Public Toilet Heaven

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Public Toilet HeavenI grew up in Preston, on the outskirts of Manchester, this small town was quite unassuming. People went about their daily lives in the normal way. The town centre had about fifty shops, and the High Street was always quite busy, not like it is today. On the back of the High Street was a very small and very dated public ‘swimming baths’, and next to this old building was a set of similarly aged public toilets.The location was super. The swimming baths car park was often used by people letting their wives nip to the shops, whilst the male would sit in the car, reading a paper or such like until their wife’s return. Anyone wanting to use the toilets could just park up in the swimming park car park, and even watch from the safety of their cars for any activity, before going in themselves.The cottages were very ‘old fashioned’, very dirty, and always smelt of that industrial bleach the council workmen used to throw about the place, almost like clockwork at 9.00 am every day. There was often a queue of men hanging around the outside of the place, waiting for the cleaners to do their daily chores, before making almost a dash for the troughs once the small decrepit building had been vacated by any officialdom.The whole floor space of the building was only about 30ft x 30ft. The floor itself was solid stone; often very cold, and it seems always covered in that smelly detergent. It had two cubicles, both with the locks broken and large peep (but not glory) holes where the locking mechanisms used to be. The cubicles were set apart, the space in-between occupied by a ‘cleaning utensils’ store room. This store room had a really robust metal door, and accompanying heavy duty padlock; no one even bothered to try to gain access.Opposite the cubicles was the slightly raised trough. It was only big enough for three people to stand at, and you had a small step to negotiate, before actually stepping up onto the raised platform.The trough was easily viewed from either cubicle – either through the spy holes or, as more often happened, actually opening the door ajar, and letting everyone there know you were watching.The cubicles were absolutely fantastic places. They walls were disgustingly dirty – completely covered in sex graffiti, and indeed old and flaky sperm splashes and drips. Whole stories were scribed on there. Some had been there years, and I mean years. All had their use. I admit to wanking over the same stories many many times, on my quieter visits to the cottage. Many of the stories featured graphic, blatant kinky sex, and some were more generalised. There wasn’t much gay talk – it can all be described as sex, but not featuring males as much as females / girls.There were big pictures almost expertly drawn, often depicting girls with huge boobs in stockings and suspenders and high heels being kept busy by lots of falsely sized cocks. There were drawn pictures of girls mouths open wide, these even had red lips on some of them coloured in, and they were very detailed. These were drawn at around 3 ft up from the floor, and were absolutely covered in old sperm dribbles. It was easy to depict the multitude of climaxes that had taken place over and over again, over the same mouth drawing. It was simple to look down at the mouth as well as look forward and read a sexy story samsun escort at the same time. As I say, this place was built for sex. There were always lots of advertisements from guys wanting porn or indeed wanting meets. Many of the numbers had been deleted, overwritten or just defaced. It wasn’t so much the meeting advertisements I liked, although I was too young to really understand why I felt like I did, I loved reading the stories, and indeed I thought the drawings were fantastic. Over the years the council would repaint the place out and replace the locks every 18 months or so, but it only took literally a few days and they were back on the road to sexual ruin.Alas I moved away with my parents for a few years before coming back to the town some 2 years later.First experience with men I was now in my late teens (although I looked very much younger), and a very confused cross dressing teen I was. Althogh I hsd dreamt of it, I had had no sexual activity with any men before, but I knew if I got chance, these toilets would be where I would find some.We had only been back to the town for 2 days when I made my first return journey to the toilets, but as I say – this time I was in my late teens… And I was prepared.Travelling into town on the bus, I was so excited!I checked my Tesco carrier bag had everything I needed, should the opportunity arise.On the bus I smoked a cigarette and held it, and smoked it like the other women were that surrounded me.The bus stop wasn’t far from the swimming baths..I made my way into the dingy building and went straight into the cubicle opposite the entrance door.I closed the door behind me, and my heart was bouncing out of my chest!I crouched down to see if there was anyone at the troughs, but there wasn’t.disappointed, I knew I would have to be patient, and time was on my side as it was only mid morning.I took off my long coat that revealed my white shiny satin blouse I had put on before leaving mum’s. I sorted out the straps on the pink satin bra I had worn, and made my clevage look bigger.I felt so sexy. I then took off my jeans that revealed my black stockings and suspenders.Out of my little carrier bag I produced my wig, a tiny black mini skirt and my red lipstick, as well as my 5” stilleto shoes I had nervously bought from a charity shop some weeks before. I also had some big clip on earrings and a cheap pearl necklace. I had a small mirror and nervously applied the red lipstick, and put on the blonde ‘joke shop’ wig I had brought. I felt so feminine but in reality I knew when I was dressed I didn’t at all look like a girl, I looked a boy dressed as a girl…. A bit of a mess!I was so hard and turned on, being all dressed up. My cock was bursting out of the pink satin panties I was wearing. The sound of the shoes on the stone floor was amazing, and I took great delight in strutting about the cubicle, pulling poses as if I was a glamour model.I sat back down on the pan and I was shuddering with excitement when I heard someone walk in and go straight to the troughs. I looked through the oversized key hole and saw he was a very old man, probably about 65, He was stood with his back to me, facing the troughs, but he was not peeing. I could see his hand was moving and I knew he was stroking himself whilst reading a scrawled message escort samsun that he directly faced.I coughed out