Panty Thief Sissified

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Panty Thief SissifiedIt all happened so quickly that I can barely remember the details. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was doing my laundry in the dorm laundry room when she came in. I’ve seen her around campus before and regularly pictured her naked body pressed against mine while I pleasured myself. Her name is Carrie. She is almost as tall as I am at about 5’7″ with bleach blond hair and a killer body. She always wears tight pants or short skirts that show off her legs. Her tops were always so tight that her breasts strained against the fabric; usually the outline of her nipples was also visible.I was loading my clothes into the dryer when she walked over to the dryer next to mine to check on her clothes. I tried not to stare but I couldn’t help it. I openly leered at her as her hips swayed from side to side while she strode across the room. I stepped back to get a better look of her tight ass while she bent over to check on her clothes. After a brief moment she stood back up and left the room. My heart was racing. That was the closest that I had ever been to my dream girl, I could still smell her perfume lingering in the air.I’m not sure what came over me, but a sick idea sprung into my mind. As soon as she left the room I glanced around to see that I was alone. Knowing that her panties were in the dryer next to me I thought about how hot it would be to wrap a pair of her panties around my cock while I jerked off. I knew I would never have another chance like this again. My heart pounded in my chest and I felt light headed as I stepped closer to the dryer. With one eye on the door I opened up the lid. I knew I had to act quickly so I reached in and grabbed the first pair of panties that I saw. I held them in my hand while I closed the lid with the other. As the lid closed my heart stopped. Carrie walked right through the doorway into the room. I don’t think that she saw me going into her dryer but she definitely saw me awkwardly stepping back away from the machine while I not so discreetly shoved her panties into my pocket. It was clear what I had done. I didn’t even have a chance to turn the dry cycle back on. “What the fuck are you doing in my machine?””I was just checking to see if it was empty” I struggled to compose myself.”Bullshit. You saw me a minute ago. What the fuck were you doing?”Her eyes darted to my pocket as she stepped towards me. Her arm swung out and grabbed her panties that weren’t pushed all the way into my pocket. Holding them up she said in disbelief.”What kind of pervert are you? Who goes around stealing other people’s underwear?” She was clearly pissed off and her voice was getting louder.”What’s going on Carrie?” Another voice came from behind her. It was her roommate Ashley. Carrie turned away from me to address her friend.”I caught this fucking weirdo stealing my panties! That’s what’s going on.””What the fuck? Who does that?”I didn’t even get a chance to speak. Everything was moving so fast.”Should we call the cops?”Shit.”I don’t want to deal with that. Why don’t we punish him ourselves?”Carrie reached for my wallet that was on top of my dryer and pulled out my student ID.”Well now, Roger. I think you need to be punished. What are we going to do with you?””Carrie, don’t forget tonight is the big rush event. We can’t miss that for this freak.””You’re right, that is tonight. Wait a second. Maybe Roger can help us tonight.””What? How can he help us?””Maybe he can help us get our pictures.””You can’t be serious Carrie.””I don’t see why not? The punishment fits the crime right?””Well we better hurry if you want to do this.”Carrie loaded her clothes into an empty basket and told Ashley to make sure I didn’t get away. She grabbed my arm and told me to do what I was told.”Listen freak. We have your ID. If you don’t do everything we say we will call the cops and we will post a copy of your ID all over campus with a note saying what you did. Do you understand?”Still shocked at what was happening, all I could manage was a feeble nod.”Good. Now let’s go up to our room and get ready.”My head was spinning as they dragged me through the lobby of the dorm and up to their room. They had a two person room that shared a bathroom with another two person room. Carrie mentioned that their neighbors were away for the weekend so we had the bathroom to ourselves for the night.As soon as the door was shut behind us I felt their hands assaulting my body. My shirt was ripped right off me. My pants were tossed into the corner. In the blink of an eye I was standing naked in front of the girl I was in love with and her hot friend. They took their time examining my body commenting to each other.”I think this just might work Carrie.””Yeah, it’s a good thing he has such a small penis!”The girls laughed at me why Ashley roughly grabbed my cock. I had an instant hard on as soon as she grabbed me. I was still a virgin and this was the first time that a girl had touched my cock.”That is the smallest penis I’ve ever seen.””How pathetic, I can barely find it through