Powder Room Sex

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Powder Room SexThis is another fantasy piece about gay sex, don’t like gay sex? Then continue your search. Exploring gay sex in my mind is as close as I will ever come to the act.“I should have never had that last scotch,” I thought as my cock slid up and down this 22 year old guy’s ass that showed up at my daughter’s wedding anniversary party. He wasn’t in the least “gay looking,” if I can be so politically incorrect to say something like that. Neither was he macho or a body builder, he was just a young guy with a sparkle in his eye and what looked like a generous bulge in his cargo shorts.Levi was bent over with his hands on the edge of the sink in the guest “powder room” as my daughter described it. His shorts were around his ankles as were mine and he had just pulled off my cock with his mouth nearly finishing me off. “I need you in my ass,” he said as he pulled off, dropped his pants, and turned away from me.I had never done anything like this and at the age of 71 Levi had taken my gay oral cherry and now he was going to introduce me to anal intercourse. My cock was soaking wet with his saliva and he had just pumped a handful of hand lotion from the sink and smeared it into his ass crack. We were both locked and loaded, now it was time to pull the trigger.I loved the feeling of sliding my cock between his cheeks, so smooth, and not a hair in sight. He looked back, “do it Larry, I need you inside of me,” he ordered and I obeyed. I pressed my tip against his puckered ring and felt my cock slip into his scalding hot anus and thought I’d shoot my load right there. I stopped and put my hands on his hips.“Don’t stop Larry,” he said as he pushed back against my cock.“If I don’t stop I am going to blow my load right now,” I said trying not to think about the fact that for the first time in my 71 years I was going to fuck a guy in the ass. I tried not to think about the way Levi looked at me over that glass of scotch. There was a glimmer in his eye and a smile that drew me in. And then his hand brushing against my crotch to find me hard and wanting him. I had no expectation or understanding why I felt attracted to him in a sexual way.“You want me,” Levi said, “How did you know I was gay?”“I had no idea,” I said, “I am a bit embarrassed because I have never thought of myself as gay, bi, or anything but straight.”I followed him to the powder room and now my cock had penetrated him. I knew I’d finish in him but I didn’t want to be like some pubescent guy that has a premature ejaculation when presented with his first chance for sex. I leaned over and grabbed his hard cock. I had been right, he was endowed with a sizable package.I had caught a glimpse of it as he dropped his shorts, he atakum escort had to be over 8 inches and his girth is something stories are told about. His balls hung like those of a bull and not a hair on his lower torso. I stroked his cock, it was so hard and long unlike mine. I felt totally inadequate in that department, barely 5 inches hard but still able to get it up and off without any medication.Levi moaned as I stroked him from the head to the base and tried to cup his hairless balls. They were so big I could hardly contain them in my hand. I stroked him again and he pushed back against me and my cock was buried in his ass. I felt in control now and dropped that big cock and put my hands on his hips and began moving in and out of his ass.I looked down and saw my little cock playing hide and seek in his ass and found is so erotic and the pleasure I felt as his tight ass gave me convinced me that I needed sexual release more than I had thought when the evening started. His ass crack was smeared with the pinkish white lotion and it got all over my pubic area as I ground my cock in his ass and felt so sensuous yet depraved and dirty. I was fucking a man’s ass and had no desire to stop.I didn’t last long, probably 2 minutes and I felt that cramp deep inside. Levi must have felt it too and reached between his legs and grabbed my balls and held me from moving. I felt him clamp his sphincter down on my cock and the feeling of his anal muscle group against me was all I needed.My cock erupted inside of him sending my old man seed into his anal cavity. It was like I was 16 again and feeling that climax into another human body for the first time. It wasn’t the first girl I fucked, it was the first guy and I nearly passed out with the pleasure it brought as I unloaded into his ass.I pulled out leaving a trail of cum sticking to his cheeks as he stood and turned towards me. “Your turn,” he said as he stepped around me, and bent me over the sink. I didn’t hesitate or resist, “I want this,” I thought as my hands grabbed the cool porcelain sink edge. I looked into the oval mirror and saw Levi behind me, the glimmer in his eyes that had caught me off guard at the start of the evening.