loud, so that if he was not aware someone was in the cubicle, he was now!He turned his head and I could see him now looking directly at the key hole. He really was in his 60s, and for some reason this made me feel more turned on than ever. I think that I would of felt silly with a boy my age, but for me to see this (dirty) old man, yes, it was a real turn on. He swivelled his body and displayed his hard cock to me. It was very hard and about 5 inches long. I distinctively remember how bright red his bell end was!I really didnt know what to do next. Should I open the door? What if he laughs at me? What if he is a plant from the police? (entrapment was very common in those days). He turned back towards the wall, and I was devastated.I got up from my crouched position and stood at the door. He MUST of heard my stilletos on the floor?Still he did not move.Then I heard another guy come in the building, and he too stood at the troughs.I very quietly moved back to the key hole.This guy was in his thirties, and he was not messing about. Almost straight away he was playing with the old guys cock, and soon they were both playing with each other and whispering to each other at the same time.The old guy said something to him, and gestured towards my door.The young guy very confidently walked towards my door.I stood up and stepped back from the door. I was physically shaking with excitement.The door slowly opened as he pushed against it.This was the first person that had ever seen me in any way dressed up. I was nearly crying with nervousness.The door swung fully open, and he looked me in the eye and smiled with approval.His cock was still out and it was very hard and very big.He stood at the doorway and I was very wary of the fact that if anyone else came into the building (someone who may just want a piss God forbid!) would see me also.I beckoned him to come in and close the door.He came in and closed the door behind him. He got hold of me and kissed me hard on the lips. He stunk of stale beer and cigarettes. The smell I remember to this day.His hands were all over me, going in my bra and in my panties, he was very very rough. I did not care.I made my way back to the toilet seat and sat down.His cock was now straight in front of my face.I raised my hand and felt his rock hard cock, the first cock I had ever touched, other than my own.I jerked him very slowly, and I was amazed as how big it was. I had been subjected to lots of porn, even at my tender age, and yet I would still class his cock as very big. It dwarfed mine.His hands were again in my bra, and I could tell he was really excited as his cock throbbed in my hand as he squeezed my little teeny tits, encased in the pink satin A cups. Very nervously, I slowly opened my bright red gossy lips and for the first time in my life I accepted a mans cock into my wanting mouth.I had wanted this for many years, and although the circumstances were not exactly nice, or a ‘clean’ man, I was in what can only be described as ecstasy.His bell end was solid, like the rest of his monster. It was deep purple, and very bulbous. I had trouble fitting the whole head of his cock in my mouth, but I did manage. It tasted quite unclean, samsun escort bayan musky, but I didn’t mind.I moved my head slowly up and down on his cock, like I had seen on the ‘Swedish Erotica’ and ‘Rodox’ films so many times at my friends house. (My friend had a pervy dad who used to be watching porn videos all the time, and of course we had watched in his absence. At no point did my friend think that I was wanting to be one of the girls in the videos!)My greasy lipstick was smeared all over the head and shaft of his cock. I looked up at him and he looked down into my eyes and smiled with appreciation, he then put his head back and closed his eyes as I continued to pleasure him.I closed my eyes as my head got into rhythm on his cock, and all things entered my mind as I did so.What if he had VD? What if he knew my Dad? What if the police came? I dismissed the negatives and concentrated on the positives…. Here I was being who I had wanted to be for years…. a girl, pleasuring a man.I left it at that.As I was working on him, to his inevitable conclusion, I heard the squeaky hinges of the door to my cubicle as the door once again swung open!I stopped what I was doing and with a frightened stare I gazed to see the old man from the troughs was now in the cubicle too!He didn’t say a word, he just closed the door behibd him and stood alongside the other guy in front of me.Within 10 seconds I had gone from oral virgin, to a group slut!Greedily I sucked on one then the other. I wanted to please them both, and knew I was succeeding.I licked along the shafts of their cocks in turn, again, like i had seen in the porn films. This seemed to have little effect for them both, and the ‘younger’ guy got hold of my head and forced his cock deep in my throat once more.The old guy forced me down deeper onto the long fat cock, and this made me gag. They both laughed quietly a gasped for air. That was the only communication I heard during the whole depraved scenario.Once again I was now in rhythm, but this time on the old man’s (much easily accommodated) cock.The other guy was now wanking furiously and I knew they both wouldn’t be long.Then I felt the old man’s cock twitch in my mouth, he then thrust and sighed and this was quickly followed by all I can describe as a ‘drowning’ sensation, as my mouth literally filled up with his very hot salty semen.As I removed his cock the sperm spilt down my chin onto my blouse.The other guy placed his cock close to my face and he instantly began to squirt his spunk onto my face and in my mouth. Shot after shot went over me. This was just like the filthy films I had seen!I did like the girls in the films did, and opened my mouth and smiled at both of them as they unloaded over my soft skin.No sooner had they cum and they were gone.No thank you, no good bye, no take care.They even left the door to the cubicle ajar when they left, leaving me, a very young man dressed as a girl, with a face and blouse covered in fresh cum to sort out the mess! (This is so typical, and not uncommon even now. When men have spunked on me, its back to reality for them, and they just want OUT!)I closed the cubicle door and wedged it shut with my coat so no one else would attempt to use me.I sat on the toilet seat and wanked myself off whilst still scooping the sperm from my cheeks and my cleavage into my mouth.As I ejaculated, I scooped this also into my mouth, to prove to myself I was a real cum slut.From that day, I knew my entire life would be spent yearning for the next load of cum in mouth, and how I was right!