all that hair.”She must have seen the look on my face while she handled my cock.”Oh no, you don’t get to enjoy this you fucking freak. This is a punishment, one that you will never forget. Now go get in the shower and shave all the hair off your body. Use the body wash in the pink bottle too.”She let go of my cock and pushed me into their bathroom. I didn’t know what they had in store for me but as long as it involved them playing with my cock I wondered how bad it could be. I assumed that they were just having fun with me so I decided to play along. After a quick shower I was all shaved up and I smelled like lilacs from the body wash. I wrapped a towel around myself and entered the bedroom. The girls were digging through their drawers looking for clothes when I walked in. Ashley was mostly dressed but Carrie was still dressed in just a bra and panties. Ashley wore a red corset that had a black lace design sewn into it. She had a pair of matching red panties and black thigh high stocking held up by garter straps attached to the corset. Carrie wore a leopard print satin bra with pink trim and a pair of matching satin leopard print panties with the same pink lace trim.”Carrie, I can’t find my padded bra. Do you have one?””Only this one””Well, I think we need it.”Without skipping a beat Carrie unclasped her bra revealing güvenilir bahis şirketleri her spectacular breasts. I watched her breast gently bouncing around as she handed the bra to Ashley. A minute later she had stripped off her panties too and was now standing inches away from me completely naked. I carefully examined every inch of her body down to the curve of her shaved pussy mound.”I guess you’re going to get what you wanted after all.”I felt Ashley behind me reaching around my chest as she slipped my arms through the straps of Carrie’s bra. Carrie knelt down and guided my feet into the leg holes of her panties. The warmth of her hands felt amazing as they brushed against my freshly shaven skin while she pulled the panties up my legs. She took my penis, with much more care than her friend did earlier, and tucked it into her panties. I could still feel the heat of her body in the soft fabric that encased my cock. Over the next ten minutes, the girls quickly dressed me in a tight denim skirt and a tight white t-shirt that did nothing to hide my leopard print bra beneath it. Through the whole process Carrie took several pictures of me dressed in their clothes. Ashley stuffed my bra with panties while Carrie plucked my eyebrows and began working on my makeup. My outfit was finished off with a pair of black high heels and a blond wig. After finishing my outfit the girls finished themselves off as well. The rest of Ashley’s outfit consisted of a pleated wrap around skirt and high heels and Carrie wore a short chiffon skirt and a loose fitting halter top with a plunging neckline. They finished up their makeup and then poured three shots of tequila before we left. Carrie gave me a pill and told me that it would help loosen me up. We took our shots, I washed the pill down with mine and we were off.As we walked down the hallway I realized that I had a problem.”You’d better get good at walking in heels missy. You have a long night ahead of you.””Missy! What a great name for our new friend.””How about Sissy!””Ooooh, even better.””Let’s go Sissy; we don’t want to be late.”I struggled to keep up with them, but slowly got the hang of it. As we walked across campus they explained the plan to me. They were both pledges for the Delta house and part of the initiation was picture night. The pledges were paired up, Ashley and Carrie were a pair, and each pair was sent to a different frat party. Each pair had two cameras and the goal was to get as many pictures of penises as possible before midnight. One point was awarded for a picture of a penis, two points if your hand was on it, three points if your mouth was on it, and you got five points for each penis if there was more than one in the picture. Carrie explained that they were on the verge of getting in and they had to win the contest to make sure that made it.”But Carrie, we only have two cameras””That’s ok, Sissy can use mine. The guys at the party don’t know who the pledges are anyway.” She took my arm in her hand before continuing “Now Sissy, I’m counting on you. If you let me down everyone on campus will know about you. Don’t forget about the pictures from the dorm. Your job is to get as many penis pictures as you can. Do you understand?””I don’t know if I can do this.” I pleaded.”Shut the fuck up Sissy! You don’t have a choice. Either you do this or you’re fucked. Got it?”My head was spinning. How did this happen to me?”Ok””Oh yeah, I would be careful if I were you. If anyone finds out what you’re hiding under that skirt it will not be good for you.”Carrie pinned her pledge pin on my shirt and told me that there was a rule during pledge week that nobody could have sex with a pledge, but ominously she added that anything else was fair game. I realized that my voice would be a dead giveaway so I hoped that the music would be loud and that the frat boys would