frightened me and excited me at the same time. I wondered if Rob would be able to let me go through with this. Up until now any sex with strange men had just been in our imagination.Rob sat at one end and Jim at the other, with Hal in the middle.”Come over here and shake our dicks, just like you’re greeting guests,” said Rob.I handed Jim his beer and got on my knees, my face in Hal’s crotch. I reached bolu escort bayan out and wrapped my fingers around the base of Jim’s cock and stroked upward, and shook it, as if saying hello. Then, I did the same to Rob’s cock. Hal came last, and his cock was extremely stiff and hard, and positively hot to the touch. The big purple head of his dick was dripping with preseminal fluid, and Rob told me to lick it off. I bent forward and stuck out my tongue and flicked at the head of his dick. He groaned with pleasure.I held it in my hand, feeling it throb beneath my fingers, stroking upward on it as I licked it. The sight must have really turned on my husband, because he reached down and began jerking his hard cock rapidly. It suddenly erupted with a gushing flow of cum that flew high in the air and landed on Hal’s thighs and cock. I bent over him and licked the cum from his friend’s thighs and cock.As I knelt there, Rob got up from the couch, his wet dick still sticking straight up in the air, and he positioned himself behind me. He pulled me away from the couch and had me kneel on the floor.”Hal’s gonna fuck you in the cunt, while I fuck you in the ass, and you’re going to suck Jim’s big, fat dick,” Rob said.”Yes,” I said.Hal lay on the floor beneath me, and Rob entered my ass from behind just as I lowered myself on Hal’s cock. Jim knelt in front of me, to the side, his fat dick hitting me in the cheek, leaving a snail’s trail of precum across my skin. I turned my head and opened my mouth and sucked the head of his cock into my escort bolu mouth, running my tongue around the foreskin. It didn’t peel itself all the way back — I reached up and pulled it backward, running my fingers to the base of his big fat cock, copping a feel of his big, hairy balls. Rob began to move me, pushing me forward and pulling me back by my hips; my cavities were invaded by their two stiff pricks. I could feel Hal’s throbbing cock in my cunt, and Rob’s dick way up my ass. I reached behind me, and I felt both of their pairs of balls at once, and the feeling of their balls pressing together really turned me on. I came, my body jerking and writhing all over the place, my moans coming out of my mouth around Jim’s big, fat dick.I sucked on the head of his cock even harder, trying to take the monster to the back of my throat. I got quite a bit of it in, and once, I even felt his balls on my chin as he pushed forward, shoving his dick even further down my throat.His fat dick erupted inside me. I loved the feeling of it jerking in my mouth, and the feel of his big balls tightening in my hand. I came again, just as Hal shot his load in my cunt, and then, just a few minutes later, when Rob came again. I could feel the cum leaking out of my pussy and my ass when the men moved me away. It was still dripping out of my mouth, and I was told that I had to lick up every drop.The men sat and sipped their beers, and then, I had to crawl into the kitchen and bring them another one, one at a time. I loved the feel of the men’s looks at my ass high in the air as I crawled, and I loved what it was doing to their dicks.We had sex every-which-way for the rest of the day. Now Rob invites his buddy’s home from work at least once a week. Things have really become interesting…