Redheaded Step Daughter..Part 2

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Redheaded Step Daughter..Part 2It had been well over a month since me and my girlfriends daughter Andrea had sex and as much as it was amazing I was confused and bothered by what had happen. When I looked at Andrea when I first met her all I saw was a tight bodied, shy redhead with freckles on her face who wouldn’t even look people in the eye when she first met them she was so shy,but I soon learned she wasen’t shy at all. Her mom Melissa dident have the slightest clue what had happened that night and Andrea and I had no intention of her ever finding out. Andrea would smile at me when I came over and she made sure she was always wearing something sexy when I did. Me and her never really talked about it but I always figured it was a one time deal…I was wrong. One night Melissa invited me to come with her and Andrea out to dinner mostly because I lived by myself and was barely making ends meet. I met Melissa and Andrea outside my apartment, Melissa waved at me like she hadent seen me in a month. I opened the passenger door and I heard Andrea say “Hello” from the back seat, she was sitting legs crossed wearing a white mini dress and a pink midriff tank top that showed off her breasts very well and she had her glowing red hair in pigtails. She looked at me and gave me that crooked smile I knew all too well. When we got to the restaurant the waiter showed us to out booth, Andrea said she wanted to sit next to me and Melissa laughed and said “Well I guess you too are getting along fine than” I sat on the inside and Andrea on the outside. We ordered our drinks and were making small talk when I felt Andrea’s hand start rubbing my thigh while she make small talk with her mom laughing and joking. I instantly started to sweat, the fact that her mom my girlfriend was sitting not two feet away didn’t seem to bother her any, I didn’t wanna try and move her hand because I was afraid her mom would catch on to what was happening.The waitress brought us our drinks Andrea and bodrum escort her mom said thank you but I was too tense to say anything. Andrea was feeling my thigh when I could feel my cock getting rock hard, all of the sudden as our food arrived her hand went under my belt and she grabbed a firm hold of my cock and started stroking upward, it felt so good her tiny hand with soft skin stroking me. She ate her food with her right hand while her left staid under the table. I was sweating like crazy while trying to enjoy my dinner but she kept stroking faster and faster, I tried my hardest not to cum but I couldn’t hold it anymore, as I was cumming I coughed to try and cover the fact I wanted to let out a moan but I wouldn’t let myself. Andrea pulled her hand out and said she needed to use the restroom, her mom with her face still looking at her plate eating mumbled an OK. Andrea looked at me and smiled as she got up I saw her hand and it was completely covered in cum, as she walked away Melissa looked at me and said “I’m glad you too are getting along so well, Ive never seen her this open to someone before.” I said yeah she’s a good k**, which was all I could muster. Andrea came back sat down and finished her food.We were getting ready to leave and Andrea said “Why don’t we go see a movie its not to late. Melissa said its a great idea and we headed out. We got to the theater picked a movie and found our seats up front, I made sure Melissa was between me and Andrea to prevent a repeat of what happened at the restaurant. The trailers started and I had to piss so I said I’ll be right back and made my way to the rest room, it was a big bathroom with three stalls and two urinals, there was nobody in there so I made my way to the corner stall because the urinals had piss all over them. I stepped in and closed the door behind me but didn’t lock it. I pulled my cock out and it still had cum all over it from the restaurant, I started to go and all of the sudden escort bodrum the door opens behind me and Andrea is there, she lock’s it behind her and I said “What are you doing in here?” “My mom thinks I’m getting popcorn” she said, She stared making out with me while stroking my cock with her other hand, I said “Do you really wanna do this here? and she replied back with “Yes! haven’t you been thinking of me all night?” Yes I said but in here? as I finished my sentence she said “Stand on the toilet” I stood up and lucky the stall walls were about three more inches taller than were my head stopped. She pulled my pants down around my ankles and shoved my cock in her tiny mouth. I grabbed onto the walls of the stall listening for someone else to come in but was way to distracted, she was sucking me with one hand on my shaft and the other on my balls playing with them, I let out moan after moan and was trying to cum as fast as I could so her mom wouldn’t wonder where we were and come looking for us. after about eight minutes I told her I was going to cum, she still kept sucking and stroking until I felt myself shoot load after load into her mouth, I heard her gag but she still swallowed every drop. we made sure we went into the theater one at a time not to make her mom wonder. After the movie we went back to there house and we decided we were all tired and going to bed, just as me and Melissa laid down her cell went off and she said she was on call and had to run into work but would be back soon. I kissed her and said to hurry back. I heard her car pull out and fell asleep, I was awoken about five minutes later to my cock being jerked and I said “Well that was quick” I looked down and Andrea was sitting in the side of the bed with nothing on but her skirt and her hair still in pigtails. A wasen’t awake enough to fight her as she said “Ive been hoping id get to fuck you tonight” she sucked me till I was as hard as a rock, she stood over me pulled her mini bodrum escort bayan skirt up revealing she had no underwear just her tiny shaved pussy, and bent her knees till the head of my cock met her pussy lips, she had a hold of it and slid it in her very slowly and let out a moan as she lowered herself onto it. she was riding me slow at first while digging her nails in my chest, she started going faster while I put my hand between her bouncing tits and pushed her back a little arching her back, she was so wet and so tight, she looked at me with one hand on my chest and the other squeezing her tits and told me she was going to cum. I pulled her head down till our foreheads were touching and looked her in the eyes as I started thrusting into her hard. She wanted to throw her body backwards but couldn’t because i had my hand on the back of her head holding her head against mine. She let out a thunderous scream as I felt her body start to quiver and felt her cum all over my cock.I bent her over on the bed, got behind her and started rubbing my cock up and down her ass crack. She told me she wanted it in the ass, I got the ky jelly out of the cabinet on the side of the bed slather my cock in it and proceeded to slide my cock head first into her ass, she had her head in a pillow as she let out a scream and said “Not too hard at first” I eased it in her slowly all the way in, grabbed her tiny hips and started pumping all the way in and out, she was moaning very loud burying her face in the pillow hard to keep from screaming too loud. I could see from the other mirror on the other side of the room her mascara was running down her face from the tears. “Fuck my ass hard” she said so I grabbed onto her pigtails pulled her head back and started pounding her ass deep, she was shaking and I could feel her cumming, she let out another scream and I could feel her pussy squirt on my legs as I kept pounding her. I was getting ready to cum and I could feel I was gonna cum hard. “Cum in my little ass she said” I tilted my head back and was thrusting as hard as I could getting ready to blow my load in her ass. All of the sudden her screams went silent, and the next thing I heard was…. “Hi Mom” ……To be continued.