already be drunk when we got there. We approached the frat house and I felt butterflies in my stomach. My face felt warm and my whole body tingled. I wasn’t sure if it was the tequila or the pill that I took, but I was getting more nervous with every step. One of the frat brothers was guarding the door as we approached.”Oh yeah, its picture night I almost forgot!”Ashley spoke up first “Hey Kevin! You know the deal. Why don’t you let our friend Sissy get her first picture?””No problem” Kevin pulled his pants open and let them drop to the floor proudly displaying his seven inch cock. I was speechless. Kevin was standing directly in front of me waving his flaccid penis back and forth. I had never seen another man’s penis before. I was surprised that my first reaction was how shocked I was at how much bigger he was than me.”Go on Sissy, take the picture.”I took my camera and aimed it at his cock.”You can’t get a good picture from that distance. You need to get closer.”A hand pressed down on my shoulder pushing me to the ground. My face was inches away from Kevin’s cock. I paused as I stared at it. I never noticed all of the veins before. I took my camera and snapped a picture.”Don’t be shy honey, you can touch it.” Kevin said”What a great idea, why don’t you touch it Sissy so we can get a two point picture!”I looked up at Ashley and Carrie begging them not to make me do it but they were insistent.”Go on, we don’t have all night.”Crouching on the front porch of the frat house I tentatively reached out and touched his cock with one finger.”Come on Sissy. You can do better than that! You know you want it.”I pushed his curly pubic hair out of the way and wrapped my fingers around the shaft of his penis. I was surprised at how soft it felt. It felt like time stood still while I held it in my hand. A flash went off as his cock sprang to life in my hand. Before I knew it I was gripping a throbbing rock hard cock in my hand.”Why don’t we get a three point picture while we’re at it?””Good idea. Give him a little kiss Sissy.”I felt all of my resistance melting away as I leaned forward and pressed my lips to the tip of Kevin’s cock. The flash went off again and I knew that they now had a picture of me with a cock pressed against my lips.”Good job Sissy, now let’s get this party started!”Kevin bent down to pull up his pants as I slowly got to my feet. I was light headed and my palms were sweating. I was following Ashley and Carrie through the door when I felt an arm around my waist. tipobet güvenilir mi Kevin spun me around and pulled me into him. I lost my balanced and fell into his arms. His hands slipped under my skirt and grabbed my ass through my satin panties. A brief noise escaped my lips as he pressed his mouth to mine. I couldn’t believe that my first kiss was with another guy while I was dressed up like a girl. His hands squeezed and massaged my ass while we kissed. I gave in and felt his tongue push past my lips into my mouth. I moaned again while he made out with me. I don’t know how long we kissed before he finally released me back into the party. I turned around and saw Ashley and Carrie watching me with big smiles on their faces.”Maybe this isn’t such a punishment for Sissy after all!””Yeah, I’m starting to think that she is a natural slut!”Carrie turned to me and said “Why don’t you find the cocks while I handle the camera.”Walking into the throng of people in the party I realized that there was no turning back and felt my competitive side taking over me. I knew that my only way out of this thing was to help them win the contest.”I need a drink; I think the kegs are out back.”I followed behind as the girls worked their way through the crowd to the back porch. We headed straight to the front of the beer line where Carrie said “My friend Sissy wants to do a keg stand”My body was instantly lifted off the ground by the crowd of guys. Their hands supported me from my waist and legs as I was turned upside down. I have to admit that it felt pretty good having all of those strong hands all over my body. I put my arms out to support myself and began drink as soon as the tap was put to my lips. I drank as much as I could while one of the guys holding me up decided to take the opportunity to feel me up. His hand drifted up and down my inner thigh until he slipped inside of my panties and grabbed my bare ass. He fondled me until I couldn’t drink anymore. I shook my legs signaling for them to lower me and felt a tinge of disappointment as the hands retreated from my body.”Good job Sissy! Now let’s get some pictures. Guys, line up. Sissy, you know the drill. On your knees like the cock slut that you are.”I took my position and looked up to find a half dozen frat boys lined up waiting for their turn with me. The first guy on line began undoing his belt when Ashley interrupted him.”Let her do that for you”I took over from him and unbuttoned his pants. I watched in anticipation as his cock emerged as I slid his pants down his legs. His cock was bigger than Kevin’s and I was starting to suspect that maybe the girls were right about my small cock. As soon as his cock was