Re: Breeding

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Re: BreedingMy Girlfriend and her 3 daughters aren’t being cucked, but myself being an avid pumper/stretcher has them all getting fucked by me with no protection. My cock is 14 in long with a girth of 13 in, and my balls hang to just above my knees. My girlfriend, 37 year old, and her 21, 20, and 18 yo daughters are very much into having me pump my cum into them as often as possible. I work at home, so am able to perform for them often, and my girlfriend has my pump on my cock and my balls weighted when not in use. My GF was the first to want knocked up, so she and her daughters had me cum internally nevşehir escort for a week at a time for 2 mo before she missed her period.After my GF was preggo, she and the 20 yo daughter asked me to knock her up, which took about 4 mo. I then was put to work to breed the 21 yo, which took several more months, and I also had 4 others putting their cum in her along with me as we took turns being first to inject sperm each session, this was done at her request, so she would not know who got her preggers.The youngest daughter turned 18 in Nov and I am currently pumping her full of cum escort nevşehir to knock her up. She is excited about the fact of having a baby with her mom and 2 sisters. My GF had her baby, a boy, 10 lbs 9 oz, the day after Christmas at home with all the daughters helping with the delivery.I was concerned about fucking the daughters when my GF had asked me about sharing my cock with the older girls about 2 years ago, but soon relaxed when the attention they put towards my cock and balls was for enjoyment and also took care of putting weight on my sack, and that my cock is in a pumping tube nevşehir escort bayan when not being used. Being asked to breed them was at first scary, but after a family discussion about the care and raising, it was an honor to put my cock and sperm to use.The doctors have given the 2 preggo daughters word that the will also have boys, so it appears that there will be a lot of pumping cock and balls in the future, since all have said they will start their boys when the reach puberty and not have them start at the age I did. I am 59 yo and only started 22 years ago. I have my cock pumped 24 hr a day, as well as my ball sack being stretched. If anyone else is in a situation as mine, don’t hesitate, everyone will very happy, or at least all my “mothers” are, as the 2 waiting to deliver are sharing tits with the newborn, as their milk is starting in.