Out for a run Part 2

29 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Out for a run Part 2Well, yesterday was very exciting. Read my previous post to get all the details, but to highlight – I went for a run in a wilderness park close to my home and found a nice secluded area and got naked and had a very enjoyable time playing with myself, and than decided to finish my run in just my sports bra and large t-shirt – no panties or shorts. This was a great feeling, being almost nude and running in public – what if someone saw me?? I did leave my panties and shorts at my secret place for pick up at a latter time, and today was that time. I woke up this morning still thinking about yesterdays run and how it felt to be so free and how excited I got just running. With my husband gone on business for another 2 weeks I decided to take things into my own hands – ha, ha – and rolled onto my back in bed and used my hand to get me off. It did take the edge off a bit, but I was still pretty worked up when I decided to go and pick up my panties and shorts up in the park. I put on my sports bra, t-shirt, panties, shorts and running shoes and was heading out the door when I thought – usually thinking gets me into trouble – I made it back from “my spot” yesterday without any problems why not jog to my spot without my shorts or panties on. The way I was feeling – hot and horny – it didn’t take me more than 2 seconds to say yes to myself and off came the shorts and panties. The shirt that I was going to run in today was a bit shorter than yesterdays, about 4 inches above my knees. After getting ready to go I checked myself out in the mirror and you really couldn’t see anything as long as I didn’t bend over too far. I do wish I could run without my bra on, but with my boobs I would probably knock myself out with them. Off I went, I walked to to the park entrance – it being midweek there was no one around. At the park, I started to jog on my favorite trail that kırklareli escort leads to “my place”. What a great feeling it was just jogging along thinking about all those erotic things that go through a horny women’s head when she has been without cock for a couple of days. I had just come up to a bend in the trail and didn’t see the guy that was power walking the other direction and I ran straight into him – sending both of us to the ground – me on one side of the trail and him on the other. I looked at his face and he had a shocked look – like someone had done something to him. I looked down at myself and I found out why he looked this way. My shirt was pulled up and I am sure he could see my hairy pussy and part of my naked ass. I pulled my shirt down to cover things up and got to my feet as fast as I could, and so did he – he was not bad looking, 20ish with brown hair and muscular build. I apologized and so did he, we made sure that we were each ok and off I went towards my place, leaving him to wonder what I was up to running around like the way I was. I had started out all hot and horny and now accidentally flashing a stranger my hairy pus had me super horny. After about 5 more minutes of jogging I reached the spot in the trail that I turned off to get to my nice secluded area. I reached “my place” and looked around to make sure I was alone. I found my panties and shorts that I left here yesterday and laid them out so that I would have a place to sit or lay down. I than took off my shirt and bra so that I could get some sun and rest a bit – I love being naked and now outdoors was like being in heaven. I laid back on my clothing and closed my eyes to relive what had just happened with the stranger on the path. I started to finger my pussy and was I wet. I was starting to breath fast and was getting into it, my finger was going in and out, with escort kırklareli my other hand actively working my clit. I brought myself to climax and let out a low moan – if I was a home I am very verbal, but being out doors you have to maintain. I kept my eyes closed and both my hands where they were and started to doze off. In that near sleep / awake state I could hear something, but what? I opened my eyes and standing no more than ten feet away was my stranger from the path jacking off a good sized cock. He saw me look at him and when we saw each other we both jumped and tried to cover up – with little success. I was the first to speak and asked him what he was doing – stupid I know because I saw what he was doing. He was very polite and explained that he saw how I was jogging – my attire and decided to follow me to see what I was doing. He said that he saw me go off the trail and than remove my clothing. He decided to stay out of sight and watch, but when I was getting into my masturbation he couldn’t hold back anymore. He moved closer and pulled out his cock and started to jack-off. After hearing his story I felt a bit more at ease with him and I explained to him how I enjoyed the outdoors and being naked. So this was my place to do both and still have the excitement of possibly being caught – like I was. If you can picture this – me sitting naked except my shoes, on the grass in an area surrounded by trees with a guy standing there with his cock sticking out of his hiking shorts. What a site we made. He still had not cum, and I was still super horny, but I couldn’t cheat on my husband. Like I have said in the past, blow jobs are not cheating. So, I moved over to my friend on my hands and knees. He must have had a feeling of what I was planning because he dropped his shorts and under ware. I took hold of his cock and took it into my mouth and went kırklareli escort bayan to work on it. One of my tricks is to use one of my fingers in his ass to get him off. This worked, along with him already being worked up . In a matter of minutes he was grunting and groaning like he was going to die. Than I felt that feeling in my mouth, he was ready to cum. I like a little in my mouth and the rest on my face and breasts – this was exactly what he did – mouth, face, breasts, hair, all over me. Once he was done he just stood there for a couple of minutes getting his breath back, and than he asked if he could help me get off. I really had not thought of him doing something to me, but I think my pussy took over my mind and I said he could lick me to organism – again, oral is not cheating. So he got down between my legs and dove right into one steaming hot hairy pussy – God it felt great – he was so good that I was in another planet with him shoving his tongue into my cunt and than using his tongue on my clit – I was moaning pretty loud, but trying not to yell out. I think I was in heaven – I didn’t know how long he was licking my pussy, but what a great time I had. Finally I had had enough and needed to rest. I pushed his head away and there was one happy looking face staring up at me – I guess I have a new friend. Anyway, we both laid out in the sun without our cloths and sucked in the nature that was all around us. We didn’t talk much, but just laid there. He was the one who finally needed to leave – work I guess. He got dressed and he said he hoped to run into me again – I said that would be fun. He left me laying there in just my running shoes getting some more sun. I decided to head home – I didn’t want to wear my shorts or panties since I hadn’t all day. So I left them in my hiding place and set off home. The jog back through the park and the walk home was uneventful, but boy was I horny when I got home. I went straight into my bedroom and pulled out my largest dildo and started pounding my cunt to get some more relief. What a great day I had.. Let me know your thoughts on this story and I will continue with updates as they happen.