exposed the camera flashed off to my side. I reached out and took him in my hand without any prompting this time. Just like Kevin, this guy grew rock hard as soon as I wrapped my fingers around him. I slowly stroked my hand up and down the length of his cock for a moment while the girls took pictures. I leaned in and placed my lips on the tip of his cock while the flash went off again. I held my lips on his cock for a moment before pulling my head back and signaling for the next guy to come up. I pulled his shorts down and went through my poses again. This time I stroked him until I noticed a bead of pre-cum glistening on the tip of his cock. I again leaned in to kiss his cock when I felt someone bump into me from behind pushing me forward. The warm flesh of his cock passed right though my lips into my mouth. My tongue rubbed against the underside of his cock exploring the contours of his hard penis as he entered me. I paused as the flash went off again. I left his dick in my mouth for a few moments before pulling my head back. A thin strand of his pre-cum extended from the tip of his cock to my lip as I pulled back. I licked my lips and tasted his salty juice. For some reason the taste of his cum made me incredibly horny as I waited for the next guy. I quickly wrapped my hand around the third cock and stroked him with more confidence until I saw what I was looking for. Once his pre-cum dripped out I wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock posing for the girls. I licked up his juices and pulled back to get ready for the next guy. As I leaned back I felt a hand on the back of my head preventing me from moving off of his cock. I struggled at first but quickly realized that he was much stronger than me. I knew that my only way out was to suck him off. I swallowed my pride and pushed my head further down onto his cock while the camera kept flashing. I nearly gagged as his throbbing cock filled my mouth but I managed to adjust my neck to receive him better. I slowly worked into a rhythm with my mouth but it didn’t take long until he shot his hot cum into my mouth. I felt the heat from his cum against the back of my throat and didn’t have a chance to think about swallowing before it forced its way inside of me. When he finished cumming he stepped back and I saw the next three guys stroking their cocks while they waited for their turn with me. One by one I sucked off the frat boys while Ashley and Carrie watched and took pictures. After finishing off the last guy I felt like I must have swallowed a gallon of cum.”Good job Sissy, who knew you were such a good little cocksucker!””We’re off to a good start. Let’s go inside and see what we can find.”We walked through the crowded house but it was simply too packed for much action so Ashley suggested that she take me upstairs to an empty bedroom while Carrie rounds up more guys for me. Ashley positioned me at the edge of the bed sitting with my legs spread apart while I waited for my next victim. Carrie came in right behind us with a pair of guys eager to get their dicks sucked off.”Start with these two while I get some more”The first guy walked over to me and stood between my legs while I took his pants off. Ashley kept the camera rolling while my head bobbed up and down on his hard cock. I was starting to get more comfortable with having a dick in my mouth and began using my tongue more which made him cum right away. I barely had a chance to catch my breath before the next dick was thrust into my mouth. He was cumming in no time which left Ashley and I alone in the room while we waited for more guys for me to suck.”You’re doing so good with all those cocks, tipobet giriş let’s see how you do with this.”Ashley stepped between my legs and dropped her skirt to the floor. Dressed in just her red corset, panties and stockings she climbed onto the bed pushing me onto my back. Ashley crawled up my body until her thighs were straddling my face and her panties were pressed against my nose. I didn’t waste a moment and pulled on her panties until the waistband ripped apart. I tossed her panties to the side and immediately felt her hot flesh pushing against my mouth.”Oh yeah” She moaned as my tongue ran across her outer lips.”Lick my pussy you fucking cock slut!”Ashley began grinding her hips into my face while I explored the folds of her pussy with my tongue. I could barely breath she was pressing against me so hard but I kept licking her until I found her clit. I focused my attention on her clit and pushed my tongue into her as hard as I could while I rubbed her in a circular motion. “Oh god yes!” She screamed.”Ashley!” Carrie yelled from the doorway.Ashley didn’t stop fucking my face until she finished cumming. She lifted her body up off me and repositioned me on the edge of the bed.”Our little cocksucker is being punished! She is not supposed to be enjoying this. I think I need to make things a little more interesting.”Carrie whispered something into the next guy’s ear before he walked over to me.”No problem, I’ll do whatever you say honey.” He winked at her and positioned his cock right in front of my