Photo Session

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Photo SessionPhoto SessionI will try to keep this short as I can. It’s about my wife and I and another couple who visited us.We’re married for 10 years, have 2 k**s, pretty much a decent couple. But we have fantasies too. Before we got married, we talked seriously a lot about 3somes and 2×2. But after wife got pregnant, and we got married, we became a “married with k**s” couple and the next k** was salt and peper to it.It was all a fantasy now, until I met these people from – i am not sure if i should say -. Wife always said that karşıyaka escort it could be possible with foreigners in a foreign land, well, they are foreigners living here in a different city. We talked over and arranged to meet just for getting to know each other; I told wife that they would come to visit us just to meet and to know each other for a dinner and all was OK.So they came, we met them at their hotel, had a great seafood dinner at a place we also tried first, we really got fond of each other. After dinner, escort karşıyaka w went for a cap at the pub of their hotel where our guests wife somehow convinced my very reluctant wife to do this. By this, i mean just photographing each other while having sex, nothing more. To my surprise, my wife oblidged to go with her to their room and we 2 men had a smoke outside.When we got to the room, the sight was fascinating, the two ladies were posing for us!!!! We got the cameras, and after a while, we were taking turns karşıyaka escort bayan of photoshooting each other while having sex. My wife was really the coolest among us to my surprise.We did not swap… It was extremely hot to have sex while others were there photographing us and vice versa. After we were all tired, it was nice to have casual talk all nude..My wife thought she was set up for this, said all of you were into it; it was hard to explain her but when I did, and showed the photos we / they took, she was very turned on and wants to meet them again too very soon.We are planning to visit them this time, but this time to be planned and for this occasion, not to waste any time for expensive dinners. We will visit them and watch them have sex, have them watch us have sex…