Repair guy doing his job

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Repair guy doing his jobLast month I was online one evening when i lost my internet connection I tried a couple of things to get the problem solved but had to call the cable company and spent 1 hour with some guy that had no idea waht was going on. Finally he said I will send a service tech out tomorrow afternoon between a 4 hour window. I said ok just make sure they are going to be able to solve the issue.The next day I waited with my cell phone in hand for the service tech to call whenn he finally did he said his name was Will and was running behind this today and asked if I diddn’t mind him coming late or wanted to reschedule I said no get here today no matter the time. He said he would call when he was close. I decided to go for a run and came back and was getting ready to take a shower when my cell rang with Will on the line saying he would be here in 5 minutes. I said ok and turned on the front lights since it was near 8 pm now. I watched the service van pull into the driveway and watched Will get his tool bag from the van and walk towards the door. I noticed Will had no uniform on wearing running shorts and tee shirt. He got to the door and apologized afyon escort for not being in uniform but he had a long day and had stopped by his house to shower before making the last call. I said thats fine because I plan to do the same after I show you were my modem and computer are. I took him into my office and showed him my desk top and modem were and he asked if I had a laptop so he could check it also. I got my laptop and took it to him and let him know if he needed anything else for the next few minutes I would be in the bathroom showering. He started checking cables and I went to shower. While I was in the shower I washing my cock I was getting horny like always but I thought to myself I wonder if Will would like to play. I finished up with my shower and walked very quitely down the hall and looked into the office and seen Will with his hand down his shorts with some porn on the screen. I started to say something then I realized that was the last page I was on the day before. I was kind of embarassed but I thought this would be a good way to see if I could play with Will’s cock. I walked into the room and spoke up he quickly turned and pulled escort afyon his hand out of his shorts. I said you like that stuff he said yeah who doesn’t. I asked him if his dick was still hard he said yeah then I said I can take care of that if you want me to. He said well I am not gay or nothing so I will pass. I said I didn’t say you were gay or nothing I just offered to take care of you hard cock I guarentee you will enjoy. I got down on my knees and reached for his shorts to pull down. I figured he would be a little more hesitant but lifted his butt up so I could pull them all the way off. Will had a really nice uncut cock with nice balls freshly shaved. I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth and started sucking slowly letting him get use to a mans mouth. It didn’t take long until he was moaning a little and guiding my head. After about 5-6 minutes of sucking I could tell he was really enjoying it because he was getting more verbal saying suck my dick you fucking bitch and you like that black cock. He stood up I thought he was getting ready to cum but he was just getting me in position with my head up against my chair to really get his afyon escort bayan cock down my throat he was face fucking me pretty good when I pushed him back and said you want to tear my ass open with your big cock. He said fuck yeah whore i got in the chair on my knees leaning over my desk and he SLAMMEd his cock into my ass I tried to run but I couldn’t i was pinned between the chair and his body. I was moaning and he was getting into it more and more saying he is going to tear my ass up so bad nothing will be tight anymore. After the first couple of minutes I loosened up and was really enjoying the FUCKING I was getting. He was slamming his cock all the way in my ass about every 10 pulses making me moan everytime. He slammed me 2 times in a row and asked if I liked that and I said yes your big black cock feels great in my ass. He then went on a 1 minute or so hard fucking puching his cock all the way in every time with his balls slapping my balls. He then said loudly I am going to cum and pulled his cock out and grabbed my head I quickly slid down to the floor and opened my mouth at the same time he started shooting cum all over my face, hair, desk, mouth, and everything else in the room. I took his cock and sucked the last couple of drops out. He reached down and grabbed his shorts and said your internet is fixed if you have any more problems call me direct and walked out the door.