mouth. Ashley stood off to the side with her dripping wet pussy exposed while taking pictures of me sucking cock. After a few minutes of working on that guy I felt him take my wrists in his hands and lift my arms above my head. He pushed me back and pinned me against the bed. I couldn’t move under his weight as he crawled on top of me. The tip of his penis brushed along the inside of my thigh as he pushed his hips into mine. He kept me pinned to the bed while he dry humped me through my panties. I felt powerless while this young stud forced his cock between my legs. Suddenly I felt the heat of his flesh against my own cock inside of my panties. His cock must have slipped through the leg band of my panties and he was now rubbing his cock against mine. He grunted as he bucked his hips into me while he came. His sticky cum filled my panties bathing my cock in his warm juices. He took his time before he got back up and I realized that while he was holding me down the girls must have tied me to the bed. My arms were stretched above my head and my ankles were tied to the underside of the bed leaving my legs spread apart and bent at my knees over the edge of the bed. Carrie walked over and placed a pillow under the small of my back propping me up for my next customer.”Remember guys, no vaginal penetration but everything else is fair game.”Ashley dimmed the lights as the next guy stepped up between my legs. Carrie slipped her hand inside of my panties rubbing my cum covered cock and then rubbed the other guys cum on the cock of the next guy. He must have thought it was the juice from my wet pussy because he eagerly let Carrie rub his frat brother’s warm seed all over his cock. Carrie reached for my panties again and pulled the fabric to the side.”Come on in boys, she is nice and tight for you!”She blew me a kiss and then stepped back to watch the show. I realized that I was about to be gang-****d while dressed like a slut. For some reason I didn’t want it to end. The guy between my legs moved forward pushing the tip of his cock against my asshole. It felt warm and wet as the pressure built until he finally penetrated me. He didn’t hold back and thrust his entire body deep inside of me while I lay helpless. Pain surged through me as his cock hammered into my virgin asshole but the pain subsided as he continued to fuck me. I looked up and watched him violating me through the darkness. He looked right down into my eyes while he fucked me, completely unaware that he was fucking a guy. His face tightened up and he held his cock deep inside of me as the first blast of cum entered me. It pushed deep inside of me while his cock continued to unload itself. His cock made a slurping noise as he pulled it from me and stepped aside for the next guy. After the first guy fucked my ass I was well lubricated and ready for more. I watched as five other frat brothers pounded my ass until they came inside of me. As the last one unloaded himself in me Ashley spoke up.”Shit, it’s almost midnight. We need to get as many more in here as we can.”Carrie stepped into the hallway and said something about a cum bath before coming back in with more guys than I could count. I felt the massive amount of cum inside of me leaking out of my asshole into a pool on the bed while Ashley and Carrie positioned the guys around the bed and instructed them to start jerking off. Carrie was very careful to remind them to aim for me. While she took pictures Ashley helped some of the guys out. She stood at the foot of the bed and fucked one of the guys with her hand. He was the first to shoot his cum onto me. His hot juices landed on my inner thigh dripping down into the growing pool of cum between my legs. Before long another shot of cum hit the side of my face. One of the guys leaned in just as he was about to explode and shot his cum right into my mouth. I tried to swallow it while another guy followed his lead and began filling my mouth with his cum. My legs were now drenched in a sticky coating of cum but it didn’t stop. The camera kept flashing away as more guys filled the room. I saw that Ashley had managed to fill a cup up with cum and positioned it over my mouth. I was helpless as she poured it into me. I tried to swallow it all but it was too much and ran down my chin onto my neck. My face was completely covered in cum but it still didn’t end. The last thing I heard was Carrie saying that someone’s cock was so big he had to fuck me. I felt a sharp pain as a massive cock entered me.I woke up early in the morning on a bench near my dorm. My ID was in my hand and my name was scratched out. In its place it read ‘CUM SLUT’ in black marker. I found out later that day that the girls had given my phone number out to everyone at the party and I regularly got phone calls at all hours of the day for the rest of the semester. It seemed like every guy on campus wanted a piece of the cum slut. As I stood up I realized that I was still covered in dried up cum from head to toe. I can’t believe this all happened over a pair of panties. I reached under my skirt and felt a small victory; at least I got Carrie’s panties!