“This is your first,” he said, “I will be gentle. Just tell me if you want me to stop.”I felt his buttery soft hand run down the cleft of my ass. His fingers slipped between my cheeks as he pulled back up. I shuddered with the first touch of his middle finger to my anus, I had never felt that before. Yes the doctor had checked my prostate but that was a lubricated latex covered finger shoved straight in and pulled out. This was different.Levi leaned over me for the lotion, his cock went between my legs atakum escort bayan and I humped back against his hairless pubic area. “You like that cock between your legs?” he asked as he pumped the lotion into the palm of his hand. The creamy lotion made me think of the sperm I had shot in his ass and now I was ready to accept his load in me.He smoothed the lotion between my cheeks just as he did his but then I felt his well lubed middle finger penetrate me. He pushed past my tight ring and stopped. His free hand was on my back and after a few seconds he pushed his finger all the way into me. I felt his finger tip hit my prostate felt the resulting contraction that felt pleasurable even with a spent cock hanging off of me.He began finger fucking me and then added a second finger. I winced a little with the extra pressure this brought and he paused, “just breath Larry, the discomfort will pass quickly,” he advised and he was right. He began reaming me out with his fingers and each pass into me brought that same spasm of my prostate and I felt my cock begin to stiffen even though I had just ejaculated in his ass.“Ready?” He asked as he pulled his fingers out and replaced them with the tip of his cock.I didn’t have a chance to answer as I felt him press his bulbous tip inside of me. He was larger than his two fingers but any discomfort passed quickly as my ass closed around his hard shaft. He held there for a moment running his hands up and down my ass. As he held his cock inside of me he reached around and grabbed my cock.“I knew this would make you hard again,” he said, “don’t be surprised if you cum again when I start fucking your ass.”And he did start fucking me like I was a bitch in heat. I felt like his bitch as his long cock began penetrating me. In this moment he owned me and I yield to the power of his cock inside of me. The pressure of my sphincter increased with his thick shaft and I thought he would never get it all the way in me. He paused several times letting me get used to it and when he thrust past my prostate I thought my cock would explode. This was so different from a digital prostate exam or even when he was finger fucking me.His cock felt huge inside of me and my only regret was I couldn’t see that monster penetrating my ass. Then I felt him make the final push into me. His soft hairless pubic area rubbed against my ass and he humped into me nearly knocking the wind out of me as I braced myself against the sink.He bent again, my cock was throbbing and dripping fluid, I wasn’t sure if it was precum, piss, or if I was just draining my balls onto the floor. He stroked my cock as he said, “let’s see if we can make you blow another load,” and let escort atakum go of me. There was no more talking and the gentleness left as his lust for my ass reached a fever pitch. My mind was filled with this wanton act of raw sex and knew it was all about an orgasm and nothing more.He began fucking me without mercy, his huge cock banging against me as I held onto that sink trying not to fall forward. His thrusts were hard and the only sound in the room was his body slapping against mine. Then I felt it, the pleasure that he promised, his cock felt so good in my ass and I moaned out loud and stiffened as I felt my cock spurt again. I looked between my legs and saw the first spurt shoot out and hit the sink between my hands.“I knew it,” he whispered hoarsely, “shoot that load for me.” He shoved all the way in me and humped me as my cock shot cum all over the front of the sink. The he pulled out a bit and I knew he was going for his final push. He made fast yet short thrusts into me as I held onto the sink as he gave me all he had. He didn’t make a sound but I could feel him arch his back and shove all the way into me as he began unloading his cum deep inside of me.I felt each contraction of his prostate though the surge in his cock. I thought he would never stop shooting into me and as his spurts slacked off he pulled back and thrust in again causing his thick cum to squelch as he fucked me several more times before pulling out. My ass was a mess with the lotion and his cum and the sink was covered in my cum. He grabbed some toilet paper and wiped his now softening cock, pulled up his shorts, and as he pulled the door open a crack said, “you better set on that toilet or you will be leaking until your ass closes up.” He winked, patted me on the bare ass and left closing the door behind him.I leaned on the sink in disbelief. “How the hell did this happen,” I muttered under my breath. I had fucked a man in the ass and he’d done the same to me. I had cum twice in less than 30 minutes and now I could feel his sperm starting to make its way out of my ass. I reached behind to hold it in until I could set on the toilet and was shocked to feel my gaping ass hole. It felt like a freight train could pass into me without touching anything.I sat on the toilet and a load of fluid ran out of my ass making a dribbling sound in the water below. When it stopped I wiped and felt my ass closing up after the reaming he gave me. What shocked me the most was that this was all about sexual release, no love, no afterglow, just get your rocks off and depart. I didn’t care, I sat there thinking about him penetrating me and my cock stiffened again.“Damn,” I thought, “He has ruined me,” then I smiled, cleaned up our mess, and went back to the party.My daughter found me pouring another scotch, “having fun Daddy?” she asked and kissed my cheek.“More than I will admit and more than I deserve,” I said with a smile as I eased my sore ass into a soft chair.